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Chapter 570: Even Nascent Souls Won’t Be Able to Protect You!

After the masked man from Glass Palace caught sight of Su Zimo’s true appearance, his first reaction was to freeze up.

Thereafter, an endless hatred filled his eyes as he burst into laughter menacingly.


His hoarse voice was deep like a baleful ghost from Hell!

“So, it’s you!”

The masked man had a venomous expression as he snarled with grit teeth, “Do you recognize me, Su Zimo?!”

“Su Zimo?”

“I seem to have heard that name before somewhere. It’s a little familiar.”

A commotion broke out among the crowd.

“I heard that a disciple from a major sect within the territories of Great Zhou cultivated to the Extreme Foundation Establishment realm and is called the second Human Emperor. His name is Su Zimo.”

“Oh, that’s him. I’ve heard of him before.”

“I heard that this man was outrageous in the ancient battlefield and obtained the Saber Emperor’s legacy. He wiped out Poison Sect singlehandedly before killing cultivators of Glass Palace and Malevolent Earth Sect!”

“At that time, the sudden appearance of Divine Phoenix Island’s monster incarnate drowned his reputation in the ancient battlefield. To think that they’re both the same person!”

Now that things had come to this, Su Zimo calmed down instead.

With a cool gaze, he looked at the masked man slowly, as though he was trying to discover something.

“Why? You can’t recognize me?”

The masked man laughed; his initially ugly face turned even more frightening!

“Pei Chunyu?”

Su Zimo raised his brow.

Any Glass Palace cultivator that could recognize him had already perished in the ancient battlefield.

There was only a single person whose whereabouts and life and death was unknown – Pei Chunyu!

“That’s right, it’s me!”

Pei Chunyu ground his teeth and spat hatefully, “It’s all because of you that I’m in this state right now. Luckily, the Heavens took pity on me and I finally found you!”

Every single word from Pei Chunyu was filled with an endless hatred, as though he wanted to tear Su Zimo apart!

Back in the fog valley of the ancient battlefield, he managed to survive after taking a huge risk and hiding inside the abdomen of a Cloud Seeking Leopard.

At the same time, he was corroded by the strong digestive fluids of the Cloud Seeking Leopard which distorted his features.

During this period of time, there were countless times when he jolted awake from his dreams because of that elegant face, shivering in fear and drenched in sweat!

That face and figure had already turned into his nightmare.

He could not erase it!

“Su Zimo, you were domineering and invincible across the same level in the ancient battlefield. I’m sure you’ve never imagined that this day would come, have you?”

Pei Chunyu barked coldly, “I’ve sworn countless times to return everything I’ve suffered a hundred times more to you! I’m going to let you suffer a fate worse than death, tormenting you day and night till without allowing you to die or rest!”

The many paragons felt chills run down their spines when they heard that.

Those words could have only been spoken with immense hatred.

Su Zimo did not say anything, merely healing up in silence as he recovered his stamina.

When he heard Pei Chunyu’s words, Su Zimo’s lips curled with a mocking expression.

He looked at Pei Chunyu like a pitiful insect.

That gaze triggered Pei Chunyu once again!

“Su Zimo!”

Pei Chunyu bellowed with a menacing expression, gripping his fists so tightly that they cracked, “Don’t get cocky! I’m not only going to torment you, I’ll capture your kin and torture them viciously right before you!”

“I’ll let you witness and experience that pain personally!”

The paragons were secretly shocked.

Pei Chunyu had gone insane.

The only way to purge his mental demon was if he could kill Su Zimo.

Otherwise, he would definitely die from his own demons before long!

When he heard that, Su Zimo’s expression suddenly turned cold.

He did not have much kin left.

Be it Su Hong or Xiaoning, they were his Achilles’ Heel and neither could be touched!

Expressionlessly, Su Zimo said slowly, “Pei Chunyu, you were lucky to have escaped the last time. You will definitely die today!”


Pei Chunyu reared his head in laughter, as though he heard the greatest joke in the world.

“Because of what? You? Notwithstanding the fact that your stamina is depleted, your spirit energy is drained and you’re at your limits, even if you are in peak condition, so what?”

Pei Chunyu pointed to the many Nascent Souls nearby and shouted, “There are so many Nascent Soul seniors around! There’s no room for you to be brazen!”

“Monster incarnate? In the eyes of Nascent Souls, you’re nothing but an ant that can be squashed at any moment!”

Su Zimo smiled as well. Lowering his head, he twirled his fingers and said leisurely, “Do you think that I won’t be able to kill you with these Nascent Souls around?”


The old man from Glass Palace suddenly roared.

It was a rich sound that boomed like thunder.

Many Golden Cores shuddered with frozen gazes and fell limply.

Su Zimo’s expression did not change and his body merely swayed slightly.

With his double immortality and demonic cultivation, he had a strong physique and he had even cultivated a powerful vocal secret skill before.

Although the sound released by the old man from Glass Palace was powerful, it was not enough to affect Su Zimo’s mind!

More than half the paragons of the North Region died in Su Zimo’s hands in this Vermilion Fruit fight.

At this moment, there were countless Nascent Souls staring at Su Zimo.

It was truly ridiculous if he wanted to kill Pei Chunyu right under everyone’s eyes.

However, Pei Chunyu had to die no matter what!

Su Zimo was extremely clear about that.

He knew that if he allowed Pei Chunyu to survive, it would bring about unimaginable trouble for him, Su Hong and Xiaoning.

For other people, this short period of rest would not amount to much difference.

However, for Su Zimo, this was enough for him to stabilize his wounds and recover some stamina!

“Pei Chunyu, let me tell you one last thing.”

Su Zimo had a cold, murderous gaze as he said coolly, “Even Nascent Souls won’t be able to protect anyone that I want to kill!”

Swiping his palm across his storage bag, a gigantic, shiny golden seal appeared in his palm!

The connate spirit weapon, Coiling Dragon Seal!

In just this short period of time, Su Zimo had already recovered some spirit energy.

His dantian circulated and spirit energy surged into the Coiling Dragon Seal.


Su Zimo flung his arm and the six bedazzling spirit patterns on the Coiling Dragon Seal shone as it descended fiercely onto Pei Chunyu!

It was frightening, like a blazing sun!

Pei Chunyu’s expression changed starkly.

He had not expected Su Zimo to be this decisive and attack him even under the watchful gazes of Nascent Souls!

More than that, he thought that Su Zimo was clearly exhausted earlier on!

And yet, Su Zimo had already recovered to this extent in this short period of time!

How strong were his regeneration capabilities?

The gigantic seal crushed down, engulfing Pei Chunyu and almost sealing every possible escape path for him.

“How dare you!”

The old man from Glass Palace roared and waved his sleeves.


Instantly, the sleeves stretched dozens of feet along with the wind, blanketing the heavens as it wrapped around the descending blazing sun in midair!

Although the blazing sun was scorching, it could not burn through the sleeves of the old man from Glass Palace.

No matter what, Su Zimo was only at early-stage Golden Core at the end of the day – he was definitely not a match for a Nascent Soul in a direct clash!

Pei Chunyu raised his head and only felt relieved when he caught sight of the blazing sun wrapped in the sleeves.

If not for his sect’s senior, he might have truly been killed by that gigantic seal earlier on!

At that moment, Pei Chunyu experienced another sense of trepidation.

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