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Chapter 561: Suppression

50 years ago, Xi Wuya came out from seclusion.

The moment he appeared, he overwhelmed with dominance and killed countless paragons. With a zero-loss record, he reigned supreme over the North Region and was lauded as the youngest paragon of the Golden Core realm with unlimited potential!

30 years ago, Xi Wuya attacked and killed the renowned peerless paragon of Malevolent Earth Sect who had been famous for a long time, shocking the entire North Region!

Thereafter, Malevolent Earth Sect sent disciples to try and assassinate Xi Wuya countless times. However, all their attempts ended in failure and they even suffered immense losses!

Ever since then, although nobody gave him the title, most of the cultivators in the North Region silently acknowledged Xi Wuya as the number one Perfected of the North Region.

30 years had passed and Xi Wuya had rarely shown himself.

However, each time he did, he would attract endless attention!

All the cultivators targeted by him could not escape death!

10 years ago, when Xi Wuya appeared once again, he crossed a major realm and killed a Nascent Soul from an Upper Sect of the Nascent Soul!

It was an extremely tragic battle that shocked the entire cultivation world!

Golden Cores and Nascent Souls were on completely different levels.

That kill across a major realm made Xi Wuya even more famous!

Although he was only a Golden Core, most cultivators regarded him as someone of a Nascent Soul level.

Nobody expected that this monster incarnate of the North Region would make a move for the Vermilion Fruit’s birth.

After all, Xi Wuya had not shown himself or fought for the past 10 years.

This fight for the Vermilion Fruit was a rare gathering of the North Region’s paragons.

However, if Xi Wuya were to arrive, the paragons of the ten upper sects, four gentry clans and even two ancient aristocratic families could only be seen as mere children compared to him.

More than that, most of the cultivators could not imagine that there could be a Golden Core who could fight on par with Xi Wuya!

“That monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island is truly terrifying! To think that he would still have the strength to fight against Xi Wuya after battling countless paragons.”

“Glass Palace is one of the strongest body tempering sects in Tianhuang Mainland. How did that monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island cultivate such that he’s able to stand against Xi Wuya?”

“It’s useless. Xi Wuya hasn’t shown his true strength yet and that monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island is already exhausted.”

“That’s right. If Xi Wuya were to release his Golden Core phenomenon, that man is dead for sure!”

As everyone discussed, a change happened on the battlefield.

Xi Wuya asked in a relaxed manner, “Is that all you’ve got?”

It was a frightening sight and all the cultivators felt their hearts skip a beat!

In an intense fight as such, one would have to maintain their full focus and wouldn’t dare to be distracted and speak.

Furthermore, they were in a melee combat and it was even more dangerous – a single mistake and they could die on the spot.

But now, Xi Wuya seemed like he was extremely relaxed!

“If that’s all you’ve got, I’m sorry, you’re going to die!”

Xi Wuya remarked coldly, “That’s because, I’m only at 50% of my strength.”

The crowd was in shock.

His strength was already this terrifying at 50%.

Which Golden Core could defend against his 100% in that case?


The both of them clashed once more.

Suddenly, Su Zimo laughed coldly and spoke with an unchanged expression, “What? I’m only at 30% here.”

He was concerned about revealing his identity and as such, there were many moves that he could not release due to his considerations – he was not bragging with nonsense.

However, those who were watching were none the wiser and would naturally not believe him.

Everyone thought that Su Zimo had already released his trump cards entirely after fighting against the paragons, releasing two primordial phenomenons that were destroyed and eventually using the turtle serpent collision at the end to kill Duanmu Kang.

Furthermore, everyone could tell that Su Zimo had exhausted his spirit energy.

There was almost no spirit energy fluctuation coming from him up till this point of the battle and he was completely relying on his unparalleled bloodline and physique to fight in melee range!


Xi Wuya chuckled gently. “You’ve got a glib tongue. That’s all there is to the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island!”

