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Chapter 623: Vanish!

Su Zimo moved his mighty body and took a step forward like a towering fiendcelestial!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

A massive blood-colored ravine was carved out on the ground!

Many Qi Condensation and Foundation Establishment Cultivators could not dodge in time and were trampled into meat sludge by Su Zimo’s gigantic feet, mixing into the ground!

A single step from him caused the entire mountain range to quake!

“How dare you behave so insolently, beast!”

“Kill him!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Spirit lights flashed.

Flying swords streaked everywhere.

Many Golden Cores attacked and released their flying swords, sending forth a series of white beams towards Su Zimo’s body like a heavy downpour!

Although there were many Golden Cores in the allied army, their strength were far too weak compared to the paragons of the North Region 20 years ago.

The flying swords they used were also superior-grade flying swords.

Even supreme-grade spirit weapons were rare, let alone perfect or connate spirit weapons.

Su Zimo did not dodge or avoid. In fact, he did not even blink as he allowed those white beams to pierce his body!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sound of metal clashing echoed.

Countless flying swords were repelled – they could not pierce Su Zimo’s body at all!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Su Zimo took three consecutive strides forward and rammed domineeringly. Countless ancient trees were uprooted and snapped on the stop and many cultivators were trampled to death!

Each time his gigantic feet stomped down on the crowd and left, a red, bloody region would appear.

There were initially millions of cultivators in the allied army. But now, they were mostly defeated and split up by Su Zimo to fight in small groups.

With the swarm of the beast stampede, although they had only fought for a brief moment, the allied army received a tremendous blow and suffered heavy losses!

This was the core of Cang Lang Mountain Range.

Even if they wanted to retreat, there was nowhere out for them!

Demon beasts were cruel and bloodthirsty by nature.

Now that there was a massive massacre, the demons were even more excited and their eyes were bloodshot!

On the spirit vessel.

The princes of the three dynasties frowned.

The bald burly man said darkly, “Don’t worry, princes. That’s only a Golden Core realm spirit demon. Although it’s slightly larger in size, there’s nothing to worry about.”

“That’s right.”

The white-bloused woman nodded in agreement. “We just need a few top-tier Golden Cores in the battlefield to release their Golden Core phenomenons and it would be enough to kill that demon!”

Before her sentence was complete, a few Golden Cores that killed a few demon beasts in succession had already released their movement techniques to charge towards Su Zimo.

“Beast, catch my River Crossing Chains!”

The person hollered and a gigantic river surged behind him, crashing on the shores.

An extremely thick chain crossed the river and whipped Su Zimo ruthlessly!

Bang! Bang!

Another few Golden Cores charged forward and released their phenomenons that surged with a burst power as well.


Su Zimo hollered and waved his gigantic fist against the few Golden Core phenomenons with such vigor which seemed like he could devour rivers and mountains with his roar alone!

“You’re asking for death!”

“At the end of the day, he’s nothing but a beast. To think that he would try to take on Golden Core phenomenons head-on with his body!”


Su Zimo’s tsunami blood, tendons and bones sounded together.

That single punch from him instantly released a tragic aura of blood stench!


There was a deafening sound.

The void seemed to be frozen.

Immediately after, the Golden Core phenomenons in midair shattered entirely!

A few Golden Cores were severely impacted and they fell from midair with pale faces while puking blood – they were most likely doomed!


The expressions of everyone on the spirit vessel changed.

The strength of that demon beast had exceeded their expectations!

A metallic strong body that was invulnerable against weapons, fire and water.

Even the combined attack of a few Golden Cores with their phenomenons could not injure him at all. Instead, they were killed from a single punch by him!

What sort of terrifying power did that body of his possess?

“Something isn’t right!”

The prince of Great Shang frowned with a grim expression. “If this continues, our allied army is going to be destroyed by this beast! Perfected Lords, please make a move.”

“Don’t worry, prince. I’ll head over right now and retrieve the head of that beast!”

The bald burly man glared at Su Zimo who was not far away with a murderous aura and smacked his lips.

“I’ll go too,”

The white-bloused woman took the initiative to obey the order.

“Please hold on, the both of you!”

The skinny old man frowned slightly. “The three of us have a mission to protect the safety of our princes. We should let our fellow Nascent Souls deal with this beast.”

There were another hundred Nascent Souls that accompanied the allied army.

At that moment, the commotion of Cang Lang Mountain Range had already alerted the other Nascent Souls.

One after another, figures soared into the air from the back of the army with terrifying auras that were much more frightening than Golden Cores. They sped to the front with sharp gazes.

The skinny old man said deeply with a glint in his eyes, “There’s something weird about this. It’s better for us to be careful.”


The bald burly man’s eyes flashed with mockery as he chuckled. “Fellow Daoist, aren’t you being overly cautious? Surely a Golden Core spirit demon can’t cause any huge troubles?”

“There’s no need to argue,”

The prince of Great Shang said calmly, “The combined attack of a hundred Nascent Souls will fill the entire place with Dharmic powers. There’s no need to fear these beasts, all we have to do is sit back and wait.”

“Where’s the beast?”

The white-bloused woman exclaimed softly and suddenly asked.

“What beast?”

Everyone froze for a moment.

Thereafter, they came to a gradual realization.

Just as they conversed, the towering humanoid ancient beast had vanished!

Everyone looked down in a hurry.

The battlefield was intense and chaotic but there were no traces of the humanoid beast!

How was that possible?

It was extremely difficult for that massive body to remain hidden – how could it have vanished?

The three princes had uncertain expressions.

The bald burly man frowned. “Don’t worry, princes. I’ll check it out with my spirit consciousness.”

His glabella shone as he spread out his spirit consciousness that extended continuously.

Sight was one of the five senses and was limited in use.

The moment one’s eyes were covered, they wouldn’t be able to see anything.

Their vision would also be obstructed by any objects blocking their view ahead.

This was the logic behind the saying of how one wouldn’t recognize something great in front of them if their eyes were covered even by a piece of leaf.

However, spirit consciousness was an energy fluctuation released by the Essence Spirit, a sensory tool that extended outwards.

Even with closed eyes, if the spirit consciousness met with any obstructions, it would just wrap around them like water. It could permeate every single pore and it was omnipresent, reflecting images in the mind clear as day!

There were no secrets that could be hidden!

It was simple if a demon beast wanted to hide itself in this forest.

However, it would be more difficult than ascending the mountains if it wanted to avoid detection from spirit consciousness.

The bald burly man retracted his spirit consciousness a while later with a terrible expression.

There was nothing!

The search radius of his spirit consciousness extended for a full five kilometers. However, there was no trace of the humanoid ferocious beast at all!

The bald burly man was a little confused.

It was practically impossible to escape more than five kilometers within such a short period of time!

Even Nascent Souls and Void Reversions won’t be able to do it, let alone a spirit demon at Golden Core realm!

It was as though the humanoid ferocious beast had disappeared into thin air!

In reality, the bald burly man was not the only one.

The hundred Nascent Souls in midair, as well as the white-bloused woman and skinny old man, had released their spirit consciousnesses instantly to track down Su Zimo.

However, none of them sensed anything.

All of a sudden!

A change occurred on the battlefield!

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