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Chapter 594: The Love Is Deep but the Affinity Falls Short

Su Zimo pushed the doors open and walked out.

For a moment, he forgot that he was outside the old temple and there were malevolent spirits and ghosts.

At that moment, the only thing on his mind was the woman who was crying at the top of the Dragon Burial Valley a year after…

Who was crying?

Who was she crying for?

Su Zimo had a vague guess in his mind.

The person outside thought that he was already dead.

Theoretically speaking, today was his death anniversary!

After leaving the old temple, Su Zimo meandered around the borders of the valley and headed forward slowly.

Not long after, he heard intermittent sobbing sounds.

He walked for a little more before coming to a stop.

Even though his Inner Core had not recovered completely yet, his hearing power was still around.

The woman sobbing was right above him.

One of them was at the top of the valley and the other at the bottom.

They were thousands of feet apart.

Su Zimo raised his head and it was dark above him with nothing to be seen.

However, he already knew the identity of the person up there.

A tear fell silently from above, through the gap thousands of feet deep, and landed on Su Zimo’s face with a semblance of warmth.

Su Zimo was silent.

A long time later, the sobbing turned softer and came to a stop.

“Zimo, today is your death anniversary. I’m here to visit you,” The woman’s voice sounded.

For some reason, when he heard that statement, Su Zimo felt as though something pounded his heart and his vision turned blurry with a misty fog.

This was the Dragon Burial Valley!

How many people would choose to avoid it completely?

How many powerful living beings have been buried here for tens of thousands of years?

Just a year ago, countless paragons of the North Region died here!

Notwithstanding the fact that this was an unlucky place, how much danger did one have to risk to pass through the Great Qian Ruins and the obstruction of endless otherworldly soldiers just to get here?

“I’m now the Empress of Great Zhou. In the palace, in front of others, I don’t dare to and neither can I cry.”

“This is the only place where I can cry without holding myself back. Zimo, you must not laugh at me.”

“Zimo, don’t worry. I’ve already hid Mr. Su Hong. Unless I die, nobody will be able to find him. It’s just that…”

At that point, the woman paused, “It’s just that the cultivators of Glass Palace vented their frustrations on the masses of the Yan Country and many innocents were killed, sigh. Thankfully, Pure Maiden Sect of the fiend sects arrived and saved many of them.”

At that point, Su Zimo gripped his fists tightly and his eyes shone with a murderous glint!

Although Su Hong was safe, he loved his people as though they were his own children. Upon hearing that the masses of the Yan Country were massacred, he must have been tormented immensely internally!

That feeling was most likely worse than death for Su Hong.

“Glass Palace!”

Su Zimo’s gaze darkened with a killing intent that was almost materialized!

After starting his cultivation, what he was most afraid of was implicating his family.

To think that it was something that couldn’t be avoided at the end of the day.

Although Su Hong was fine, those innocents that were murdered were actually implicated because of him.

“It’s truly thanks to the arrival of Pure Maiden Sect that diverted the attention of all the sects and factions of the North Region. Almost everyone believed that Pure Maiden Sect was the one that saved Mr. Su Hong.”

“Ah, let’s not talk about such stuff anymore,”

The woman’s voice seemed to turn much more relaxed. “Let’s talk about happier stuff now that we haven’t met in a year!”

“All in all, Mr. Su is fine so you don’t have to worry about that, Zimo. Ethereal Peak is fine as well and I’ve also formed my Golden Core.”

The woman spoke to herself at the top of Dragon Burial Valley about everything that happened in the past year.

Su Zimo listened quietly and silently, feeling the ice-cold wall in front of him with his palm.

It was as though the hundred thousand feet distance between him and the woman could be gapped through the wall.

It was as though the both of them were inches apart.

It was as though he was standing beside the woman, listening to her soft comments.

Su Zimo’s Golden Core was already crippled and the tears on his Inner Core had not recovered fully yet.

He could not fly in the sky.

He could not soar through this height and meet the woman at the top of the Dragon Burial Valley.

Su Zimo lowered his head slightly and his eyes dimmed.

Even if he could soar through the air, he might not want to choose to meet the woman.

That was because… he was Su Zimo.

He was the man who had offended Glass Palace and the entire North Region!

He was a demon that was not accepted in the entire cultivation world!

The moment he showed himself in the North Region, he would definitely be meet with a relentless pursuit!

Anyone related to him would be implicated!

It was the case for Su Hong and it was also the case for the citizens of the Yan Country.

If he chose to leave the Dragon Burial Valley and meet with that woman or return to Ethereal Peak…

He would bring about an apocalyptic catastrophe for both her and Ethereal Peak!

The moment he stepped out of the Dragon Burial Valley would be the moment he left the North Region.

The sun rose and set.

Unknowingly, the skies darkened and it was already dusk.

Su Zimo could clearly sense that the malevolent qi in the surrounding had grown denser; the Mingwang Prayer Beads on his left wrist glowed with a mysterious luster.

Many ghosts and spirits wandered nearby but none of them dared to advance.

If that was the case at the bottom of the valley, it was naturally the same above!

A deep look of worry could be seen in Su Zimo’s eyes.

Right now, he was hoping for the woman to leave the place as quickly as possible!

A while later, the skies darkened further and bright stars dotted the firmaments. Finally, the woman said softly, “Zimo, I have to leave now.”

Su Zimo heaved out a sigh of relief.

A moment later, when he saw that there was no more activity up above and wanted to return to the old temple, the woman’s voice sounded once more with a hint of sniffing, “Zimo, I miss you.”

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

The sob grew distant – the woman had already left.

Su Zimo stood there motionlessly for a long time in silence.

After the night passed and day broke out again, he heaved a deep breath and walked back to the old temple.

When Ming Zhen saw Su Zimo enter through the doors with a dejected expression and lost gaze, he was confused but was too awkward to head up and ask about it.

He was only in his teens and had spent his life at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley isolated from the outside world – how would he understand something as such?

Winter came and summer passed.

Spring came and autumn passed.

On this day every year, a woman would appear above the Dragon Burial Valley, commenting softly about everything that happened in the past year without stopping.

On this day every year, the woman would seem like she had an endless amount of things to talk about.

On this day every year, Su Zimo would leave the old temple.

He would spend an entire day and night outside.

One was at the bottom while the other was at the top of the valley.

They were separated thousands of meters apart and could not see the other.

On this day every year, when Su Zimo returned from outside, Ming Zhen could see an indescribable sadness in the depths of Su Zimo’s eyes.

Finally, one day, after watching Su Zimo return to the old temple and enter the Sutra Chamber, Ming Zhen could not help but run to the old monk.

“Master, what’s wrong with junior brother?”

“Is there a woman waiting above the Dragon Burial Valley for him?”

“Junior Brother’s Inner Core is already mostly recovered and he can now fly through the air. Why doesn’t he want to go and meet her?”

Ming Zhen was filled with curiosity and asked everything at one go.

There was a long silence.

The old monk did not speak at all.

Right as Ming Zhen was about to leave in disappointment, the old monk opened his eyes and sighed gently. “The love is deep but the affinity falls short.”

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