Before his sentence was completed, Xi Wuya had already slapped his storage bag to withdraw a long, slender jade ruler. It was sparkling and shone with a mysterious glimmer, unlike anything else in the world!

Up till this point, both of them had fought barehanded.

But now, Xi Wuya has finally brought out a weapon!

“You should be proud that you’re able to make me use a weapon to kill you!” Xi Wuya declared proudly.


The jade ruler swept through the air like a sword, causing the wind to howl with a terrifying might.

Su Zimo narrowed his eyes.

That jade ruler was far from simple!

His spirit perception sounded!

Without hesitating, Su Zimo retreated.

The jade ruler glided past his face and a burning sensation spread across his cheeks!

Quivering gently, bedazzling lights lit up one after another on the jade ruler.

Six spirit patterns, a connate spirit weapon!

The crowd gasped.

Connate spirit weapons were way too rare.

Even the successors of the ten upper sects, four gentry clans and two ancient aristocratic families did not have them.

Although that jade ruler looked fragile, it was an indestructible connate spirit weapon!

It was fortunate that Su Zimo had managed to dodge in time. If he had continued fighting barehanded like before, his arm would have been shred into pieces by that jade ruler!

By withdrawing his connate spirit weapon, Xi Wuya gained the advantage instantly and strode forward, closing in domineeringly. Waving his jade ruler, he slashed.

A rainbow streak of light extended from the jade ruler, arriving above Su Zimo’s head instantaneously as though it could penetrate all things in the universe.

Su Zimo had experienced the formidable might of connate spirit weapons before and did not dare to receive the attack barehanded.

He withdrew a long saber from his storage bag.


The blade trembled slightly and shone with four spirit patterns – it was a supreme-grade spirit weapon!

Su Zimo slashed in reverse against the rainbow light sent by the jade ruler.


The sound of tides surged.

Countercurrent stance!


The jade ruler and saber collided, filling the air with a resplendent glow as mist spread.


Xi Wuya harrumphed coldly and the rainbow light on his jade ruler shone brightly as he pushed his blood qi.


There was a crisp sound.

Instantly, a series of cracks rippled through the blade.


A supreme-grade spirit weapon was shattered by Xi Wuya’s jade ruler directly!

Su Zimo retreated once more.

Pshew! Pshew! Pshew!

Against that powerful clash, Su Zimo’s saber broke into shards before transforming into light spots that shot towards him.

Su Zimo’s pupils constricted instantly.

The two of them were way too close!

The shards of the saber surged towards him almost immediately after the saber and jade ruler collided – there was no time to dodge at all.

Suddenly, a series of crackling sounds echoed from Su Zimo’s body.

Under countless watchful gazes, his tall, burly body actually shrank into a meatball the size of an infant, spinning smoothly in midair.

Cling! Clang!

Instead of piercing him, the saber shards let off metallic sounds when they struck Su Zimo!

Su Zimo took a deep breath of air and his tendons and bones sounded together. In the blink of an eye, he returned to his form of the burly man.

Tears could be seen on his green robes but there was no sign of blood.

A faint golden glow could be seen through his green robes.

Xi Wuya’s eyes lit up as he came to a realization. “Not bad. So, you were wearing a defensive inner armor!”

He had sharp eyes and could vaguely tell that Su Zimo’s inner armor was of a relatively high grade – there was a chance that it was a perfect-grade spirit weapon!

“The stars are truly aligned. Coincidentally, I’ve been looking for a defensive spirit weapon and here you are, bringing it for me.”

Xi Wuya could not help but laugh. “I’ve got to see just how long more you can hold out for!”

The moment he said that, Xi Wuya’s blood qi exploded and his figure flickered. Waving his jade ruler, endless rainbow light dispersed downwards onto Su Zimo’s head, slashing down once more!

Xi Wuya had suppressed Su Zimo perfectly with his connate spirit weapon!

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