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Chapter 577: Shock of the North Region

Su Zimo leaped down.

His body disappeared completely into the Dragon Burial Valley.

That was what the paragons saw when they rushed to the edge of the Dragon Burial Valley.

They could barely contain their shock and all of them had conflicted expressions.

That leap meant that the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island was now a thing of the past.

All geniuses that fall would eventually be forgotten.

That was the case even if that man was the cream of geniuses.

That man possessed way too many secrets. In fact, he even broke through the restrictions between humans and demons and managed to cultivate both at the same time!

This man had once singlehandedly killed Sealers and paragons of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects in the elementary ancient battlefield and entered the Human Emperor’s Palace!

This man was the second after the Human Emperor to unlock nine spirit meridians and cultivate to the Extreme Foundation Establishment realm!

This man cultivated the extremely rare double phenomenon and they were even primordial phenomenons that were lost!

This man managed to obtain the Vermilion Fruit in the Great Qian Ruins domineeringly against the barrage of all the paragons of the North Region, even killing many of them along with the number one Perfected Being of the North Region, Xi Wuya!

This man incinerated hundreds of Nascent Souls and stained the skies with their blood!

This man managed to escape a Void Reversion’s hunt to leap into the Dragon Burial Valley even with his Golden Core destroyed and his Inner Core shattered, leaving nothing but legends that almost seemed impossible…

Su Zimo, the number one monster incarnate throughout history, had died in the Dragon Burial Valley just like that.

Everything was over.

Nobody expected that the fight between the paragons for the Vermilion Fruit would end in such a manner.

“The Dragon Burial Valley is an unlucky place. Could it be the reason for that man’s death as well?”

“It’s not just him! There were way too many paragons of the North Region who died in this battle! It should be because of how unlucky the Dragon Burial Valley is!”

“I guess we’ve escaped a calamity and survived.”

The paragons discussed in hushed whispers with trepidation – none of them dared to get close to the Dragon Burial Valley.

Mu Dongqing and Bai Yuhan left the crowd silently.

“We’ve got to inform the third princess as quickly as possible about everything here.”

Mu Dongqing said with a dark tone.

Bai Yuhan frowned. “You can see the relationship between the third princess and Su Zimo as well. If she finds out about this, she’s going to be heartbroken. Sigh, I can’t bear to do it.”

“It’s not a matter of whether you bear to or not,”

Mu Dongqing said with a calm expression, “There’s no way to hide this matter at all. She will find out about it sooner or later!”

“I know,” Bai Yuhan nodded and sighed gently.

Mu Dongqing retrieved a spirit crane from his storage bag and recounted the entire incident as clearly as he could before releasing the spirit crane.

A few days later.

Capital of Great Zhou, Rain Admiration Pavilion.

A spring shower had just poured down and a few shimmering droplets hung on the lotuses in the pond and the bamboo on the short, sparkling with a bright luster.

Two women stood beside the window looking at the picturesque scenery outside. They spoke softly with chuckles, sounding extremely charming.

Both of them were extremely beautiful, akin to fairies from heaven.

One of them was elegant and classy. Wearing a faint yellow dress, she exuded a hint of nobility through her brows.

The other was cute and charming, wearing a pink dress. Every smile of hers turned her eyes into crescent moons.

“Sister, congratulations. Father is going to pass down the seat of the throne to you,” The girl in pink said as she tilted her head with a bright, playful smile.

The dignified woman shook her head. “There’s nothing to be congratulated about. I’m a woman after all. There are bound to be people objecting to me inheriting the throne.”

“What are you afraid of? Father is in support of you!” The girl in pink raised her fist.

The elegant woman did not reply and merely gazed into the distance in deep thoughts.

A long time later, she finally spoke, “Yan’er, actually, it’s all because of one person that father is going to pass the throne to me.”

“I know! Young Master Su!”

The girl in pink blinked and said with a chuckle.


The elegant woman nodded. “Zimo is at Extreme Foundation Establishment, the second after the Human Emperor. Both father and the seniors of Great Zhou have high regards for his potential. It’s because I’ve got some ties with Zimo, therefore…”

The girl in pink could not help but tease here, “Sister, things between you and Young Master Su are far from simple ties! In my opinion, you’re a couple… hehe!”

“Stupid lass, you don’t know anything!”

The elegant woman glanced at the girl in pink in a charming manner.

The two peerless women in the Rain Admiration Pavilion were the sisters, Ji Yaoxue and Demoness Ji.

Right then, a streak of spirit light flashed and curved in midair, flying towards Ji Yaoxue.


Ji Yaoxue frowned slightly and murmured, “It’s a spirit crane. What happened?”

Reaching out with her smooth jade-like hand, she received the spirit crane. When she opened it, she froze on the spot and blood drained from her face!

A long time later, Ji Yaoxue’s figure swayed and she nearly fell down.

Gripping onto the window aisle of the Rain Admiration Pavilion, she used so much strength that her fingernails dug deep into the wood!

Demoness Ji hurried forward to support Ji Yaoxue.

“I am fine,”

Ji Yaoxue shook her head gently. Although she could still stand, an unresolvable sadness flashed through the depths of her eyes.

“Sister, don’t get worked up.”

Demoness Ji inched forward to take a look out of curiosity.


She could not help but exclaim when she read what was on the spirit crane.

Every single piece of news on the spirit crane was one more explosive than the other!

The final statement clearly stated that Su Zimo’s cultivation was ruined entirely and he leaped into the Dragon Burial Valley… Also, a Void Reversion from Glass Palace declared that he was going to destroy the Su Family and spare no one!

There was no difference between leaping down the Dragon Burial Valley and death!

Instantly, Demoness Ji’s eyes fogged up with a layer of mist.

In the cultivation world, she was Demoness Ji who charmed the entire world.

However, there were many times when she was still just a young maiden at heart.

Ji Yaoxue closed her eyes expressionlessly.

A long time later, she opened her eyes with a resolute gaze. She pulled out a spirit crane and wrote a few lines on it.

“Swiftly protect the King of Yan, Su Hong, and escort him out of Yan Country! If Su Hong refuses to accept it, force can be used on him at this critical juncture! Handle this personally and do not let anyone else know about it! This mission must remain confidential, otherwise, his life might be in danger!”

Ji Yaoxue released the spirit crane immediately after penning her words without hesitation.

The spirit crane flapped and shone with a bright spirit light before disappearing into the horizons.

Ji Yaoxue was already exuding the aura of an emperor with complete dominance.

Demoness Ji did not have the mood to linger in the palace, turning to run outside as she wiped away her tears in secret.

She wanted to confirm with Gu Xi whether the news was real!

A few days later.

One after another, news arrived from the Great Qian Ruins.

The fight for the Vermilion Fruit, the battle between the paragons, the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island, Su Zimo… the entire North Region was shaken!

The cultivation world of Tianhuang Mainland was in quite a stir!

Instantly, almost all the cultivators were discussing the battle at the Great Qian Ruins, about the number one monster incarnate of history who was now dead and had turned into a thing of the past.

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