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Chapter 617: I Am Su Zimo

Su Zimo said, “Xiaoning joined a major sect in order to refine an elixir that can increase one’s lifespan. She won’t suffer. She even said that you’ll be the first one to take the elixir once she succeeds in refining it.”

“That lass,”

Su Hong smiled.

Su Zimo’s heart clenched at the sight of Su Hong’s smile.

There was still slightly more than a month to go before the opening of the ancient battlefield.

He knew very well that given his brother’s current condition, there was no way the latter could hold out until then!

This meant that Su Hong would never ever be able to meet Xiaoning again.

A moment later, Su Hong patted the back of Su Zimo’s palm and said softly, “Send me back.”

Su Zimo understood where Su Hong meant by ‘back’.

It was most likely something that Su Hong was thinking about incessantly for the past 20 years!

A fox dies in its hole and a leaf lands at its roots.

More than longing, Su Hong felt a deep guilt towards that piece of land and its inhabitants.

He had to return!


Su Zimo nodded and carried Su Hong in his arms before walking to the entrance.

Demoness Ji was waiting not far away and she hurried over, asking softly, “Where are you headed for?”

Su Zimo replied, “Let’s leave the capital first.”

There were many people in the capital of Great Zhou and it would be easy for him to be exposed carrying Su Hong with him.

If anyone discovered Su Hong’s presence in the capital of Great Zhou, the Great Zhou Dynasty would be annihilated even before the allied army of the three dynasties struck!

Su Zimo supported Su Hong into Demoness Ji’s carriage.

The carriage was adorned with jewels and jade majestically and glowed with a bright spirit light. It rose slowly into the air and headed out of the capital.

The journey within the capital was mostly smooth when people saw that it was a carriage of the princess.

Before long, the three of them had already left the capital.

Su Zimo checked his surroundings and upon seeing that nobody was around, he said, “Thank you for your help, Demoness Ji. I’ll take my brother away from here. You can head on back.”

“I don’t have anything on. I’ll send you guys wherever you want to go,” Demoness Ji said hurriedly.

Just as Su Zimo was about to decline, he frowned and his ears twitched.

“Someone’s approaching!”

Su Zimo’s expression turned cold.

The person chased after them at an extremely fast speed – it was clear that the intruder was not friendly!


The sound of clothes fluttering could be heard in the air.

10 figures descended and surrounded Demoness Ji’s carriage.

The leader was a bald man clad in armor. His eyes were sharp as a vulture’s – this was the commander of the Great Zhou Dynasty’s Scarlet Vulture guards, Bald Vulture!

The other nine wore scarlet robes with sect badges on their waists. They had mighty auras and did not look friendly.

All nine of them were Golden Cores of True Fire Sect!

Demoness Ji pushed down Su Zimo’s arm and shook her head, gesturing for him to calm down and not be reckless.

If he was exposed, he would definitely attract an endless pursuit!

The entire North Region would be shaken!

Su Zimo was expressionless and did not move.

Through the curtain, Demoness Ji asked with a deep voice, “Bald Vulture, don’t you know who I am? The guts of you to try and halt my carriage!”


Bald Vulture chuckled. “Where are you heading to, little princess?”

“It’s none of your business! Get lost!”

Demoness Ji’s voice was laced with anger as she hollered.


Bald Vulture retraced his smile and said darkly, “Little princess, I’m sure you’re trying to pass a message to your sister after hearing some news, right?”

“What are you talking about?”

Demoness Ji frowned – she did not understand what Bald Vulture meant by that.

When he heard that, Su Zimo already realized that Ji Yaoxue was in a worse state than he had imagined!

The fact that the capital guards dared to obstruct a carriage of the princess of Great Zhou was a clear sign of how messy things had become in the Great Zhou Dynasty.

Furthermore, it was clear that Bald Vulture was implying something from his words!

Bald Vulture sneered, “Little princess, you don’t have to act dumb in front of me. Even if you know nothing, please return to the capital!”

Demoness Ji’s killing intent rose!

She was no kind soul.

Her alter ego was the Pure Maiden of the fiend sects!

Right then, Demoness Ji suddenly felt her vision blur – Su Zimo had already left the carriage.

“Bald Vulture, do you remember me?”

An indifferent voice sounded outside the carriage.

Bald Vulture gazed at the green-robed cultivator and was momentarily stunned.

Immediately after, his eyes widened and his pupils constricted as he yelped, “It’s you!”

“H-How are you not dead?!”

Bald Vulture was flustered at the sight of Su Zimo.

A man’s name grows like the shadow of a tree.

Su Zimo was notorious throughout the North Region after that battle in the Great Qian Ruins!

It was nothing if he had died just like that.

However, no Golden Core of the North Region would be able to compose themselves at the sight of Su Zimo alive before them!

“Who is that person?”

The True Fire Sect cultivators at the side used their Spirit Peering Art and noticed that the green-robed cultivator’s dantian was empty. Upon realizing that he was only a mortal, their eyes filled with contempt.

“H-H-He is…”

“I am Su Zimo.”

There was a momentary silence.

The cultivators of True Fire Sect exchanged glances and burst into laughter.

“Everyone knows that Su Zimo died at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley! You’re saying that you’re Su Zimo?”

“Hahaha! Interesting! He’s trying to impersonate a dead man!”

Everyone from True Fire Sect laughed.

However, Bald Vulture wanted to cry as his body turned stiff while cold sweat poured down.

He had noticed something.

The moment the green-robed cultivator declared that he was Su Zimo, it meant that all of them were going to die!

“Is it funny?”

For a cultivator of True Fire Sect, before his laughter stopped, his vision blurred and a cold voice rang in his ears.

“So fast!”

That was the last thought that crossed the person’s mind.

The next moment.

Right in front of everyone, Su Zimo reached out and tapped the person on the throat gently with his finger.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

His throat snapped and a Golden Core died on the spot.


“B*stard, how dare you!”

The other Golden Cores of True Fire Sect were enraged and hollered.

Clang! Clang!

Eight Golden Cores summoned their flying swords one after another.

The swords quivered and shone with bright spirit lights.

Eight of them rapidly formed an encirclement with Su Zimo in the center, summoning their flying swords with one hand while conjuring hand seals with the other to release True Fire Sect’s spirit arts!

The attacks surged forth instantly!

Su Zimo’s expression did not change as he opened his mouth.


He chanted in Sanskrit.

It was the first of six words of Daming Mantra!

Instantly, it reverberated endlessly like thunder!

The void was filled with a shuddering power!

The flying swords that were aimed for Su Zimo froze in midair.

The spirit arts of the eight Perfected Beings from True Fire Sect dissipated in midair before they could even form.

All eight of them stood stiffly on the spot with bulged eyeballs that were bloodshot!

Bald Vulture could see it clearly.

Blood was already oozing from the ears, eyes, nose and mouth of the eight people!

They were bleeding from all orifices!


Su Zimo spoke once more.

The second Sanskrit had arrived!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Right in front of Bald Vulture, the bodies of the eight Perfected Beings from True Fire Sect exploded into blood mists without any corpse remaining!

Demoness Ji was about to exit the carriage when she saw that.

Eight Golden Cores exploded to death just from the shock of two syllables from Su Zimo!

Suddenly, Demoness Ji realized.

After 20 years, instead of diminishing, Su Zimo’s combat strength had grown to a frightening level that even she could not read any longer!

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