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Chapter 539: Success

Of course, Su Zimo was still quite a distance away from mid-stage Golden Core although his cultivation had advanced.

He had just only formed his core.

Disregarding the journey taken to reach the Great Qian Ruins from Ping Yang Town, only two days had passed.

If he hadn’t experienced the intense battles in the Great Qian Ruins and was merely cultivating in seclusion, he would need years to reach his current point of cultivation!

The best way to grow was to grind between the borders of life and death, battling through blood.

Furthermore, he was in such a favorable environment and had the help of spirit herbs that were more than 10,000 years old.

This was also the reason why many cultivators would choose to explore outside after they reached a bottleneck in their cultivations.

While explorations were filled with danger, there were also accompanying opportunities!

Calming himself, Su Zimo was ready to attempt to fix his connate spirit weapons.

Not far away, the little fox sat on the Fire Blocking Basket quietly, gazing over with black, bright gem-like eyes.

It had been watching Su Zimo for the entire day.

Although it did not get close, Su Zimo could sense that the little fox was much less guarded towards him.

If it was previously, given the distrusting nature of that little fella, it would definitely be lifting its Fire Blocking Basket with bot paws, ready to hide inside at any moment rather than be as relaxed as it was now.

Smiling, Su Zimo said, β€œLittle fella, I’m preparing to refine spirit weapons. You must not disturb me during this period of time.”

When she heard Su Zimo refer to her as β€˜little fella’, a look of indignance flashed through the little fox’s eyes.

However, immediately after, the little fox was touched internally upon thinking deeper.

That statement revealed a form of trust.

The demure scholar was extremely terrifying in combat and could easily restrain her in captivity. That way, she would not be able to interrupt his weapon refinement process at all.

But now, the other party chose to give her his trust instead.

Could that person… have ulterior motives?

The little fox blinked and was still a little worried.

After being locked here for dozens of years by the Scarlet Armored Gigantic Crocodile, the little fox was fragile mentally and was easily suspicious.

Other than her deceased mother, she was constantly guarded against others.

She was truly way too terrified.

Just as she was imagining things, the demure scholar on the other end had already withdrawn a Black Gold Arrow from his storage bag and began with refinement.

Before entering the elementary ancient battlefield, Su Zimo obtained a Connate Spirit Weapon Forging Technique from the Great Zhou palace as a reward for the sect competition.

Within it was a method that allowed one to repair a damaged connate spirit weapon.

The so-called damage did not refer to the spirit weapon itself, but the breaking of the sixth spirit pattern.

There were no impurities within a damaged connate spirit weapon.

In other words, by using a Connate Spirit Fire to forge a connate spirit weapon, one could ignore the first four steps of weapon refinement completely and head straight to spirit gathering once the spirit weapon was heated to a scarlet red state.

After gathering five spirit patterns, the connate spirit fire will then be used to rejoin the broken sixth spirit pattern!

A single failure in the process would result in the connate spirit weapon being destroyed.

Throughout history, even the top Weapon Refinement Masters could not guarantee that they could gather six spirit patterns in a single attempt.

In other words, this weapon forging technique was an impossible task in the eyes of other Weapon Refinement Masters.

However, in the hands of Su Zimo, there was a chance of repairing the connate spirit weapon!

With the use of his spirit perception, he could ensure a 100% success rate of spirit gathering!

Back in the Elixir Pool Sect ruins in the elementary ancient battlefield, Su Zimo discovered five damaged Black Gold Arrows.

There was only one of the Mystic Gold Silk Armor and it was an extremely precious defensive connate spirit weapon.

Su Zimo planned on testing things out with the Black Gold Arrows first.

He controlled a Black Gold Arrow and placed it above the connate spirit fire, receiving the continuous heat.

As time passed by, the arrow was heated to a red state and shone transparently from inside out like a fiery ruby.

Su Zimo began spirit gathering.

One spirit pattern.

Two spirit patterns.

Three spirit patterns!

Three spirit patterns were formed in a single attempt without any pauses.

Given his talent in weapon refinement, there was a high chance that he could condense the first three spirit patterns even without his spirit perception.

Su Zimo did not rest at all and started condensing the fourth spirit pattern.

His spirit perception sounded.

Give up!

Another attempt.

Not good, give up!

Just like that, the fourth spirit pattern was only condensed after the 17th attempt of back and forth.

Taking a breath of relief, Su Zimo began condensing the fifth spirit pattern.

His luck and condition were both decent and his fifth spirit pattern was condensed on the third attempt!

That Black Gold Arrow was a connate spirit weapon to begin with and contained no impurities even though it was damaged. That was the reason why Su Zimo was able to condense the fifth spirit weapon with such ease.

If he had to choose his own materials, smelt, forge and temper personally, he would definitely not have been able to refine such a flawless arrow.

Therefore, the reason why he was able to create the perfect-grade Blood Quencher the other time was due to the confluence of multiple factors and a little bit of luck.

Right now, the Black Gold Arrow was already a perfect spirit weapon.

However, Su Zimo was not pleased yet.

The final step was the most critical.

While perfect spirit weapons were rare and possessed extraordinary strength, there was a massive difference between them and connate spirit weapons.

It was a leap in quality!

Connate spirit fires were innately sentient. Su Zimo attempted to condense a spirit pattern on the foundation of the broken sixth spirit pattern on the Black Gold Arrow, repairing it slowly.

The process was arduous and repetitive.

In fact, he did not even know if he could succeed.

However, Su Zimo had never thought about giving up and he continued trying relentlessly with a resolute gaze.

An entire day passed.

Far away, the little fox was tired of watching and dozed off with heavy eyelids, sleeping a few times.

Each time she reopened her eyes, Su Zimo was sitting there in the same position and repeated the same motions over and over again.

Not only did Su Zimo not take a break throughout the entire day, he maintained the same focus and it was a great test of his stamina and determination.

Of course, all of his efforts were worth it.

Su Zimo could clearly see that the sixth spirit pattern on the Black Gold Arrow – its originally broken connate spirit pattern – was showing signs of reparation and was turning brighter!

The spirit energy fluctuation on the Black Gold Arrow was also getting more obvious.

Two hours later.

The drowsy little fox was awakened suddenly by a brilliant glow and instinctively opened its eyes to look over.

In front of Su Zimo, the initially dim Black Gold Arrow was shining with six resplendent glows at the moment, emitting a terrifyingly sharp intent that could pierce anything!

The little fox knew that Su Zimo succeeded.

For some unknown reason, she felt elated as well and smiled, making her eyes seem like crescent moons.

Su Zimo put away the Black Gold Arrow and was delighted when he looked at the spirit patterns.


With the Black Gold Arrow, coupled with the Moon Concealment Bow, his killing power would rise to another level!

If he could repair the Black Gold Arrow, he could naturally repair the Mystic Gold Silk Armor.

This meant that apart from the Coiling Dragon Seal, Su Zimo was now in possession of other connate spirit weapons, the Mystic Gold Silk Armor and Black Gold Arrows! At the same time, he also had the quasi-connate Moon Concealment Bow!

Even legacy disciples of Tianhuang Mainland’s super sects, ancient aristocratic families or top factions might not be as wealthy as him.

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