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Chapter 615: Return


A white streak of light tore through the backyard of the old temple.

It descended in the courtyard, flawless and magnificent as the full moon up in the skies.

Moon Concealment Bow!

Su Zimo received it and brushed his hand on it gently.

The sixth spirit pattern that was not fully formed previously was not clearer than ever!

A connate spirit weapon!

After consuming the essence of the sun and moon for 15 years at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley, the Moon Concealment Bow had evolved into a connate spirit weapon!

Su Zimo put the Moon Concealment Bow away in his storage bag with a calm expression.

“Incoming saber!”

A voice sounded in Su Zimo’s mind.

Before that statement was completed, the sound of metal clashing echoed from the backyard and reverberated through the entire world. It buzzed and emanated a murderous aura that caused the temperature of the entire old temple to dip!

Blood Quencher had appeared!

A blood beam surged into the skies and hovered in midair, shining with the glow of six spirit patterns.

The most beguiling thing was that the sixth spirit pattern was in the color of blood!

The connate spirit pattern had dyed the glow surrounding Blood Quencher scarlet.

The saber emitted a strong blood stench that was shuddering!

As the red-headed ghost had expected, Blood Quencher had indeed gone through a shocking transformation after it was buried in the cemetery and soaked in the blood of peerless experts from 10,000 years ago!

Aside from the innate sharpness of a connate spirit weapon, Blood Quencher’s ferocity was torrential!

The blood beam and stench released from its blade could even affect cultivators mentally!

Because the little fox’s cultivation realm was inadequate, she felt chills run down her spine just glancing at it – it was as though a grisly Hell sprawled with corpses and soaked with blood had appeared before her!

Shuddering, she closed her eyes hurriedly.

Ming Xin’s expression changed slightly as well as he chanted Buddhist proclamations softly to compose himself.

Oo! Oo!

Suddenly, Blood Quencher bolted towards Su Zimo with a murderous aura at an extremely fast speed – it vibrated in a chilling manner in midair!

More than 10 years ago, the red-headed ghost had said it.

Once Blood Quencher evolved to become a connate spirit weapon, it would definitely turn incomparably ferocious!

Most ferocious weapons slewed their own masters.

The stronger something was, the harder it would be to subdue it!

Su Zimo did not move at all with his hands behind his back. His gaze was deep as he looked at Blood Quencher that was streaking towards him with a calm expression.

It was as though he had no intention of striking.

For some unknown reason, Blood Quencher got slower the closer it approached Su Zimo, as though it had fallen into a swamp!

The eyes of Ming Zhen and the little fox widened.

The blade was less than an inch away from Su Zimo’s glabella!

Its sharpness seemed to have made contact with Su Zimo’s skin.

However, Su Zimo was motionless!

There were no emotions in his eyes at all!

Suddenly, Ming Zhen felt a deep sense of fear when he looked at those deep and emotionless eyes!

After laying dormant at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley for 20 years, Su Zimo was like a dormant volcano.

The moment news of his sick kin arrived, the dormant volcano had already awoken.

Although it was calm right now, anyone that provoked this volcano would definitely send forth a destructive stream of lava that would drown all living beings and incinerate everything!


Ming Zhen exclaimed softly.

Blood Quencher was quivering.

It was as though that ferocious item had sensed something too.

It was feeling fearful!

By nature, it was bloodthirsty and loved to kill.

If it could kill its master and devour his blood, it could turn even stronger!

But now, it could vaguely sense that if it actually made contact, the seemingly refined man before him would definitely destroy it personally!

It did not dare to move.

There was a momentary silence.

Gradually, Blood Quencher lowered its tip and lowered itself horizontally before Su Zimo. Its sharpness faced outwards and its handle pointed to Su Zimo and was within reach.

It had submitted!

The ferocious item had just been born and yet, it was shocked into submission immediately!

Right from the beginning, Su Zimo had not moved at all – he did not even bat his eyelids!

Su Zimo received Blood Quencher and put it away in his storage bag.

Including his Coiling Dragon Seal and Black Gold Arrows from before, together with Moon Concealment Bow and Blood Quencher, he now had four connate spirit weapons in his possession!

When the little fox saw that Su Zimo was about to leave, she moved and wanted to follow him.

“Wait here for me.”

Su Zimo glanced at the little fox and said calmly. Before his sentence was even complete, he had already pushed the doors open and left.

The little fox’s eyes dimmed with a disappointed look.

Ming Zhen said softly, “Don’t worry, little fox. Since junior brother said that, he’ll definitely return!”

The little fox nodded but there was still a deep hint of worry in her eyes.

In the grand hall.

The old monk gazed at the sentences on the wall for a long time in silence.

“It’s rare, truly rare,”

A long while later, he finally heaved out a deep breath and lamented, “To begin with, that red-robed woman was an existence who could look down on the entire Tianhuang Mainland. It’s only logical that she would leave such daring and bold words.”

“What’s even rarer than that is that although the lad is only at Golden Core realm, his continuation sentence is not weaker in terms of boldness!”

The red-headed ghost praised as well, “Once the fog fades, the radiance shall illuminate through the entire world. His words can truly devour the mountains and rivers and look down on the rest of the world! If this broken temple of yours is still around many years later, those words are bound to become a legend.”

The old monk nodded with slight sadness. “The both of us are fortunate to be witnesses of this.”

Suddenly, the red-headed ghost gave an odd chuckle. “This is good. The ancient battlefield is about to open up soon. That descendant of Chaos Essence Sect that was known to be invincible throughout the Golden Core realm more than 10 years ago is about to meet a match!”

“It’s hard to tell,”

The old monk shook his head. “Do you think that Di Yin left this place without obtaining anything?”

“In addition, he was already the number one of the Phenomenon Ranking a hundred years ago. Nobody knows how much he has grown since then. The Chaos Ocean of the Human Emperor is not to be underestimated. He is a scary person!”

The old monk had an extremely high evaluation of Di Yin!

The red-headed ghost said, “No matter what, the both of them are born in the same era and are bound to be mortal foes. The only other way out is for one to die or submit.”

“That’s for the future. We’ve still got to wait for the ancient battlefield to open up,” The old monk said.

After a while, the red-headed ghost suddenly laughed in a gloating manner. “That lad has been dormant at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley for 20 years. Now that he’s going to reappear after news of his kin in illness, he must definitely be holding in a belly full of rage!”

“Any dumb fool that provokes him… hehe.”

The old monk chanted a Buddhist proclamation and said softly, “I’m still hoping that everything goes smoothly and that he will return here after severing his mortal ties to reduce his karma of killing.”

“Hmph, a tree may wish for stillness but the wind never stops blowing!”

The red-headed ghost stood up and the chains on his body rattled loudly.

“He’s not going to take the initiative to provoke anybody, but I’m sure 20 years is more than enough to make many things fade into the background. I’m sure many cultivators of the North Region have already forgotten about him!”

The red-headed ghost reared his head in loud laughter. “That’s for the best! Shiver, cultivators of the North Region! That strongest monster incarnate of history whom you guys had ganged up on and bullied back in the past and was cast into the depths of the Dragon Burial Valley has now returned! Hahaha!”

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