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Chapter 600: Killing Nascent Souls!

The middle-aged monk lifted Si Junyu and advanced closer towards Gu Suqi and Perfected Lord Tian Chen.

In the blink of an eye, they were less than ten feet away.

Compared to the joyful gazes of Gu Suqi and Perfected Lord Tian Chen, the middle-aged monk seemed calm and his eyes were deep and emotionless.

When he arrived, the middle-aged monk tossed Si Junyu towards Perfected Lord Tian Chen in a seemingly casual manner.

Perfected Lord Tian Chen’s eyes lit up as he reached out to receive.

On the other side, Gu Suqi burst out in laughter.


All of a sudden!

Gu Suqi’s laughter came to a stop!

From the corner of his eyes, he spotted a figure dart over from behind Si Junyu to charge over! His eyes shone with a ferocious glint like an ancient demon that was about to devour humans!


Gu Suqi gasped.

That middle-aged monk actually harbored killing intents towards a Nascent Soul!

How could he!

How could a Golden Core dare lay his hands on a Nascent Soul?!


The middle-aged monk roared with a thunder-like voice and let off an asphyxiating killing intent. He reached out with his muscular palm that blanketed the skies and stirred the clouds.

Gu Suqi merely felt his vision darken with a massive shadow above his head, as though dark clouds were covering him!

“You have a death wish!”

Gripping his sword in reverse, Gu Suqi slashed across fiercely!

The two of them were way too close.

Before the sword technique was fully released, Su Zimo had already gripped Gu Suqi first with his left hand!

At this point, it did not matter any longer how amazing the sword technique was.

At this distance, melee combat strength and the power of one’s body was what mattered!

Gu Suqi’s expression changed starkly and there was finally a hint of panic in his eyes.

His wrist was locked by the middle-aged monk and he could not break free at all.

At that moment, he had finally realized how frightening the physique of the middle-aged monk was.

The middle-aged monk’s melee combat strength was enough to threaten his life!

Gu Suqi was a Nascent Soul.

In a normal exchange, he could utilize Dharmic power with his spirit consciousness and would not allow the middle-aged monk a chance to get close.

Now that he was closed in by the middle-aged monk, it was akin to him being closed in by a pure-blooded ferocious beast – any single misstep would cause him to die on the spot!

Most cultivators were weak physically and could not compare to demons at all.

That was the reason why cultivators would always make use of means such as spirit arts, Dharmic arts and spirit weapons to keep their distance and not allow demon beasts to close it.

They would be in danger once they were closed in by the demon beasts!

Perfected Lord Tian Chen had just caught Si Junyu who was tossed over and could not help at all.

At that moment, Gu Suqi could only rely on himself!

The precision of the middle-aged monk’s attacks was way too perfect.

This was a situation that could not have happened if he was faster or slower by a single second.


The middle-aged monk did not give Gu Suqi any time to react and snapped his wrist instantly!


Gu Suqi howled in pain and was drenched in cold sweat.


At the same time, the middle-aged monk’s heavenly encompassing palm descended with an intimidating aura.

Gu Suqi’s wrist was snapped and he was momentarily stunned. By the time he returned to his senses, the middle-aged monk’s palm was already descending from above his head.

In his hurry, he could only raise his arms to block.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

That short collision caused Gu Suqi’s arm to be snapped instantly against the pressure of the middle-aged monk’s palm!

The palm continued descending and landed fiercely on top of Gu Suqi’s head!


Brain juice was splattered!

Gu Suqi’s eyes widened and his face was torn apart like a spiderweb.

His head was ruptured by a single slap from the middle-aged monk!

This Essence Spirit dispersed and he could not have been more dead!

A Nascent Soul was dead!

Even Gu Suqi who was right smack in the battle could not react to it, let alone everyone else who was watching in shock.

Be it Ji Yaoxue or Si Junyu’s faction, neither side expected such a change in the battlefield where a Nascent Soul was dead in less than a second!

