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Chapter 558: Incompatibility Battle of Gods

The resurgence of two primordial phenomenons with the turtle and serpent together was an extremely rare sight.

Unfortunately, Su Zimo was at early-stage Golden Core and his spirit energy had already depleted after fighting the paragons of the North Region continuously and upholding two strong phenomenons.

Even so, he wasn’t fearful at all!

Under countless gazes, those two primordial divine beings that had already dimmed down in midair suddenly clashed against one another furiously, as though they were drawn in by some power!


A shuddering shockwave rippled forth!

Everything went silent.

It wasn’t a true silence. Rather, the deafening sound engulfed everything, as though an apocalypse was arriving.

The countless weapons and Hurricane Frost Saber Sword that were about to reach Su Zimo were crushed into dust!

Duanmu Kang and Ouyang Xiayu were shocked and shuddered as if they were struck by lightning. Each of them spat out a mouthful of blood and fell from midair.

Both their Golden Core phenomenons were destroyed entirely!

The Divine Turtle was a godly being of the water.

The Soaring Serpent was a godly being of the flames.

Water and fire were irreconcilable.

The collision of the two phenomenons was a massive battle between the two godly beings and was equivalent to a terrifying amount of killing power released instantly!

That was no longer merely the power of phenomenon.

More than that, it contained the essence of a conflict in their natures.

Su Zimo’s process of core formation was not smooth and he had endured endless hardship due to the repeated clashes between the powers of fire and water within his dantian.

Time and again, his flesh was torn apart and healed up – he even nearly died from an implosion!

In the end, the two different powers of fire and water came to a temporary reconciliation and the turtle and serpent coexisted.

However, he could clearly feel that a terrifying might would definitely be released once the two powers clashed again.

At that moment, a realization struck him and with that stroke of inspiration, the clash of the turtle and serpent today was created.

This single clash caused the two primordial phenomenons of the Divine Turtle and Soaring Serpent to dissipate.

However, Duanmu Kang and Ouyang Xiayu suffered worse!

The two great phenomenons, Flora Myriad Weapons and Hurricane Frost Saber Sword, dispersed right away and the two of them received an immense impact.

Their spirit energies in their dantian went into chaos and they almost lost their combat strength entirely!


Su Zimo smirked and strode forward, hollering, “Die!”

Ta! Ta! Ta!

Although he had only taken a few steps, Su Zimo had already caught up to Duanmu Kang who was retreating. Reaching out, the flesh on his gigantic palm expanded and green veins popped as he crushed down savagely!


Duanmu Kang had a panicked expression and tried his best to compose himself, summoning a flying sword right away.

The sword shone brightly like a wyrm and surged into the air, piercing the incoming palm.

Clang! Clang!

Su Zimo’s expression did not change and he did not avoid or dodge either. Suddenly, five fingernails extended from his palm, shimmering coldly like daggers as they grabbed Duanmu Kang’s flying sword!

Even a wyrm wouldn’t be able to break free from Su Zimo’s palm!

Suddenly, Su Zimo’s palm went limp and coiled, trembled around the sword like a flexible cow’s tongue.


With his palm, he broke the flying sword into shards that scattered onto the ground.

“Is that all there is to the successor of an ancient aristocratic family?”

Su Zimo sneered and strode forward, arriving before Duanmu Kang instantly.

Duanmu Kang’s expression was pale but he did not give up. Disregarding the throbbing pain in his dantian, he channeled his spirit energy fanatically while shrieking, “I’ll let you have a taste of the Duanmu aristocratic family’s secret skill!”

“Flora Entanglement!”

Duanmu Kang pointed forward.

Spirit energy surged out from his fingertips and suddenly, plants that were thin and long with sharp edges coiled around Su Zimo like flexible long swords.

Although they were plants, their edges were not weaker than weapons.

Even ancient remnant beasts would be doomed if they were entangled.

If any ordinary demon beast were to be restrained by them, they would be turned into minced meat right away!

The plants grew wildly and wrapped Su Zimo instantly.


At the same time, the tiger wyrm roared and lunged towards Su Zimo with its menacing claws and fangs!


Duanmu Kang’s face was contorted as he controlled his plants maniacally, trying to bind Su Zimo.

However, to his shock, he realized that the plants did not wound Su Zimo at all – there wasn’t even a single scar!

Even supreme-grade spirit weapons wouldn’t be able to tear through Su Zimo’s flesh, let alone plants that were conjured by spirit arts.

“How dare you embarrass yourself with such a trash secret skill!”

Channeling his bloodline, Su Zimo’s body echoed with the sound of tsunami and his flesh expanded – his figure expanded fully!

Pang! Pang! Pang!

With a series of bangs, the plants snapped and Su Zimo broke free.

At the same time, the tiger wyrm arrived with its mouth wide open, threatening to devour his head with a nauseating stench!

Su Zimo’s gaze turned cold and he reached out with both hands, grabbing the upper and lower jaws of the tiger wyrm!

Both sides exerted power.


After a short struggle and a tragic sound, blood filled the air!

Su Zimo ripped the tiger wyrm into two from its jaws and it splattered onto the ground disgustingly with its fresh blood and organs.

The crowd was shocked.

How strong did one have to be to rip a tiger wyrm into two?!

Duanmu Kang was completely frightened by now.

Su Zimo walked over with huge strides, drenched in blood like a fiendcelestial who had escaped from hell. In the blink of an eye, he arrived with a murderous aura!

Duanmu Kang was scared out of his wits and crushed a protection talisman without thinking twice. A light barrier formed around him and he turned to flee.

At this moment, he was like a beaten dog without any bit of dignity at all, looking absolutely wretched.


Su Zimo caught up to Duanmu Kang and smashed down on the latter’s head fiercely with his fist that had transformed into a massive seal.

The light barrier from the protection talisman shimmered and it dimmed considerably.


Yet another punch descended.

The light barrier swayed and defended against that punch once more.

However, against that tremendous impact, Duanmu Kang lost his balance and staggered, almost falling head first to the ground.

Su Zimo caught up swiftly and raised his fist, raining down punches like raindrops onto Duanmu Kang!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

There were a series of collisions.

The light barrier shook violently and finally, gave off a crisp sound.


A crack appeared on the light barrier.

The light of the talisman dimmed entirely.


His lifesaver, the protection talisman given to him by his sect that could defend against the power of most Golden Cores, was shattered!

Duanmu Kang’s face was ashen.


Yet another punch descended.

Duanmu Kang’s body split into pieces and he died on the spot!

Taba Feng and the others felt their blood run cold.

It was too ruthless!

The paragon of an ancient aristocratic family was overwhelmed and brutally beaten to death by a flurry of punches!

On the other side.

Noticing that something was amiss with the situation, Ouyang Xiayu had already fled far away riding on her Green Luan.

Su Zimo’s gaze shifted. Just as he was about to give chase, he caught sight of someone else.

A handsome man wearing faint-gold robes floated in. His face was clear as jade and sparkled while his gaze was deep, resembling glass.

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