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Chapter 624: Night Assault

The hundred Nascent Souls in midair were descending onto the battlefield, releasing their spirit consciousnesses to check.

A Nascent Soul had just passed by an ancient tree when unexpectedly, a thick arm reached out from the darkness!

The arm was thick like an anaconda and wrapped itself around the Nascent Soul, pulling him behind the ancient tree!


The person only managed to let out a brief, tragic cry before silence ensued.


A disfigured body was tossed out from behind the ancient tree – its head was smashed to a pulp!

Although its appearance was completely destroyed, it could be seen from the corpse’s attire that this was the Nascent Soul who was attacked earlier on!

“Who’s there?!”


A group of Nascent Souls roared and released their Dharmic arts that surged towards the ancient tree like a tidal wave.


The ancient tree exploded into dust!

In the darkness, a figure could be seen sliding off the ancient tree long ago. With nimble moves, it tunneled into the forest in a flash and disappeared!

“It’s him!”

“That’s the humanoid beast!”

Although they could not catch sight of the figure’s face, everyone could clearly tell that the aura it emanated was exactly the same as the humanoid beast!

“Where can you run to?”

Many Nascent Souls hollered and gave chase.

However, limited vision was already an issue to begin with in the forest. Coupled with the dark night skies, the group of them lost sight of the humanoid ferocious beast once again after a short chase!

“What is that demon beast?”

“I’ve got no idea. I tried using my spirit consciousness to check it out earlier but i couldn’t see its true form, as though something was blocking me!”

“How could this be?”

A few Nascent Souls frowned and discussed in hushed voices.

If a demon took on human form, its true form could be revealed easily with the use of spirit consciousness as long as the difference between their cultivation realms wasn’t too great.

For example, if an anaconda took on human form, the image that appeared in the cultivator’s mind after a check with spirit consciousness would be an anaconda!

The effect was even more obvious with the use of the Demon Revealing Mirror.

After forming a core, demons could take on human form and speak in human tongue.

If they advanced further and cultivated an Essence Spirit, they could even hide their demonic qi and at that point, even cultivators would be hard-pressed to differentiate them!

Because of that, in the ancient era, an emperor created a weapon targeted at demons called the Demon Revealing Mirror. Later on, it became common and widespread in the cultivation world.

High grade Demon Revealing Mirrors could even revert the demon beasts to their true forms with the release of Dharmic powers!

Even if they couldn’t, the mirrors would reflect the demon beasts’ true forms so that everyone could see.

“How strange!”

A black-robed Nascent Soul mumbled.

Suddenly, a purple-winged eagle flew towards them with a vicious gaze. It reached out with its pair of sharp talons and grabbed the black-robed cultivator.

“You have a death wish, beast!”

The black-robed cultivator harrumphed coldly and tapped his glabella to pull out a flying sword. Dharmic powers surged as he waved his robes, sending the flying sword forward!


The speed of that sword was way too fast!

The purple-winged eagle tried its best to dodge but it still failed and was pierced by the sword, dying on the spot.

The carcass of the purple-winged eagle fell from midair and passed by the black-robed cultivator.

The black-robed cultivator did not pay any attention after slaying a Golden Core realm spirit demon. During his absence of mind, he felt a figure flash past the corner of his eyes!

A chilling killing intent surfaced!

Instantly, the black-robed cultivator felt as though he had fallen into a pit of ice water.

It was the humanoid ferocious beast!

The ferocious beast had been hiding on the purple-winged eagle and only struck after the carcass of the eagle passed by the cultivator!

The black-robed cultivator’s flying sword was not by his side and he panicked. In his fluster, he conjured hand seals to release Dharmic arts to repel the intruder.

However, they were too close together and the figure had already leaped towards him in the blink of an eye!

The intruder reached out with both arms and clutched the black-robed cultivator’s shoulder blades, exerting strength in his fingers.


Fingernails that were as sharp as daggers pierced the bones and flesh of the black-robed cultivator instantly!


The black-robed cultivator howled in pain and cold sweat ran down his face immediately.

Before he could react, the intruder’s knees were already rammed forward like a sprinting stallion.


The black-robed cultivator’s chest caved him and his eyes bulged. With a ripping sound, his arms were torn right off him!

A blood mist spewed out!

Another Nascent Soul was dead!

“How dare you, beast!”

The other Nascent Souls realized what happened and were enraged, summoning their Dharmic weapons hurriedly to turn around and give chase.

Under the guise of the night, the figure did not pause at all after killing the black-robed cultivator, turning into a streak of light before bolting into another part of the forest.

After turns and twists, it rushed into the beast stampede and disappeared before long again!

All the Nascent Souls had grim expressions on their faces after chasing all the way without gaining anything in return.

In their wrath, the Nascent Souls attacked one after another, summoning their Dharmic weapons and releasing Dharmic arts, almost flattening the entire forest!

Countless demon beasts in the vicinity died!

On the spirit vessel, the prince of Great Xia could not help but ask uneasily, “Where has that beast gone to? We can’t let him escape just like this!”

The white-bloused woman raised her brow and remarked in confusion, “For some unknown reason, my spirit consciousness can’t lock onto that person. The moment my spirit consciousness spreads out, it’s blocked.”

“I get the same feeling as well.”

The bald burly man nodded.

Everyone turned towards the skinny old man by instinct.

Among the three of them, the skinny old man was the most experienced with the highest cultivation realm.

“There’s only two possibilities,”

The skinny old man said, “First, the demon beast cultivated some sort of a demonic secret skill that can block away spirit consciousnesses. Second, it’s carrying some sort of a treasure that can block out spirit consciousnesses!”

The white-bloused woman and bald burly man nodded with pensive expressions.

The gaze of the skinny old man shone coldly. “This demon beast’s cultivation realm isn’t high so it’s unrealistic for it to cultivate such a demonic cultivation. I’m guessing that it should be in possession of a treasure!”

The hearts of the white-bloused woman and bald burly man skipped a beat as their eyes flashed with a brief hint of greed.

A treasure as such was also valuable to them!

The skinny old man was not wrong.

The humanoid ferocious beast that killed two Nascent Souls in succession was Su Zimo.

The treasure that the skinny old man was referring to were the Mingwang Prayer Beads.

Although Su Zimo underwent both demonic and immortality cultivation, he had not cultivated an Essence Spirit for either Daos. As such, his true strength was definitely not a match for Nascent Souls.

Furthermore, he was up against a hundred Nascent Souls!

A head-on fight would be courting death.

His advantage was in melee combat!

Su Zimo only managed to kill the two Nascent Souls after making use of the complex environment of Cang Lang Mountain Range, the dark night, the Mingwang Prayer Beads alongside a change of his body and appearance.

Although the processes were simple, the difference between life and death was merely a single breath.

However, Su Zimo was the only one who knew how dangerous it was.

If he was slower by a single step or committed a single mistake, he would be locked down by the hundred Nascent Souls and killed on the spot!

Furthermore, after killing two Nascent Souls in succession, the remaining cultivators were now extremely guarded. Any activity at this point would lead to a thunderous retaliation.

The dark night had already passed.

The skies were turning brighter.

It was no longer possible for a sneak attack.

Su Zimo hid in the depths of the forest as one with his surroundings and glared at the largest spirit vessel in midair with a cold, silent expression.

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