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Chapter 545: Revenge!

“Seems like Dugu of the four gentry clans is not going to send forth any Perfected Lords.”

The Perfected Lord of Stellar Luna Sect sipped his tea and said idly.

“Dugu Jian has an introverted nature and was born from a servant. He doesn’t even carry the bloodline of the Dugu clan in him, it’s only normal that there’s no Perfected Lord coming for him,” The Perfected Lord of the Murong clan said.

“Born from a servant and yet, he managed to climb his way through a gentry clan such as the Dugus to reach where he is now, defeating every other Perfected Being of the same realm. That’s not an easy feat,” The Perfected Lord of the Yuwen clan lamented.


Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect’s Perfected Lord scoffed with an unfriendly expression, “That lad is cold and heartless. He killed a few of my sect’s geniuses! If that lad manages to get lucky and survive this Vermilion Fruit fight… hehe!”

The Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect Perfected Lord revealed killing intent through his words.

The entire North Region was shaken with the appearance of the Vermilion Fruit.

The Ten Upper Sects and four gentry clans had a silent agreement and sent forth news that Nascent Souls were not allowed to get involved in the fight for the Vermilion Fruit so that the younger generation could fight for it and determine victory themselves!

The reason why the Nascent Souls of the Ten Upper Sects and four gentry clans were here was to prevent accidents and stop other Nascent Souls from entering the Great Qian Ruins.

The fight for the Vermilion Fruit this time round had an extraordinary meaning to it.

Whoever got their hands on the Vermilion Fruit would become the number one Perfected Being of the North Region!

The Ten Upper Sects and four gentry clans joined forces to prevent any Nascent Souls from interfering and breaking that balance.

Therefore, even if Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect wanted to kill Dugu Jian, they would have to wait till the fight for the Vermilion Fruit was over.

The hundreds of Nascent Souls standing outside the pavilion were stopped by the Nascent Souls of the Ten Upper Sects and four gentry sects – anyone that resisted ended up as a corpse on the ground.

For the Vermilion Fruit fight this time round, the Perfected Beings of the younger generation would have to depend on themselves. It was a massive storm and paragons would be drenched in blood to see who would last till the very end!

Suddenly, the sound of robes slicing the air could be heard.

The person that arrived wore blue robes and was extremely fast!

Another Nascent Soul had arrived!

While Nascent Souls may not be tempted by the Vermilion Fruit, the appearance of the underground palace might lead to treasures within.

Built in the middle, the pavilion with hundreds of Nascent Souls gathered around was way too striking.

Glancing over, the blue-robed Perfected Lord’s expression changed and he swerved to the side, wanting to take a detour around the pavilion.


The sound of swords swooshing filled the heavens!

A white streak of sword light flashed from the pavilion like a white divine chain, almost slicing the void into half as it blocked the blue-robed Perfected Lord’s path forward.

“Where are you going, fellow Daoist?”

The voice of the Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect’s Perfected Lord was sinister and shuddering.

“Come over here. No Nascent Souls are allowed into the Great Qian Ruins!” Stellar Luna Sect’s Perfected Lord remarked coldly.

The blue-robed Perfected Lord was rather calm as well and cupped his fists towards everyone with a smile. “I truly did not know of that rule. I’ll leave right now and not disturb you guys.”

“You want to leave after coming here?”

Suddenly, a phantom shrouded by a black mist appeared behind the blue-robed Perfected Lord and devoured him instantly.


A tragic shriek rang through the air.

After ten breaths, a white skeleton wearing blue robes fell from midair.

The black mist cleared and a scrawny old man revealed his true appearance. With a ghastly aura and a cold gaze, he descended into the pavilion clutching a walking stick.

The Perfected Lord of Dark Ghost Sect had arrived.

As of now, the Perfected Lords of the Ten Upper Sects were represented and there were also Perfected Lords from three of the four gentry clans.

The crowd was no longer surprised at the death of the blue-robed Perfected Lord.

Things quickly returned to normal outside the pavilion and discussions ensued.

“I heard that an Extreme Foundation Establishment Cultivator was born in the North Region?”

“Yes, but there wasn’t any news of him thereafter. He must have been murdered.”

“This is truly a chaotic generation with way too many paragons and monster incarnates. Even the Human Emperor’s Palace appeared! It’s pretty similar to the golden times of the ancient era where multiple emperors rose!”

“Great calamities are bound to accompany great eras. Although we are all Perfected Lords, the road of cultivation is one that is long. Who knows if we can tide through all the calamities.”

In the firmaments thousands of kilometers above the pavilion, a sparkling spirit vessel that looked like a precious gem flew over at a rapid speed.

At the bow, a man in a lotus position faced the wind with his black hair swaying gently, revealing an incomparably handsome face. His skin even sparkled slightly and was astonishing.

Sitting at the bow, there was an inexplicable dignity to him. While he was only at Golden Core realm, there was a confidence in his eyes that could suppress everything!

An old man stood behind the handsome man.

“Young master, there’s no need for you to be this serious. Even if all the paragons of the North Region stick together, none of them is a match for you,” While the old man was at Nascent Soul realm, his hands were placed by his side as he said respectfully.


The handsome man smiled gently. “My opponents will be in the intermediate ancient battlefield 20 years from now. However, the gathering of the North Region’s paragons due to the birth of the Vermilion Fruit makes me want to come forth and explore to see how strong the paragons of this generation are.”

“You’re the number one Perfected Being of the North Region, young master. How could any of those paragons be a match for you?” The old man declared with pride.

“There’s naturally nothing to worry about in a solo fight,”

The handsome man replied idly, “I just want to see if those so-called paragons can stop me from getting my hands on the Vermilion Fruit if they work together! Fufu, that gets my hands itchy.”

There were two other people sitting in the cabin of the spirit vessel.

One of them wore luxurious robes and had a mask on, covering every single bit of exposed skin on his body and merely revealing a pair of vengeful eyes.

In front of that person sat a middle-aged man with pale yellow skin that looked like gold.

“Chunyu, how about staying by my side. Don’t go and fight for that Vermilion Fruit,” The middle-aged man said slowly.

“Don’t worry, grandpa. Senior Brother Xi is the number one Perfected Being of the North Region. I won’t be in any danger following him.”

The voice of the masked-man was hoarse and he sounded terrible, as though he had been through a burn.


The middle-aged man nodded. “It’s also good for you to go explore and train with him. Take care of your safety. Keep this jade pendant with you, it’s enough to defend against the full-powered attack of a Golden Core!”

The masked man received it and hung it on his waist.

After a moment of silence, the masked man raised his head and snarled, “Grandpa, you’ve got to take revenge for me! I won’t be in this shameful state if not for Su Zimo!”

“Rest assured, he won’t be able to hide for much longer! Glass Palace is the overlord of the North Region. As long as Su Zimo remains in the North Region, I’ll be able to seek him out even if I have to overturn the earth!”

“I’ll make him pay a hundred times more for everything he’s done to you!”

With that said, the middle-aged man’s eyes shone coldly and he released a shuddering, terrifying aura.

Even the old Nascent Soul that stood at the bow was frightened and jerked briefly.

That was the power of a Void Reversion – that was an entire major realm above him!

The middle-aged man continued, “I won’t appear after sending you guys to the Great Qian Ruins. There’s a Great Zhou Dynasty nearby here. At that time, I’ll head over and ask if they’ve got any news of that lad.”

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