The most frightening thing was that the massacre was not over!

“Demon monk, how dare you!”

Perfected Lord Tian Chen had just placed Si Junyu down when he caught sight of that. Instantly, he was triggered and enraged!

“Why wouldn’t I dare to?!”

The middle-aged monk did not pause in his movements at all after killing Gu Suqi. With a single stride, he had already arrived before Perfected Lord Tian Chen, yelling, “You’re the one that’s going to die!”

Perfected Lord Ming Ze shuddered at that statement

In other words, what the middle-aged monk meant was that he had already planned on killing the two Nascent Souls right from the beginning!

The reason why the monk held Si Junyu hostage was not because he needed a chip in negotiation.

He had already planned for this moment when he captured Si Junyu alive!

Right from the beginning, he had not intended to let the two Nascent Souls off at all!

This man truly had tremendous guts!

On the battlefield.

Perfected Lord Tian Chen twisted his sword and aimed it at the middle-aged monk’s heart, thrusting fiercely as he barked, “You don’t know your limits!”

The sword beam was cold and sharp, as if it could destroy everything!

That was a Dharmic weapon of Nascent Souls.

Although the middle-aged monk had a strong body and could repel a superior-grade spirit weapon with his finger, he could not defend against the edge of a Dharmic weapon.

Against the sharpness of the sword cultivator, he could only retreat.

However, if he retreated and increased the distance between him and the Nascent Soul, there was no way he would be able to kill the latter.


A look of conviction flashed through the middle-aged monk’s eyes as he said with Sanskrit.

The voids trembled.

Instantly, Perfected Lord Tian Chen’s sword paused for a brief moment.

However, it was a moment so brief and undetectable that it seemed as though there was no impact at all.

The middle-aged monk did not decrease his speed and merely slanted sideways while continuing to lunge towards Perfected Lord Tian Chen.


Although the sword that was initially aimed for the middle-aged monk’s heart shifted slightly, it still pierced right into his chest!

Flashes of blood appeared.

The middle-aged monk was indifferent and allowed the sword to pass through him as he continued charging with a ferocious glint!

Perfected Lord Ming Ze and everyone else could clearly see a bloodied sword burst forth from the back of the middle-aged monk.

That sword did not manage to puncture the middle-aged monk’s heart.

However, the sharpness of the sword was less than an inch away from the heart!

As long as Perfected Lord Tian Chen twisted his sword, he would be able to slice the middle-aged monk’s heart with his blade’s sharpness!

Right then, the middle-aged monk arrived before Perfected Lord Tian Chen with the sword piercing through him and swung his arm right away!

Although that arm looked like it was flexible and limp on the surface, like the trunk of an ancient divine elephant, it let out a crisp sound in midair and slapped Perfected Lord Tian Chen’s head with a violent might!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Perfected Lord Tian Chen’s head spun a few circles around his neck before coming to a stop with bulged eyes – he had stopped breathing a long time ago.

Victory was decided.

Death was decided.

Perfected Lord Tian Chen’s neck had snapped long ago against that power.

His brains had already been shaken into sludge and his Essence Spirit was destroyed.

Up till his death, he gripped his sword’s handle tightly.

However, he was still that bit slower and did not manage to cut the middle-aged monk’s heart.

That was melee combat!

A single lag, even if it was only for a brief instant, would mean life and death!

That was the moment where life and death was decided!

Perfected Lord Ming Ze could not imagine how the middle-aged monk who was right smack in the battle felt earlier on.

He had already broken out in cold sweat just be watching from the sidelines!

That was truly gambling with one’s life!

As long as Perfected Lord Tian Chen was a step faster, the one laying dead on the ground would have been the middle-aged monk.

However, at that thought, that choice and decisiveness was probably the only thing that could have killed Perfected Lord Tian Chen!

What a scary monk. Just who in the world is he?

More than shock, what Perfected Lord Ming Ze felt when he looked at the middle-aged monk’s back view was fear!

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