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Chapter 571: Kill!

“Something isn’t right!”

Pei Chunyu’s heart sank.

Given Su Zimo’s determination to kill him, how could his attack be this simple?

Could Su Zimo truly be naive enough to think that he could kill him with just a connate gigantic seal under the watch of so many Nascent Souls?

That was impossible!

Su Zimo must still have tricks up his sleeves!

Instinctively, Pei Chunyu turned his gaze towards Su Zimo.

His pupils could not help but constrict violently right away!

Unknowingly, a milky white gigantic bow had already appeared in Su Zimo’s hands.

The bowstring was already drawn.

Five spirit patterns shone on the gigantic bow. If one were to pay attention, they might even vaguely catch sight of a sixth spirit pattern that although illusory, was extremely blinding!

To Pei Chunyu, it seemed like Su Zimo was hugging a round moon in his embrace at that moment.

That round moon was pierced by an ice cold arrow.

Dark black in color, the arrow shimmered with a faint golden glow.

Behind that black gold arrow, Pei Chunyu caught sight of a firm wrist and a pair of brilliant eyes.

Those eyes seemed like they were looking at a dead man!

The next moment, Pei Chunyu truly sensed the feeling of death!

The Black Gold Arrow was getting closer and closer to him.

Pei Chunyu could clearly see the chilling glow on the arrow tip. By now, the elegant face behind the arrow had already turned blurry.

The Black Gold Arrow arrived in the blink of an eye!

Although Pei Chunyu had clearly seen it, he realized that he was rooted to the spot, unable to budge at all!

“S-Save me…!”

His eyes were filled with fright as he howled from the depths of his throat.

It was too fast!

The arrow was fired almost the same time as when the old man from Glass Palace wrapped his sleeves around the Coiling Dragon Seal.

“Such guts!”

The old man from Glass Palace bellowed in rage.

He had not expected Su Zimo to still have such a terrifying move left after releasing a connate spirit weapon!

Initially, the Black Gold Arrow only shone with a single gold streak.

However, the moment it left the bow, six spirit patterns appeared on its body.

The light was blinding!


The paragons in the crowd gasped.

An early-stage Golden Core had actually summoned two connate spirit weapons!

Xi Wuya only had one.

Even the Nascent Souls of the North Region were shocked.

A connate spirit weapon!

That was a true killing weapon!

The burst killing power from a connate-grade arrow fired from a quasi-connate gigantic bow was more than enough to kill most of the Golden Cores present instantaneously!

Even a cultivator of Xi Wuya’s level might not be able to escape unscathed.

Furthermore, Pei Chunyu was only at early-stage Golden Core.

He was more than a single realm weaker than Xi Wuya in terms of strength.

Everywhere the Black Gold Arrow passed, the surrounding spirit qi would be drawn into the arrow, leaving a streak of forbidden area made of spirit qi that propagated the Black Gold Arrow to an even faster speed!

The old man of Glass Palace wanted to step in and stop things but he was already too late!

Turning into a cold streak of light, the Black Gold Arrow arrived instantly.

All of a sudden!

The jade pendant on Pei Chunyu’s waist seemed to sense something and shone brightly, releasing a mysterious power.

An almost transparent barrier was formed around Pei Chunyu.


When the Black Gold Arrow struck this barrier, a deafening bang reverberated through the entire place!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Instantly, a series of cracks rippled through the jade pendant.

The jade pendant was an expendable defensive spirit weapon and was extremely rare.

This was given to Pei Chunyu by his grandfather on the way here and could defend against the full-powered attack of a peak Golden Core!

Even Xi Wuya wouldn’t be able to shatter the barrier formed by the jade pendant in a single blow.

However, that arrow pierced the jade pendant right away!

The Black Gold Arrow was repelled.

Pei Chunyu let out a breath and his eyes were filled with relief.

He was saved after that arrow was blocked.

That was because with a Nascent Soul of Glass Palace present, Su Zimo would definitely not get a second chance to strike again!

Suddenly, a black gold glint streaked past the corner of Pei Chunyu’s eyes.

It looked familiar.


In his moment of distraction, Pei Chunyu felt a sharp pain in his chest.

Instinctively, he looked down.

His chest was already punctured with a grisly wound and blood spurting out like a fountain!


The sound of a bowstring quivering only reached Pei Chunyu’s ears by then.

That strike was way too fast!

Before the sound of the bowstring arrived, he was already shot by the Black Gold Arrow!

When he heard the trembling sound of the bowstring, Pei Chunyu instinctively thought of something.

Earlier on, Su Zimo did not shoot a Black Gold Arrow.

He shot two!

The two Black Gold Arrows stuck close to one another, front and back.

Because the arrows were so fast that they transformed into a chilling streak of light, everyone mistook that it was only a single Black Gold Arrow.

The first arrow tore through Pei Chunyu’s barrier.

The second arrow was to take his life!

The combination of the quasi-connate gigantic bow and connate Black Gold Arrow rendered Pei Chunyu’s supreme-grade defensive spirit weapon to paper.

That single arrow swept away every trace of life within Pei Chunyu’s body!

Su Zimo lowered his arm and put away the Moon Concealment Bow into his storage bag with a calm expression without any emotions in his eyes.

That was a display of extreme confidence!

If I want to kill you, you will definitely die!

It was dead silent on the battlefield such that a pin drop could be heard.

It wasn’t just the Golden Core paragons of the North Region… even the Nascent Souls had not expected an early-stage Golden Core to kill a cultivator of Glass Palace right before their very eyes!

The process seemed simple and instantaneous.

However, the read of the situation, attention to detail and precision of timing were all perfect!

Any single delay and this monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island wouldn’t have gotten the chance.

The end result was the death of Pei Chunyu!

It was exactly as the monster incarnate had said, “Even Nascent Souls won’t be able to protect anyone that I want to kill!”

Taba Feng, Murong Wushuang and everyone else were even more shocked.

It was only at that moment when they realized that there was nothing exaggerated about how Su Zimo singlehandedly defeated the paragons of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects beneath the Human Emperor’s Palace nor was it due to luck.

This man had way too many tricks up his sleeves!

They seemed to be endless.

Suddenly, a ridiculous thought flashed through the minds of some people.

Could this monster incarnate manage to escape alive?


Those cultivators denied the thought.

There were so many Nascent Souls here that have long sealed every single escape path of Su Zimo. No matter if he wanted to fly up above or burrow down beneath, there was no way that man would be able to escape alive!

More than five kilometers away from the Great Qian Ruins, a middle-aged man stood in the air.

The man’s complexion was a faint golden color and his hands were behind his back, exuding a shuddering aura. Gazing in the direction of the Great Zhou Dynasty, his eyes shimmered, seemingly in deep thought.

All of a sudden!

The middle-aged man’s expression changed as he slapped his storage bag and withdrew a Destiny Talisman before looking at it intently.

The Destiny Talisman was already shattered.

Like dust, the fragments slipped through his fingers and dispersed.

“Wh… at?!”

The middle-aged man hollered with widened eyes spewing with killing intent.

“Whoever killed my grandson, I’ll make sure you are torn into pieces and burned into ashes!”

Spinning around, the middle-aged man sped towards the direction of the Great Qian Ruins in a flash, vanishing at the edge of the horizon before long.

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