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Chapter 579: Bottom of Dragon Burial Valley

A month had passed since the battle of the paragons at the Great Qian Ruins.

The news spread through Tianhuang Mainland and almost the entire world knew about it!

Middle Continent, Elixir Yang Sect.

In a majestic cave abode, a man and two women stood.

The man had decent features with a grim expression – this was the ex-disciple of Ethereal Peak, Ji Chengtian.

Among the women, one of them wore a white, pure blouse and had extremely beautiful features. However, she exuded a faint coldness.

The other woman was extremely handsome and her features looked like a painting. However, she was dressed like a flirtatious young man.

One of them was Leng Rou who had already joined Thousand Crane Sect and the other was Tang Yu of Elixir Yang Sect.

The three of them stood facing one another silently.

The atmosphere within the cave abode was somewhat tense.


A long while later, Ji Chengtian sighed gently and spoke, “Has the news been confirmed? Has Junior Brother Su truly jumped into the Dragon Burial Valley?”


Tang Yu nodded. “Many people witnessed it personally. The news can’t be fake.”

Leng Rou did not speak the entire time, her gaze turning colder by the moment.

Ji Chengtian shook his head, lamenting while sighing, “This matter has been blown out of proportion.”

Tang Yu pursed her lips with a conflicted expression, gazing into the distance and murmuring, “So, you’re the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island. It’s no wonder…”

When news of the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island reached her in the ancient battlefield, Tang Yu had a brief moment of suspicion.

After all, Su Zimo had some similarities with the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island.

However, later on, she rejected her suspicion.

Their differences were way too obvious as well.

As she recalled everything that happened in the ancient battlefield, Tang Yu felt sadness.

While the two of them had not spent a long time together, she was secretly awaiting their next encounter internally.

But now, her hopes had turned into emptiness.

“Does Xiaoning know about this?” Suddenly, Ji Chengtian asked.

“She does,”

Tang Yu replied, “She locked herself up and refused to eat or drink. It’s been an entire day. Thankfully, Night Spirit is watching over her so she isn’t in any danger.”

In another cave abode.

Xiaoning leaned against the wall, huddled against her knees. Her eyes were red and swollen as she sobbed softly.

Night Spirit watched over her silently; a humane look of worry could actually be seen in his eyes.

Thereafter, as if he thought of something, the killing intent in his eyes surged!

West Region.

In a desert.

A fatty sat squarely beside a tomb, muttering to himself, “Bro, why… why are you gone just like that?”

Little fatty sat beside the tomb and bawled like a child.

North Region, Great Qian Ruins.

This day, two unexpected guests arrived at the ruins, looking fatigued.

One of them was extremely tall at more than two meters and had long hands and legs. His arms were slumped naturally and were longer than his knees.

The tall man carried a long rod and his eyes shone fiercely with a scarlet glint.

The other man was barehanded. Although he was slightly shorter, his body looked even more muscular and mighty.

Both of them had a lot of hair and although they were in human form, they could not conceal the demonic qi they emitted at all!

They were demons!

If Su Zimo was here, he would definitely recognize that these two men were monkey and the spirit tiger who had gone missing for many years!

Monkey entered the depths of the ruins and broke through the encirclement of the otherworldly soldiers with the long rod in his hands, charging right for the Dragon Burial Valley.

The spirit tiger followed behind him and took care of the otherworldly soldiers at the back.

After more than a year, monkey and the spirit tiger had both formed their Inner Cores.

They had not only grown in terms of cultivation realm, their combat strength was rather frightening too!

It was especially the case for monkey – no otherworldly soldier could withstand the touch of his rod.

A single slam and they would dissipate to dust!

Before long, monkey and the spirit tiger arrived at the edge of the Dragon Burial Valley.

Gazing down the cliff beneath him, the spirit tiger felt his head spin and could not help but gasp, retreating a few steps back instinctively.

Monkey narrowed his gaze as well.

They could sense an extremely terrifying aura and energy fluctuation coming from the Dragon Burial Valley and it was shuddering!

“Boss, we should head back first. After all, this is the territory of the humans. I’ve got an uneasy feeling,” The spirit tiger looked nervous.

After cultivating an Inner Core, demons could speak in human tongue as well!

He was also very sad over Su Zimo’s death.

However, at the end of the day, unlike monkey, he would not make the trip thousands of miles tirelessly just to take a look at the place of Su Zimo’s death.

“Boss, there’s no point standing here and looking. He’s already jumped.”

The spirit tiger persuaded again, “We should head back and just take over a few mountains. Our days will be so enjoyable at that time.”

Monkey did not reply and merely gazed at the Dragon Burial Valley quietly. The scarlet glint in his eyes intensified and his killing intent was almost corporeal at this point!

A long time later, monkey finally turned around slowly. The scarlet glint in his eyes faded gradually as he nodded to the spirit tiger. “Let’s go.”

Monkey and the spirit tiger soared through the air and disappeared at the horizon in the blink of an eye.

Not long later, a gigantic tear opened up in the void above the Dragon Burial Valley without any warning, surging with chilling winds.

Two figures leaped out from within.

The old man at the front was still rather composed. However, the same could not be said for the other person as he fell out staggering with a pale expression. His legs were wobbly and he could barely stand!

The old man wore a Confucian crown and long robes. His cheeks were rosy and his tall beard swayed gently with the wind.

If a desk appeared and he held a wooden block with his left hand and a folding fan with his right, the old man would completely resemble a storyteller that made his way around the world!

The man that came out later on was slightly rotund with a pale expression without any beard. This was Lin Xuanji, the man who had once entered the Dragon Bone Valley, one of the Nine Forbidden Grounds, along with Su Zimo!

Arriving at the edge of the Dragon Burial Valley, the old man looked down in silence.

Lin Xuanji let out a slow breath and could not help but ask, “Old man, what’s down there in the Dragon Burial Valley?”

“What do you think?”

The old man turned to look at Lin Xuanji, asking in reverse.

“Nothing more than a pile of corpses…”

As Lin Xuanji spoke, he caught sight of the strange expression on the old man’s face and a thought flashed through his mind and he was frightened by that possibility!

“Old man, there can’t be people alive down there, right?”


The old man chuckled oddly as a silent acknowledgment.

Rubbing his chin, Lin Xuanji said deeply, “In that case, there’s a chance that lad is still alive!”

He revealed a joyful expression and laughed. “Like I said, his fate is extremely unyielding. How can someone who can be so energetic after eating a dragon egg in the Dragon Bone Valley die so easily?”

The old man shook his head with an indifferent expression. “You’re missing the main point.”

“Huh?” Lin Xuanji was confused.

The old man continued, “The main point is that even if Su Zimo isn’t dead, he’s no different from being dead.”

Lin Xuanji seemed to be in deep thought

However, he heard the old man continue once more, “Don’t forget, his Golden Core was destroyed and his Inner Core was crushed. That’s equivalent to a loss of his lifetime’s cultivation! Even if he’s alive, he’s no different from a dead man.”

Lin Xuanji was enlightened.

The old man was right – Su Zimo would no longer be the number one monster incarnate in history with his crushed Golden Core and shattered Inner Core!

What did it matter even if he was alive?

He would never get the chance to take revenge for that massive feud.

The old man lamented and sighed gently, “Back then, that lad’s fate was changed after much effort from an expert. Unfortunately… he still couldn’t win against fate at the end of the day!”

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