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Chapter 622: Endless Hell

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Cold lights flashed.

Sharp arrows burst forth from the dark forest before them one after another, arriving instantly and striking the spirit vessels in midair.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The spirit vessels exploded one after another!

Splintered limbs flew all over and the skies were stained red.

Some of the Golden Cores on the spirit vessels had not even managed to react before they were turned into blood mists by a tremendous power!

Debris of the vessels flew everywhere and when they landed in the crowd, some of the Qi Condensation and Foundation Establishment Cultivators who were not prepared were crushed to death.

The arrows were extremely fast and some of the cultivators present had already let their guard down a long time ago and could not react to it.

The allied army fell into chaos.

Although the remaining spirit vessels were not struck by the arrows, many Golden Cores were already frightened and abandoned the vessels to soar into the skies.




All of a sudden!

A series of shuddering cries of beasts sounded from the depths of the forest.

An evil gust of wind blew over and the ancient trees swayed!

The leaves rustled.

In the skies far away, many beasts tore through the air in a dense flock.

It was as though all the beasts and birds of Cang Lang Mountain Range had appeared all of a sudden, forming a beast stampede that charged with an engulfing might!

The spirit vessel of the three princes was located right in the middle of the allied army and did not receive too much of an impact.

At that moment, all three princes rose and gazed over.

They could see things even clearer from up in the air!

The entire Cang Lang Mountain Range was moving!

Countless demons were going berserk!

The trees and grass shook as thousands of demon beasts scurried forth from all directions, forming a massive beast stampede with a terrifying might that was shocking!

All three princes looked terrible.

The prince of Great Xia narrowed his eyes and asked darkly, “What’s going on?”

Compared to the true massive forests, major regions of demons or even the realms of the eight demon races in Tianhuang Mainland, Cang Lang Mountain Range was nothing much.

After all, there had never been a fiend demon born in the valley after all these years.

But now, it was definitely unusual for a beast stampede to burst forth from the mountain range to attack the allied army.

The skinny old man was a Nascent Soul and was the personal guard of the prince of Great Xia. At that moment, he knitted his brows and gazed at the dark forest before them in silence.

Not far away, the personal guards of the princes of the Great Shang and You dynasties, two other Nascent Souls, rose as well.

One of them was a bald burly man in heavy armor. He strode over in huge steps and said darkly, “A new demon king must have been born in this mountain range.”

“That’s right, the demon beasts of the mountain range will only gather under the command of a demon king to form a beast stampede of such a scale!” The other Nascent Soul was a white-bloused woman.

“Princes, don’t worry. We have a hundred Nascent Souls accompanying this army. Even if this demon king is a pure-blooded ferocious beast, it will have to die!” The bald burly man said.

The prince of Great Shang had an uneasy expression and suddenly asked, “Where’s the demon king?”


The bald burly man and white-bloused woman exchanged glances – neither of them was certain.

Searching for a single demon beast in a beast stampede was equivalent to searching for a pin in a haystack – it was indeed difficult.

The skinny old man gazed ahead and suddenly said, “The beast stampede came from all directions except for one!”

Right ahead!

The group around the princes on the spirit vessel was not the only people to sense something, the Golden Cores at the front did as well – everyone gazed at the sinisterly dark forest before them with grim expressions.

The arrows came from that direction!

Light was blurry in the forest.

The Golden Cores could vaguely see a blurry shadow in the forest up ahead, resembling a tiny mountain peak.

“Who is there?”

Someone shouted.

The moment he said that, the ‘mountain peak’ moved!

It grew endlessly.

The ancient trees around them shook!

In the blink of an eye, that ‘mountain peak’ had already exceeded the height of the ancient trees and was more than a hundred feet tall!

Everyone in the allied army turned their heads over instinctively.

A gigantic shadow covered them from above the skies…

That was no mountain peak…

It was clearly a humanoid ferocious beast that had just risen!

Standing at the front with its majestic body, it was like an unshakable tower!

Instantly, the entire Cang Lang Mountain Range seemed like it was part of the backdrop!

The massive ferocious beast’s black hair danced wildly and it was surrounded by demonic qi, resembling a fiendcelestial. A pair of bloodshot eyes looked down at the allied army as it breathed out air currents through its nose!

It was as though those bloodshot eyes could spew flames!


Many cultivators were scared out of their wits and gasped.

Countless horses neighed in fright and fell to the ground, peeing and shitting themselves helplessly!

Even beasts had to bow down to this humanoid ferocious beast, let alone mere horses!

Countless Foundation Establishment Cultivators fell from their mounts and the army was in chaos.

Even the Nascent Souls who were present were shocked at the sight of this, let alone the low-leveled cultivators!

This was way too ferocious!

They could sense an immense killing intent from the humanoid ferocious beast, an apocalyptic malevolent qi that threatened to devour everything in its path!

Up till this point of their cultivation, they had come across many pure-blooded ferocious beasts.

However, even the fiercest pure-blooded ferocious beasts looked like kittens compared to this ferocious beast before them.

The person blocking their way was none other than Su Zimo who had just experienced the pain of losing a kin in his demon form!


Su Zimo took a deep breath of air and his chest puffed. Opening his mouth, he took on the stance of Thunderclap Kill and released a deafening howl!

The weather changed!


It was as though thunder had struck!

Against the mighty howl, the beasts cried and the birds screeched; the sound of the beasts trampling endlessly seemed to have vanished.

Countless ancient trees were uprooted!

The minds of the Golden Cores right at the front went blank as they stood motionlessly in midair with frozen looks on their faces.

There was a brief pause.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Blood mists appeared one after another.

It was like a tragic burst of fireworks.

Against the horrifying soundwave, dozens of Golden Cores exploded from the shock, turning into blood mists without corpses!

The Golden Cores slightly further away also had stoned gazes. They bled from all seven orifices and their lives were severed.

One after another, figures fell from midair.

The situation on the ground was even worse for the allied army.

There were countless Qi Condensation and Foundation Establishment Cultivators that were ruptured to death!

The beast stampede had already closed in together with the howl, charging into the allied army with a wild massacre!

Spirit lights filled the skies and spirit energy surged.

Fresh blood splattered all over the forest.

Cultivators were weak physically and the greatest taboo for them in a fight against demon beasts was being closed in.

And now, demon beasts were charging into the crowd endlessly, gnawing and swiping their claws at everything before them – this was something that Qi Condensation and Foundation Establishment Cultivators could not defend against at all.

Furthermore, there were tens of millions of demon beasts in Cang Lang Mountain Range, a few times more than the number of troops in the allied army!

Up in the skies, down on the ground, deep underground…

Demon beasts were everywhere!

The gathering of countless demon beasts formed a massive force!

Even Golden Cores would most likely die if they were closed in by spirit demons of Golden Core realm!

Only a few Perfected Beings with Golden Core phenomenons managed to hold out in midair.

However, the true terror had only just begun.

The moment Su Zimo returned from the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley and decided to attack, it was already decided that Cang Lang Mountain Range would turn into an endless Hell for the allied army!

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