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Chapter 547: Arrival of The Monster Incarnate

When Su Zimo rose, he alarmed the little fox who was leaning on him by accident.

She sat up and rubbed her drowsy eyes, looking at him instinctively.

That single look was enough to jolt her awake fully.

With a whimper, the little fox lowered her head shyly and covered her eyes with her tiny paws, grumbling internally, “Stupid scholar, you’re stripping again!”

Su Zimo removed his green robes and revealed his almost flawless body.

Going silent for a moment, a series of cracks suddenly sounded from his body as his tendons and bones echoed together. His height increased and his flesh expanded – even his features were changing!

In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo transformed into a burly man with rough features at two meters tall. With thick brows and big eyes, he no longer looked demure.

The little fox stole a glance and was instantly stunned and dumbfounded.

“Why did he turn into someone else in the blink of an eye?”

“I must be too tired from sleeping…”

The little fox could not believe what she saw and rubbed her eyes before looking again.

The result was the same.

She was initially flustered upon seeing a stranger. However, she calmed down in the blink of an eye and tilted her head, looking at Su Zimo curiously.

Although Su Zimo’s appearance changed, the unique aura he possessed did not change.

The little fox spent this period of time lazing beside him and was extremely familiar with that aura.

Retrieving a rough linen shirt from his storage bag, Su Zimo donned it.

This time round, he was prepared to fight for the Vermilion Fruit using the identity of the Divine Phoenix Island’s successor!

Back in the ancient battlefield, Su Zimo killed countless Glass Palace and Malevolent Earth Sect cultivators.

Both of those super sects were located in the North Region!

Su Zimo was unsure if the successors of those two super sects would move for the Vermilion Fruit.

However, he was certain that there would definitely be a vicious battle!

If he did not conceal his identity, even if he got his hands on the Vermilion Fruit, he would bring about an endless wrath and it would be impossible for him to remain in the North Region.

The safest way was to fight for the Vermilion Fruit as Divine Phoenix Island’s successor.

After getting his hands on the Vermilion Fruit and escaping far away, he would then revert to his appearance and no one would be able to trace it to him!

Furthermore, the identity of Divine Phoenix Island’s successor had already offended many top factions and it did not matter if more foes were gained.

Of course, with this, he could not use many methods that could expose him.

The Ancient Dragonification Manual, Moon Concealment Bow, Blood Quencher and even the Coiling Dragon Seal could not be used at all.

During this period of time, he had already refined his 27 supreme-grade flying swords. However, the Candlelight Sword Formation was way too striking and he could not release it easily.

On the surface, it seemed like Su Zimo’s combat strength was greatly decreased without those methods.

However, in reality, with the Mystic Gold Silk Armor and both his immortality and demonic cultivation, Su Zimo was even more frightening using the identity as the successor of Divine Phoenix Island!

He was the monster incarnate that shook the entire Tianhuang Mainland. The demonic existence that countless paragons could not forget was about to descend upon the North Region!

At the side, the little fox seemed to sense something when she saw the murderous aura Su Zimo was exuding.

He turned around and looked at the obedient little fox beside him. Although slightly reluctant, he still said softly, “I’m about to leave.”

Most likely, it would be difficult for him to return after this departure.

He would definitely flee from the Great Qian Ruins the moment he got his hands on the Vermilion Fruit and would not return casually.

The pitch-black gem-like eyes of the little fox dimmed gradually as she lowered her head; her disappointment could barely be concealed.

Initially, she thought that Su Zimo could stay here and live with her forever.

While this place was cramped and small compared to the outside world, it was carefree and peaceful.

She did not feel lonely as well with a companion.

But now that Su Zimo was about to leave, she would be the only one left.

After pondering for a moment, Su Zimo asked, “Do you want to leave with me?”

The little fox had a lost expression and was silent.

She was already used to this place after living here for dozens of years.

Her presence was felt in every single rock and corner.

Although her mother was already deceased and still, each time she looked at her mother, the little fox would calm down.

This was her home.

She had never thought about leaving here before.

Even when she was locked in captivity by the Scarlet Armored Gigantic Crocodile, she merely thought about chasing it away one day rather than leaving herself.

But now…

The little fox was at a loss for what to do and could only look at Su Zimo squarely.

Su Zimo sighed internally.

He could roughly read the little fox’s mind.

This was something that could not be forced.

The man and fox looked at one another without saying anything.

After a while, Su Zimo smiled, “It’s alright. Even though the outside world is interesting, it’s also filled with danger. It might not be a good idea for you to leave this place either.”

The little fox had not left the cave before and knew nothing about the outside world.

If she were to head out as such, she would be akin to an ignorant and naive young girl that was cast into the wilderness – there were too many people who could harm her!

In the past, Su Zimo brought monkey away from the Cang Lang Mountain Range and kept spirit tiger by his side.

In the end, there was no news of the both of them for a long time after they left and even now, he did not know if they were alive.

Su Zimo was worried that he might not be able to take good care of her after taking her away.

If that was the case, it would be better for her to remain here and lead a peaceful life away from the outside world.

The little fox did not stay anything and merely looked at Su Zimo blankly without blinking. Gradually, a mist fogged her eyes in a pitiable manner.

Su Zimo was silent.

A long time later, he took a tough stance and repressed the reluctance in his heart before turning around, striding away in huge steps while waving goodbye to the little fox from the back.

The little fox gazed at Su Zimo’s leaving back view and the mist in her eyes condensed, turning into two bead-sized tears that rolled down silently.

A long time later, the little fox sniffed and reached out with her tiny paws to try and wipe away her tears. She had a resolute gaze, as though she had decided on something.

Running back to the parcel of land from which she was born, she gazed at the corpse of the demon fox.

“Mummy, I’m about to leave.”

“Although that scholar has a bad habit of stripping and would make fun of me from time to time, he’s a good person and tells me stories.”

The little fox did not know why her mother came here.

She did not know why her mother refused to leave this place no matter what.

She was truly way too young during the first few years of her birth.

The little fox merely had a vague feeling that her mother seemed to be guarding something within this cave.

It was definitely not the Vermilion Fruit in the palace above the cave.

For the past month, she and the human were the only ones in the cave.

During his breaks while forging his flying swords, Su Zimo would occasionally recount weird legends of the mortal realm and various knowledge of the cultivation world to the little fox.

She had once heard him say that in his hometown, people were buried after their deaths.

She intended to bury the demon fox here as well.

After taking a final look at her mother, the little fox bit her lip and tugged the massive body of the demon fox, dragging it into the scorching lava and letting it sink gradually until it disappeared.

Once she was done with that, she took a deep breath of air and raised her Fire Blocking Basket, running towards the direction Su Zimo left in.

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