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Chapter 601: Meeting

The middle-aged monk was not an outsider – he was Su Zimo after changing his appearance.

At that moment, he could not appear with his true self.

If anyone knew that he was not dead and had even stepped in to save the Empress of Great Zhou, the Great Zhou Dynasty would definitely be in peril!

The old temple at the bottom of Dragon Burial Valley would not be hidden for much longer either.

Furthermore, in the depths of Su Zimo’s heart, he did not dare to face Ji Yaoxue.

That feeling had turned increasingly so after five years.

It was an indescribable feeling that was conflicted.

In the past five years, Su Zimo was isolated from the outside world in the old temple at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley. Away from secular affairs, there was no killing or fighting as he spent his days chanting sutras and paying respects to Buddha with a peaceful heart.

However, he felt nervous the moment he heard Ji Yaoxue in danger.

His peace for the past five years was broken instantly and he found himself surging with an uncontrollable killing intent!

Therefore, right from the moment he appeared, he had no intention of letting anyone off alive and had a decisive killing intent – even Perfected Lord Ming Ze felt fear because of him!

The entire process of him killing two great Nascent Souls took less than three breaths.

Although it seemed like it was momentary and simple, he was the only one who knew best about the dangers involved.

He was truly fighting with his life!

A single mistake would cause him to die on the spot.

In terms of actual strength, Su Zimo was definitely not a match for the Nascent Souls.

The only thing he had stronger than Gu Suqi and Tian Chen was his body!

Die Yue once said that demonic cultivators have the easiest time killing opponents above their levels.

As long as he could engage in melee combat, he had a shot at victory!

The reason why he agreed to let Si Junyu off was so that he could numb Gu Suqi and Tian Chen, lowering their guards.

The reason why the two Nascent Souls were unguarded wasn’t because they lacked experience – they truly hadn’t expected that a Golden Core would attempt to kill Nascent Souls!

That was equivalent to a mortal plotting to kill an immortal!

Su Zimo gripped the sword’s handle and pulled the blade out slowly from his chest.

The sharp blade ground against his bones and flesh with a jarring noise.

Su Zimo was expressionless.

A stream of blood spewed out!

As though he had no sense of pain, Su Zimo did not even bother to look as he flung his arm behind him!


A sword cultivator of Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect was stabbed through the heart and died on the spot.

The remaining four people finally broke out of their stupor and were scared out of their wits. They exclaimed and scurried into the distance without turning back.

Clutching his chest with his left hand, Su Zimo had a cold gaze and stomped on his feet. The ground quaked and he bolted forward like an arrow.

It was too fast!


A Great Xia guard had barely run a few steps before Su Zimo caught up to him. He was slapped to death with a single palm strike without any way of retaliating.

The remaining three Golden Cores did not manage to escape far either before they were murdered by Su Zimo one after another!

Si Junyu stood on the spot motionlessly.

He could tell clearly that given his strength, he wouldn’t be able to escape from the middle-aged monk’s pursuit even if he wanted to!

Before long, after the other four were killed, the middle-aged monk returned and walked straight towards Si Junyu.

Si Junyu’s face was pale as a sheet but he pretended to be calm and said with cupped fists, “Great monk, I’m the prince of the Great Xia Dynasty. As long as you let me off, I’ll be immensely grateful and I’m willing to agree to any terms of exchange.”

“Once I ascend the throne, I can even help you with the power of my entire dynasty!”

Su Zimo walked before Si Junyu and reached out with an indifferent expression, grabbing the latter towards him by the throat!

“Ee… Ee…!”

Si Junyu rolled his eyes as his feet left the ground and kicked furiously. He could not speak at all and could only let out odd sounds.

Su Zimo leaned in and whispered into Si Junyu’s ears, “The power of your entire dynasty means nothing to a fraction of her. Since you dared to lay your hands on her, I’m going to kill you!”


Si Junyu’s face was turning purplish and he seemed like he wanted to ask something.

Su Zimo continued, “I’ll also let you die with a complete understanding of things today. I’m Su Zimo and your brother, Jun Hao, was killed by me!”

Si Junyu’s eyes widened with disbelief.

Su Zimo… that was a name that nobody had mentioned for five years.

He was still alive!

“You can join your brother in Hell.”

Su Zimo said calmly before exerting strength in his fingers, breaking Si Junyu’s throat with a snap.

Si Junyu died on the spot.

In less than 15 minutes, two Nascent Souls, 20 Golden Cores and a prince of Great Xia were all killed at this place – none of them were spared!

Ji Yaoxue had a pensive expression with raised brows as she looked at Su Zimo with a somewhat strange gaze.

Perfected Lord Ming Ze took a deep breath of air before heading forward to greet Su Zimo with a deep bow. “I am Perfected Lord Ming Ze of the Great Zhou Dynasty. Many thanks for your help earlier on, great monk.”

As a Nascent Soul, it was truly rare for him to extend such politeness to a Golden Core.

“No worries,”

Su Zimo waved it off and said indifferently, “This treacherous place is filled with dangers and the Dragon Burial Valley is an unlucky place. You guys should not come here anymore in the future.”

“Alright, thank you for the advice, great monk,” Perfected Lord Ming Ze nodded.

Right then, Ji Yaoxue walked over as well, glaring at Su Zimo. “May I know your name and sect or faction, great monk?”

It was a somewhat illogical question.

Her attitude and tone was more like someone that was interrogating another person.

Perfected Lord Ming Ze glanced at Ji Yaoxue and frowned slightly.

He could sense that there was something mysterious about the middle-aged monk’s background and the way he conducted himself. Up till now, the latter had not mentioned why he helped them or why he killed everyone from the Great Xia Dynasty.

However, Ji Yaoxue was behaving even more strangely.

Su Zimo lowered his head and pulled down the prayer beads on his left hand that only had four Buddha Beads before saying calmly, “I’m Ming Xin and I don’t belong to any sect or faction.”

“Ming Xin,”

Ji Yaoxue murmured softly before looking deeply at Su Zimo. “Perfected Lord Ming Ze and I are injured and we can’t fight anymore. Since you said that this place is treacherous, can you escort us out?”

It was an even ruder request.

Perfected Lord Ming Ze was about to speak when the middle-aged monk nodded after a moment of silence. “Alright.”

Perfected Lord Ming Ze was stunned.

However, he saw Ji Yaoxue smile brightly. “Thank you, great monk!”

For the past five years, Perfected Lord Ming Ze had been by Ji Yaoxue’s side, ensuring her safety.

Ever since the death of the strongest monster incarnate in history five years ago, he had not seen such a smile appear on Ji Yaoxue’s face.

It was dazzling, like the rainbow after a downpour.

It was as though every single bit of sadness that this woman kept in her heart for the past five years had vanished at this moment.

As Su Zimo looked at Ji Yaoxue’s smile, a phrase appeared in his mind.

A smile that resembles a flower’s blossom.

However, there was no flower in this world that could compare to the smile of the woman before him.

Avoiding his gaze, Su Zimo counted his prayer beads at an even faster speed. He lowered his head and took the front, saying softly, “Let’s go.”

Perfected Lord Ming Ze and confused and followed instinctively.

Ji Yaoxue pursed her lips with a slight hint of dejection in her eyes.

However, she smiled again soon after.

No matter what, today was a day worth being happy about.

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