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Chapter 616: Three Dynasties Allied Army

Dragon Burial Valley.

Demoness Ji had been standing at the edge of the cliff for a long time with furrowed brows. The cold wind had crumpled the hem of her dress and she frowned with troubles.

Just as she was about to give up and leave, a figure appeared not far away.

It was getting closer and closer.

The green robes were ever so familiar.

She heaved a sigh of relief.

After 20 years, nothing seemed to have changed about Su Zimo apart from a unique aura he had gained that was indescribable.

Demoness Ji’s heart skipped a beat and she checked out Su Zimo’s dantian with her Spirit Peering Art.

Immediately after, a look of pity flashed through her eyes.

“Sigh, how can a destroyed dantian recover? I was thinking too much.”

She sighed internally.

Through her detection, Su Zimo’s dantian was like a swamp of still water without any spirit energy.

In reality, Su Zimo’s dantian was indeed different from the past after the tribulation.

His Golden Core was shattered and formed a black hole-like existence.

The Saraca Flower was hidden right in the black hole!

As long as Su Zimo did not use his spirit energy, cultivators wouldn’t be able to detect anything and would instead find an empty dantian.

If they knew nothing about his past, any outsider would take him as an extremely ordinary mortal.

“Zimo, how have you been after all these years?”

It was rare that Demoness Ji was not joking. Instead, her eyes were pained with a hint of pity and her expression was emotional.

This man before her was bedazzling 20 years ago!

Even outside of the North Region, some cultivators of Tianhuang Mainland knew about him.

But now, most of the people in the North Region had already forgotten about him, let alone those in Tianhuang Mainland.

Su Zimo replied calmly, “I’m fine.”

“I know where Mr. Su is. I’ll take you there.”

Su Hong did not have much time left and it was better if they met sooner. Demoness Ji knew what was on Su Zimo’s mind right now and led the way without hesitating.

Su Zimo followed closely behind.

The two of them sped and crossed the Great Qian Ruins.

Arriving at the depths of the palace, Su Zimo paused briefly when he looked at the bloodstained ruins beneath him.

20 years ago, the paragons of the North Region had gathered for the birth of the Vermilion Fruit.

Countless paragons were buried there in that battle.

A fire had incinerated half the skies!

The temperature of the golden lava was extremely high and riddled the ground with holes. The underground palace had already caved in a long time ago and the cave was buried.

The mysterious golden volcano was also buried deep underground.

No matter what secrets there were inside, nobody would probably find out anymore.

After a slight pause, Su Zimo caught up to Demoness Ji and suddenly asked, “Is Yaoxue in danger?”

If Ji Yaoxue knew about Su Hong’s condition, she would definitely be the one to inform him.

The only possibility for her not doing so would be if she was in danger and could not get away!


Demoness Ji nodded. “In recent years, the North Region has been filled with wars with the rise of multiple vassal states. The other three dynasties are coveting from the sidelines while it’s messy within the imperial court of the Great Zhou Dynasty with troubles both internal and external.”

“Two years ago, the Xia, Shang and You Dynasties joined forces and formed an allied army to infiltrate the borders of Great Zhou, hoping to annihilate Great Zhou entirely and split our land among themselves.”

Su Zimo asked in a seemingly casual manner, “What are the cultivation realms of those that are fighting in the battles between the dynasties?”

“The armies are mostly formed by Foundation Establishment and Golden Cores. Of course, there are also some Nascent Souls. Void Reversions won’t appear on the front lines for now. They will only come forth for a final battle if the allied army reaches the capital!” Demoness Ji replied.

“I see,” Su Zimo said.

Demoness Ji continued, “My sister led the army to deal with it personally and keep the enemies at bay. She has been outside for almost two years now without returning and does not know about Mr. Su’s condition at all.”

Su Zimo frowned.

Demoness Ji added hurriedly, “Don’t worry, she’s completely fine. Perfected Lord Ming Ze has been by her the entire time.”

Su Zimo remained silent.

He had already vaguely guessed through Demoness Ji’s words that Ji Yaoxue was in a terrible state!

Even if her life was not in danger, she was entangled with troubles.

Now that the three dynasties had formed an alliance, it meant that they were bent on getting their hands on the Great Zhou’s territories!

With the Great Zhou’s foundations, even if they had the terrain advantage, it would be difficult for them to defend against the conquest of the allied army!

The fact that Ji Yaoxue had not returned for two years was a clear sign of how bad the situation was!

Furthermore, changes happen rapidly on the battlefield and anything could happen.

There was no guarantee of Ji Yaoxue’s safety even if Perfected Lord Ming Ze was by her side.

The two of them traveled day and night without resting.

A few days later, they arrived in the capital of Great Zhou.

In order to avoid attention and unnecessary trouble, Su Zimo traveled in Demoness Ji’s carriage. Along the way in the palace, they made many twists and turns to head for a secret ground in the palace!

Not long after, Demoness Ji brought Su Zimo to a house and said softly, “I’ll stay outside and not enter. Call for me at any time if you require anything.”

Su Zimo nodded.

Standing quietly outside the door, Su Zimo did not dare to open the doors.

In fact, he had already extended his palm and made contact with the doors, but he just did not dare to push them!

Su Zimo knew that his older brother, Su Hong, was inside.

He could already sense the twilight aura emanating from the room!

The more it was the case, the more he did not dare to open the doors!

“Zimo, is that you?”

Suddenly, a voice sounded from within.

It was weak and hoarse.

Instantly, countless images flashed through Su Zimo’s mind.

“Zimo, go back and study! You’re not allowed to learn martial arts!”

“This horse is called Zhui Feng and it’s slightly sentient. Since it has affinity with you, it’s yours from today onwards.”

“Zimo, as long as you can pass the college examination, I’ll reward you with a mansion…”

This voice was no longer as robust and firm as in the past.

However, it awakened countless memories in Su Zimo.

Instantly, he felt his nose stuff up as he pushed the doors and entered. “Brother, it’s me!”

Although he was already mentally prepared, Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat when he caught sight of Su Hong.

His brother had grown old.

Age was like a merciless blade that sliced and left scars on Su Hong’s face!

If he had not seen it himself, it would have been difficult for Su Zimo to imagine this frail old person before him wielding an iron spear to lead heavy armored troops through the battlefield and dominate the world!

How awesome was he back then?!

Dozens of years had passed.

In his sixties, Su Hong looked like someone in his hundreds.

He was filled with white hair and had a pair of hazy eyes.

However, the way he looked at Su Zimo was still as comforting and benevolent as ever.

Su Zimo strode quickly forward and knelt before Su Hong, holding the latter’s wrists gently.

Su Zimo’s hands trembled!

He could clearly feel Su Hong’s life diminishing bit by bit from his body – his organs had already begun to deteriorate!

At the end of his lifespan, Su Hong did not have much time left and even deities won’t be able to save him at this point!

“I’m late,”

Su Zimo slumped his head and said with a quivering tone.

“It’s not late, it’s not.”

Su Hong patted Su Zimo gently on the palm and consoled the latter, “I don’t have any regrets now that I’m able to see you fine and well before my passing.”


Immediately after, Su Hong sighed. “It’s just a pity I can’t get to see Xiaoning in the end. I wonder how that lass is. I wonder if she suffered outside.”

“You know that she has a weak personality. What is she going to do if she gets bullied without us around?”

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