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Chapter 609: I’ll Discipline It for You!

Translator: Legge 

Even when the hairy burly man engaged in a conflict with Ming Zhen, the purple-robed cultivator did not raise his head once. He had a calm expression and stayed out of things completely.

It was as though everything was not important for him.

In the eyes of the purple-robed cultivator, there was only the Mystic Dharmic Lotus Sutra in his hands.

However, the instant the voice rang, he frowned.

This was the first time he had expressed emotions ever since he entered the old temple.

After a moment of delay, the purple-robed cultivator raised his head slowly towards the voice.

Unknowingly, another monk had appeared in the courtyard.

Dressed in gray monk robes, he had refined features and a calm expression. His eyes shone with a clear glow, as though he could peer through all the wisdom in the universe.

The moment the purple-robed cultivator caught sight of the gray-robed monk, he frowned again.

His pupils constricted sinisterly.

The gray-robed monk looked at him as well.

Both their gazes met in midair.

The purple-robed cultivator’s lips curled with a playful look in his eyes.

With an unchanged expression, the gray-robed monk walked to Ming Zhen and helped the latter up, patting away the dust on his body gently.

Ming Zhen wiped away fresh blood from the corner of his lips and whispered, “Be careful, junior brother. This demon beast is extremely strong!”

The gray-robed monk was Su Zimo who had arrived from the backyard.

The instant he stepped foot into the courtyard, he saw the purple-robed cultivator.

Or rather, this purple-robed cultivator would have been the first person he saw even if there were 10,000 people around!

Nobody could ignore him at all.

Su Zimo sensed an extreme sense of danger from the purple-robed cultivator!

The instant he caught sight of this man, he felt his hairs stand on end!

The only reason why he did not reveal any openings was because he had cultivated Zen and Buddhism for 10 years and had a firm mental state.

Although they had not fought, Su Zimo was certain that this was the strongest Golden Core he ever encountered!

This man was much scarier compared to Xi Wuya whom he met 10 years ago!

In fact, Su Zimo had a feeling that he would have definitely been defeated if he met this person 10 years ago!

He would not be a match for this man even if he used all his trump cards and turned into his demon form!

The purple-robed cultivator merely glanced once indifferently at Su Zimo before lowering his head to continue browsing the Mystic Dharmic Lotus Sutra.

That single glance was a clear warning!

The hairy burly man beside him shrugged.

The voice of the gray-robed monk before him seemed to have a mysterious energy that could purge away the hate in his heart, allowing him to calm down subconsciously.


The hairy burly man roared from the depths of his throat.

“Monk, you want to interfere as well?”

The hairy burly man glared at Su Zimo fiercely and twisted his muscular neck with crackling sounds.

Su Zimo did not even look at him.

His gaze was still locked on the purple-robed cultivator as he smiled and asked, “Patron, your pet spirit beast is hurting others and throwing a tantrum here. Aren’t you going to discipline it?”

The purple-robed cultivator continued reading the sutra in his hands obliviously without even looking up.


The hairy burly man roared in wild laughter. “Stinky monk, you’re trying to provoke my master? You really don’t know what’s good for you!”

When Su Zimo saw the purple-robed cultivator’s nonchalance, he stopped smiling and said calmly, “Patron, since you choose to remain silent, I’m sorry…”

Instantly, the old temple went silent.

It was as though air had gone stale!

“I’ll discipline it for you!”

By the time the first word, I’ll, was said, Su Zimo had already vanished from the spot.

At the second word, discipline, Su Zimo had already arrived in front of the hairy burly man and stomped furiously on the ground, causing the world to quake with a boom!

Even Ming Zhen who was not directly involved felt his legs wobble and shuddered for a brief moment uncontrollably, let alone the hairy burly man who was facing it directly.

It was even worse for the little fox whose fragile and weak body bounced from the ground instantly.

The hairy burly man’s expression changed!

This was way too ferocious!

Earlier on, he faced a calm, smiling monk. In the blink of an eye, it was like an ancient demon that was about to devour others!

An overwhelming aura shrouded him.

The hairy burly man felt his chest go stuffy and was unable to breathe.

Although the monk looked shorter than him, he felt like he was trampled by the monk in terms of aura!

At the third word, it…

Su Zimo extended his massive palm and his flesh expanded, blanketing the skies as it descended. There was a terrifying aura as though all living beings were about to be suppressed by his palm!

Although there was no spirit energy, that hand seal was the first form of the Demon Subduing Seal!

It was an innate counter to demon beasts!


The hairy burly man roared in rage and the blood qi in his body rumbled. Baring his menacing fangs, he crossed his muscular arms and propped it upwards in defense!


There was a deafening sound.

The aura between the two of them was chaotic.

The moment they made contact, the expression of the hairy burly man changed and he felt a terrible pain in his arms, as though they were about to snap!

Although Su Zimo was only using one hand, the hairy burly man felt an apocalyptic power surging through like the crush of a tidal wave – it was unstoppable!


At that moment, Su Zimo had just said the fourth word!

The hairy burly man’s Inner Core circulated wildly and his demonic qi burst forth. All his tendons and bones rang and his fur and flesh expanded rapidly. His body was transforming swiftly as he revealed a menacing expression.

Unable to withstand it, the hairy burly man’s reaction was extremely fast and he revealed his true form immediately.

Although demon beasts could take on human form after they formed a core, they could only release their true strength upon returning to their true form.

The rise in combat strength would be at least 30%!

“It’s a Tao Wu!”

Ming Zhen could not help but exclaim softly in surprise when he saw the hairy burly man’s true form.

The Tao Wu was one of the primordial ferocious beasts.

There were many types of demon beasts and their strength was mostly determined by their bloodlines.

Among them, pure-blooded ferocious beasts were the strongest!

However, even among pure-blooded ferocious beasts, there were stronger and weaker ones.

The Tao Wu was among the strongest and most terrifying of the pure-blooded ferocious beasts with immense strength. In the primordial era, they reigned domineeringly in Tianhuang Mainland and were extremely violent!

At this phase, the true form of a Tao Wu was at least a hundred feet tall.

But now, against Su Zimo’s blanketing palm, the Tao Wu’s body looked like it was suppressed by a gigantic mountain and could not grow more than ten feet!

Finally, the Tao Wu panicked.

It realized that the difference in strength between the two of them was too great!

Even with his true form, he could not fight this monk before him head-on!


Su Zimo’s final word was spoken.


Against the suppression of the terrifying strength, the Tao Wu’s arms were crushed by Su Zimo’s palm!

Su Zimo’s palm descended upon the Tao Wu’s head and pushed down fiercely!


Su Zimo pushed against the Tao Wu’s head and thrust it into the ground.

Instantly, a big hole caved into the ground with fresh blood splattering everywhere!

The Tao Wu’s face was messed up with flesh and blood.

“I’ll discipline it for you!”

Although the entire process seemed slow right from the moment Su Zimo moved till the Tao Wu’s head was buried, in reality, all it took was a single sentence!

By the time Su Zimo’s final word was spoken, the Tao Wu was already unconscious.

10 years of dormancy.

Su Zimo had focused wholeheartedly on Buddhism and his violent streak had diminished significantly while his mental state had turned much calmer.

That was the reason why he did not strike directly even after witnessing the Tao Wu bully the little fox and injure Ming Zhen.

However, he was Su Zimo after all.

Decisive to kill!

Since he was going to attack, he was definitely not going to hesitate.

He suppressed with a thunderous might that could not be resisted!

He was an unparalleled saber with extreme edge!

The moment he was unsheathed, a hole would be punctured through the firmaments!

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