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Chapter 585: Second Utmost Treasure

The sentence was etched clearly into the walls, curved with a majestic aura!

One could instantly feel the arrival of an impressive and superior aura just by glancing at those words, sending shivers down their spines!

Su Zimo smiled.

Instantly, it seemed as though a peerlessly beautiful woman with an indifferent expression had appeared before him. Dressed in a blood-red long dress, she stood there looking at him silently.

The sight of those words was akin to look at her.

There was only a single person who could have written those bold words!

Su Zimo remembered every single word that Die Yue said to him eight years ago before she left.

“If you want to continue with immortal and demon cultivation, you will experience a lot of unimaginable sufferings. But you must bear in mind that these sufferings will only make you stronger.”

“There is a saying in the Avatamsaka sutra of the Huayan school that I would like to give you as parting words, ‘to become one of the greatest, you have to work on the foundation and be willing to take hardship and serve others!”

Right now, that statement was etched right before Su Zimo’s eyes!

The moment he saw those words, he felt an irresistible sense of nostalgia surging within him.

Unknowingly, eight years had already passed.

Back in Ping Yang Town, Die Yue subjected him to endless training and there were even times when his life was hanging on a thread.

However, Die Yue had never let him go through any grievances!

When he was nearly killed by those Purple-winged Eagles in the Cang Lang Mountain Range, Die Yue killed every single last one of them!

When Joyful Sect cultivators hunted him relentlessly with their advantage in numbers and cultivation realm, Die Yue annihilated Joyful Sect!

Given Die Yue’s character, if she knew that Glass Palace sent a Void Reversion to kill Su Zimo, it would be normal for her to hunt down Glass Palace singlehandedly!

The little fox tilted her head at the sight with a lost expression.

For the past year, this was the first time that she had seen such a smile on Su Zimo’s face.

He was as joyful as a child.

The old monk’s expression did not change, but there was a sliver of light in those hazy eyes of his.

Before Su Zimo entered the grand hall, he was initially despondent without any hope for the future.

However, the moment he caught sight of those words, his listlessness vanished and he was reinvigorated with a charged aura!

It was as though he wanted to trample the entire world beneath his feet!

The old monk was secretly impressed.

Normally speaking, if it was any other cultivator, they wouldn’t be able to endure the blow of having their cultivation realm completely destroyed and the great fall from grace.

Furthermore, the future was bleak without any hope in sight.

Initially, cracks had already appeared on Su Zimo’s Dao Heart with signs of deterioration.

To think that those words would be able to secure his conviction once more!

The old monk had lived for a long time and could naturally tell that given this turmoil, there would be nothing that could shake Su Zimo’s Dao Heart in the future!

Cling! Clang!

Suddenly, the dull sound of chains rattling could be heard in the backyard of the grand hall!

The ground shook, as though a malevolent ghost was trying to break free; even the grand hall was starting to shroud with a faint malevolent qi!

Ming Zhen was standing outside the grand hall. When he heard the chains rattling, he could not help but shudder and glance at the backyard with a sense of trepidation.

The little fox winced and sniffed with an uneasy expression.

She caught a whiff of an extremely terrifying aura in the air!

It was as though the owner of the aura could rip her into pieces at any moment!

It was a deep, indescribable fear that came from the depths of her soul and bloodline.

The old monk was the only one who was expressionless, as though he hadn’t heard the chains at all.

After the chains rattled for a while, it went silent once more.

Gradually, Su Zimo stirred awake from his memories as well.

It was less than eight minutes since he stepped foot into the grand hall.

However, his heart experienced a rebirth and he had transformed right from the core!

Although there was no effect on his cultivation, Su Zimo believed that nothing and nobody in this world could block his path forward!

Dao Being Xuan Yu crushed his cores.

He would then create a new path for himself!

After gazing at the words on the wall for a long time, Su Zimo said softly, “She was here.”


The old monk nodded.

Even though he did not clarify who she was, Su Zimo believed that the old monk definitely knew.

That was because anyone who had seen her — even once — would never forget her ever again!

The old monk looked a little conflicted as he sighed. “Around eight years ago, this female patron came over and retrieved something.”

“Before she left, she left that saying from the old Huayan Sutra of the Buddhist sects.”

“I did not understand what she was doing and could not help but asked. She merely replied asking me to wait for a fated person to appear before flying away without appearing ever again.”

Su Zimo smiled.

He could already imagine the cold and aloof expression of Die Yue with just a simple description from the old monk.

That was indeed Die Yue.

She did not care for further explanations at all.

The old monk continued, “For the past eight years, I did not know who the fated person would be. It was until the moment when I saw you that I understood.”


Su Zimo was momentarily stunned.

Naturally, he knew that the sentence was left for him by Die Yue.

However, how did the old monk tell that he was related to Die Yue prior to this?

As though he could sense Su Zimo’s doubts, the old monk smiled gently and explained, “That’s because, you hold within your body what the female patron took away from this place.”

“Therefore, you are the fated person, patron.”

It was only at that moment that Su Zimo realized he had neglected something.

The old monk said that Die Yue had taken away something from this place.

What was it that could have made Die Yue make the long trip over to the Dragon Burial Valley personally just to put it within his body?

A thought flashed through Su Zimo’s mind.

Back in the ancient battlefield, when the mysterious old man in the Human Emperor’s Palace mentioned about the spirit root, he mentioned that there were only a few utmost treasures in Tianhuang Mainland and Su Zimo had two of them in his body!

One of them was confirmed to be the divine phoenix bone.

Could the other utmost treasure be what Die Yue took away from this place?

If that was truly the case, the old monk’s remark might have been euphemistic.

Rather than take away that utmost treasure, Die Yue must have snatched it away by force!

“That female patron’s methods are… divinely. I do admit that I can’t be compared to her.”

The old monk’s statement reaffirmed Su Zimo’s guess.

He could almost imagine the way Die Yue arrived in the Dragon Burial Valley eight years ago to take away the utmost treasure without a single word after overwhelming the old monk. Thereafter, she even left that statement on the wall before turning to leave…

That was indeed Die Yue’s style.

Overwhelming and domineering without the need to explain anything!

Somewhat guiltily, Su Zimo glanced at the old monk.

In the past, Die Yue suppressed him and snatched away the utmost treasure. Now that Su Zimo was in this state, notwithstanding the fact of whether or not the old monk would take revenge…

At the very least, he would want to take back the utmost treasure!

“Don’t worry, patron,”

The old monk smiled gently. “Since that thing is now in your body, it means that you have an affinity with it. I’m not going to take it away.”

Su Zimo heaved out a sigh of relief.

At the same time, curiosity filled him.

This old monk… seemed to be able to read his thoughts!

Right from the beginning, he had barely spoken and yet, the old monk was able to reply to every single one of his thoughts!

Those means were truly incredible!

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