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Chapter 562: Demon Form Versus Phenomenon

Su Zimo did not dare to receive the jade ruler’s attack head on and could only dodge backwards.

The jade ruler was a connate spirit weapon.

Given Xi Wuya’s strength, even a supreme-grade spirit weapon would be smashed into pieces by his ruler!

The only way was for Su Zimo to use his Blood Quencher or Coiling Dragon Seal.

However, he would not be able to conceal his identity if he summoned those two weapons.

The jade ruler shone with a resplendent rainbow light in Xi Wuya’s hands.

Even with his immensely strong physique, Su Zimo would not be able to endure an attack from the jade ruler and would definitely be severely injured!

He made use of the nimbleness of his movement techniques and his physique which encompassed both toughness and gentleness to dodge repeatedly.

The two of them were already moving at their maximum speeds!

For now, Su Zimo was still unhurt.

However, he would definitely lose if he had to continue defending and his space available to dodge was decreasing by the moment!

He had to make a decision!

At that thought, Su Zimo’s eyes flashed viciously with a demonic glint. Glaring at the incoming jade ruler, he reached out and grabbed it.

“You must have a death wish!”

Xi Wuya harrumphed coldly.

Su Zimo opened his mouth widely and bellowed.


His voice was like thunder, rupturing beside Xi Wuya’s ear!

If it was anyone else that was roared by Su Zimo at this distance, they would definitely die on the spot, bleeding from all orifices, if they were weak.

Even the strong paragons would be momentarily stunned.

However, Xi Wuya merely frowned as his blood qi surged, repressing the discomfort he felt instantly.

At the same time, Su Zimo’s palm made contact with the jade ruler.

A coil and a tremble!

A weird power of contortion was released on the jade ruler.

Xi Wuya’s expression changed starkly.

He could clearly sense a ripping sensation coming from his palm and he was about to lose his grip on the jade ruler – his entire arm was even twisting with an unbearable pain!

Unable to endure that sort of power, his sleeves exploded right away into pieces.


His jade ruler flew from his hand, turning into a streak of light that stabbed into the wall nearby!

Su Zimo did not stop in his tracks and continued closing in domineeringly. Swinging his right arm, the veins on his fist popped out and his flesh expanded like a gigantic seal that descended from the skies with a nauseating blood stench!

“Let the body be like glass, transparent inside out and cleansed of impurities, turning indestructible!”

The mantra of the Glass Mental Sutra was read out in Xi Wuya’s mind swiftly.

A tremendous amount of power burst forth!

A mysterious luster veiled Xi Wuya’s body, similar to glass, flawless and unyielding!

“Thousand Ton Finger!”

Xi Wuya extended his finger.

Spirit energy gushed forth from his fingertip, condensing into jade that possessed an extremely terrifying amount of power before dotting the incoming gigantic seal.


The finger and gigantic seal collided with a huge bang.

Su Zimo let out a dull grunt.

An extremely sharp power surged through and almost pierced his palm!

Xi Wuya was not having a good time either.

The gigantic seal created by Su Zimo’s fist almost snapped his finger.

Although both of them fought head-on, neither of them retreated and sent forth another punch!

Bang! Bang!

Two punches crossed at almost the same time and struck the other’s chest!

Six spirit lights shone around Su Zimo.

The power of the Mystic Gold Silk Armor was released entirely!

Even so, he could sense the terrifying energy surge into his body fanatically through the Mystic Gold Silk Armor such that his organs were shaken.

While the Mystic Gold Silk Armor was a connate defensive spirit weapon, it was not invincible.

The inner armor could only try its best to deflect damage.

However, if the other party was sufficiently strong or terrifying, he could destroy the Mystic Gold Silk Armor entirely!

Initially, when he first came across the Mystic Gold Silk Armor, it was in a damaged state with its spirit patterns broken – even its connate spirit pattern was broken into a few parts.


Su Zimo spat out a mouthful of blood and staggered backwards.

On the other side, Xi Wuya was motionless and his expression was extremely ugly!

Even with his Glass Mental Sutra and the supreme-grade defensive inner armor that he was wearing, he was unable to defend against Su Zimo’s punch completely.

A trace of flesh blood trickled from the corner of Xi Wuya’s lips.

Both of them were injured together!

The crowd was in an uproar!

Everyone had expected Su Zimo to be injured.

However, none of them thought that Xi Wuya would be injured as well!

“It’s truly a pity for the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island.”

Far away, Mu Dongqing suddenly remarked.

“Why?” Bai Yuhan could not understand.

Mu Dongqing replied, “Given his potential, if he were to cultivate to perfected Golden Core and fight Xi Wuya in his peak condition, it might be hard to determine who would be victorious.”

“But now that the successor of Divine Phoenix Island has already used up all his trump cards, spirit energy and stamina, he’s definitely doomed once Xi Wuya releases his Golden Core phenomenon.”

On the battlefield.

Xi Wuya had a dark expression and his eyes shone with cold killing intent as he said, almost snarling, “It’s been a long time since anyone managed to injure me. Good, very good!”

He strode slowly towards Su Zimo and the aura he emanated turned increasingly frightening!

“I’ll let you have a taste of my Golden Core phenomenon… Glass Divine Light!”

The moment Xi Wuya said that, a brilliant and colorful radiance shrouded him in a bedazzling manner.

Glass Divine Light, the 13th spot on the previous Phenomenon Ranking!

This was truly a strong phenomenon passed down from history that managed to get into the top 20 for every single Phenomenon Ranking!

“You should feel proud that you can die to Glass Divine Light.”

Xi Wuya stood in the air and looked down at Su Zimo with a gaze that seemed like he was looking at an ant.


Su Zimo smiled.

Many cultivators were stunned, thinking that Su Zimo had gone mad.

If they were in his position, none of them would be able to smile.

“How do you think I managed to suppress the paragons of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects beneath the Human Emperor’s Palace?”

Su Zimo said in a relaxed manner as a scarlet red Inner Core spun slowly in his chest. His eyes lit up and his black hair swayed without any wind while a terrifying aura spread from him!


Many cultivators were shocked.

“Demonic qi?”

“Not good, he’s a demon!”

“The rumors were real!”

There were too many rumors regarding the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island, some of it overly ridiculous, such that many cultivators who had not witnessed it personally would not dare to believe.

It was only at that moment that everyone realized why he was called a monster incarnate.


Pang! Pang! Pang!

Su Zimo’s tendons and bones sounded at the same time as he flesh expanded.

Right in front of everyone, he released his blood qi and his body expanded.

In the blink of an eye, he grew more than a hundred feet tall, akin to a mighty fiendcelestial with a torrential ferocity!

The green veins on his body popped and extended like snakes as every single inch of his muscles protruded and knotted together, shimmering with an unyielding, metallic luster.

One after another, menacing ancient demons spawned around his terrifying body and surrounded him.

The raging bull, stone bear, anaconda, sanguine ape…

All of those demons had bloodshot eyes and murderous auras.


When the ancient demons bellowed together, the world shook!

All the cultivators shuddered and went dead silent.

Standing in the middle of seven ancient demon kings, Su Zimo was like a godly being with a bright gaze. His aura was domineering and was not inferior in the face of Xi Wuya’s Golden Core phenomenon!

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