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Chapter 592: Rebirth?

The moment the cool water reached his stomach, Su Zimo felt much more refreshed.

Cling! Clang!

The rattling of the chains sounded.

Suddenly, Su Zimo felt his body turn light – the thick chains that restrained him initially were taken away by the burly man!

“What’s the red-headed ghost trying to do? He’s going to let me off this easily?”

Su Zimo frowned and looked at the burly man skeptically.

The burly man squatted on the ground and played with the rusty chains in his hands, grinning at Su Zimo with a demonic glint in his eyes.


Suddenly, Su Zimo’s expression changed as he felt his stomach rumble.

Instantly, an extremely tremendous and rich lifeforce surged through his entire body rapidly!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Su Zimo’s skin split apart and tore through his entire body like a spiderweb in a frightening manner!

There was way too much lifeforce essence!

Every single inch of Su Zimo’s flesh was being torn apart!

In the blink of an eye, he was filled with blood and a misty, scarlet fog surrounded him. His bloodline surged and emanated a rich demonic qi!


Su Zimo roared into the skies with bloodshot eyes as green veins popped up on his neck, slithering like serpents.

His body expanded uncontrollably; his flesh was expanding, his tendons were moving, his bones were sounding and his organs were shaking!

It was way too painful!

The terrifying burst of lifeforce essence within his body was almost causing him to implode!

Pain cruised through Su Zimo’s body endlessly as he bent over, quivering and almost going into a spasm. His vision flashed with darkness and he could faint at any moment!

Unknowingly, the old monk had appeared at the back of the backyard with a deep look of worry in his eyes.

The burly man was equally nervous, no longer grinning as joyfully as before.


A coarse roar sounded from the depths of Su Zimo’s throat, as though he was an injured wild beast that was struggling on the brink of death!

The amount of lifeforce essence was truly way too massive and frightening.

It had practically turned into a destructive cyclone within Su Zimo’s body, pushing through everything with an overwhelming force!

Su Zimo’s consciousness gradually faded.

He could no longer feel everything around him.

He could only pant heavily and struggle to hold on with the remaining bit of grit he had left!

A shadow flashed

The old monk arrived beside Su Zimo and glared at the burly man with a hint of anger in his eyes.

Thereafter, he turned to look at Su Zimo intently.

He chanted a Buddhist proclamation repeatedly. Even though he looked composed, the speed he was counting his prayer beads increased as time passed by – it was clear that he was tense internally.

The burly man grabbed his hair and a thin layer of sweat could be seen on his forehead.

A while later, when Su Zimo could not hold on any longer, he fell to the ground with a thud, covered in mud and fainted.


The old monk’s expression changed and with the shift in his emotions, the prayer beads in his hands shattered!

The burly man was horrified and walked forward, slapping Su Zimo on the cheeks while shouting, “Wake up, little monk! Don’t scare me!”

Su Zimo had no reaction at all. His eyes were tightly shut and his pulse turned increasingly weak.

The burly man yelled a few more times with an anxious expression.

There was still no response from Su Zimo and his breathing was extremely faint.

A while later, Su Zimo’s heart stopped beating entirely and no breath came from under his nose. His blood flowed slowly until it became completely still.

Su Zimo’s body slowly turned cold, lying motionlessly in the mud.

“It’s over, it’s over!”

The burly man sat down with a frightfully pale expression, completely stunned.

“He had such a great potential to inherit my abilities perfectly! Just like that…” The burly man’s expression stagnated as he murmured to himself.

Frowning, the old monk had an extremely terrible expression as he glared at the burly man and asked, “How much of your blood did you feed him?”

“Just a trickle. It’s less than 1/10,000 of a drop of blood,” The burly man replied softly and did not dare to make contact with the old monk’s gaze.

The old monk had practiced Buddhism for a long period of time and had seen through worldly affairs a long time ago – nothing much could trigger a reaction from him.

However, when he heard that, he was truly enraged and questioned in a huff, “Have you gone mad? The amount of energy in that trickle of blood is enough to kill any Nascent Soul ten times over! You fed that to him entirely?!”

The burly man pouted his mouth despondently. “That little monk called me a red-headed ghost so I wanted to let him suffer a little. Who would have thought…”

“You!” The old monk was so angry that he was speechless.

“I-I merely wanted to help his Inner Core recover faster.”

The burly man was even stuttering out of guilt.

When the old monk saw the regretful expression on the burly man’s face, he could not bring himself to reproach the latter any further.

There was already no way of turning back now that things had come to this.


The old monk sighed deeply and lamented, “This tribulation should be part of this lad’s life. To think that fate would still catch up to him even after he came here.”

“I caused this to him.”

The burly man slumped his head with a dejected expression.

After a moment of silence, the old monk said softly, “Let’s bury him here. Everyone who is buried in this cemetery were peerless experts 10,000 years ago. It will be befitting of him.”

Even though he said that, the old monk knew that a dead person was like a flame that was extinguished.

Extreme Foundation Establishment, strongest monster incarnate in history… all of those meant nothing and would eventually be forgotten in the future with the passing of his life, drowned in the sands of time.

The old monk sighed internally and waved his sleeves, coiling up Su Zimo’s body to walk deep into the cemetery.

All of a sudden!

His expression changed and he exclaimed softly.

“He’s not dead?”

The old monk placed Su Zimo down once again and his glabella flashed, spreading his spirit consciousness through the latter’s body.

Su Zimo’s condition was extremely unique.

His heart had already stopped beating but his Inner Core that was initially cracked was now swiveling slowly.

However, it swiveled so slowly that the old monk and burly man did not notice it at the start given their heightened emotions.

The burly man closed in and noticed the abnormality within Su Zimo’s body as well.

“What a terrifying cultivation technique!”

The burly man gasped and was secretly alarmed. “Even though his life is gone, this cultivation technique is still moving on its own. It’s trying to pull the kid back from hell’s gate!”

The old monk had a grim expression. “Although this kid has no heartbeat and isn’t breathing right now, he’s only in a state of pseudo-death. There’s still hope for him!”

There was a long silence…


All of a sudden!

A quivering sound echoed from Su Zimo’s chest.

Although the sound was feeble, both the old monk and the burly man heard it clearly!

It was a heartbeat!

He had revived!

The both of them were invigorated and their eyes lit up.


The heartbeat became faster and stronger!


His blood began to flow again with a faint hint of tsunami tides, bolstering his aura!


Su Zimo’s nose started exhaling an endless amount of demonic qi that was scarlet as blood. It rumbled furiously before condensing into menacing ancient demon kings that appeared one after another in the void!

Wild Bovine, Stone Bear, Anaconda, Sanguine Ape, Divine Steed, Hell Tiger and Wind Leopard!

The seven ancient demon kings were life-like with sharp fangs and claws. Glaring with widened bloodshot eyes and a murderous aura, they were extremely feral.

Given their cultivation realms, both the old monk and burly man were barely affected!

The next moment, the demonic qi above the seven demon kings rumbled and a blood-red butterfly faintly appeared.

The round moons on both of its wings resembled a pair of cold eyes that were extremely chilling!

When the old monk caught sight of that butterfly, his expression changed starkly and he staggered a step in retreat, as though he recalled something.

The burly man was even more petrified and knelt on the ground with a thud. Kowtowing with snot and tears streaming down his face, he cried, “Missus, I was wrong! It was an accident…!”

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