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Chapter 538: Coffin in the Lava

Su Zimo was already drenched in sweat by the time he arrived before the volcano.

The temperature of this place had already surpassed the limits of ordinary cultivators; even his body that had undergone both immortality and demonic cultivation was feeling a burning pain.

Slapping his storage bag, Su Zimo withdrew a superior-grade spirit weapon.

The moment he withdrew the superior-grade spirit weapon, the spirit patterns on it dimmed slightly.

After ten breaths, cracks appeared on the superior-grade spirit weapon – it was already showing signs of melting!

“That’s amazing!”

Su Zimo’s pupils constricted slightly and he was secretly shocked.

If ordinary Golden Cores were cast here, they would burn to death without even touching the sparks of the flames!

If the temperature in the air was already so high, it was even more terrifying in the lava gushing at the side!

Su Zimo was certain that a connate spirit weapon would melt into molten liquid if it was thrown inside without even creating a bubble.

The closer it was to the mouth of the volcano, the higher the temperature.

Su Zimo truly could not stand it and his Inner Core and Golden Core was churning slowly, causing his blood qi to rise and ancient demons to appear around him one after another.

Feeling slightly better, he rose into the air and gazed at the mouth of the volcano not far away.

A golden lava was floating in the mouth of the volcano, letting off a shuddering aura and a scorching heat!

In fact, Su Zimo suspected that even a Nascent Soul would be melted by the golden lava, leaving no corpse and a destroyed Essence Spirit!

“This is way too scary!”

With a shocked expression, Su Zimo lamented internally, “This golden lava is good stuff and it’s even more terrifying than a connate spirit fire! If I can store away some of this stuff, it’ll definitely be of great use in the future!”

Thereafter, Su Zimo smiled.

His lips cracked, trickling with a trace of blood that evaporated instantly.

That single thought was naturally just a casual one.

The golden lava could even melt a connate spirit weapon – what could store it?

Just as Su Zimo was about to turn and leave, a thought struck him.

There was truly an item in his storage bag that he could make an attempt with!

The bronze square tripod.

Although it was only a battered weapon, it could withstand the corrosion of the Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon’s digestive fluids and was extremely tough – could it be able to withstand the melting power of the golden lava?

Su Zimo hesitated for a long time before deciding to give it a shot.

He would first place a leg of the bronze square tripod into the golden lava and see if it would melt.

Even if it was melted and lost a leg, that would not affect a bronze square tripod that was already abandoned to begin with.

At that thought, Su Zimo withdrew the bronze square tripod and flew towards the mouth of the volcano.

When he arrived at the vicinity of the mouth of the volcano, the heat of the flame became even more terrifying and Su Zimo felt his head spin as though he could faint at any moment!

The longer he stayed at this place, the more danger he would be in.

Gazing at the moving golden lava beneath him, Su Zimo did not dare to hesitate as he directed the bronze square tripod slowly into the mouth of the volcano.

A leg of the bronze square tripod was about to make contact with the golden lava.

Suddenly, the surface of the lava bubbled, as though something was trying to come forth from beneath it. Shocked, Su Zimo hurriedly controlled the bronze square tripod to rise into the air.

Even so, some golden lava splashed onto the walls of the tripod before sliding down.


Su Zimo focused his gaze.

It was perfectly fine!

There was no mark on the spot where the bronze square tripod was splashed by the golden lava!


Su Zimo was elated.

The bubbling golden lava calmed down once more, as though that was only an ordinary reaction.

Su Zimo controlled the descent of the bronze square tripod, only turning to leave after it was filled with the golden lava.

While the golden lava was terrifying and berserk, as if it could incinerate and destroy everything, it was calm when stored inside the bronze square tripod, as though it was isolated from the world.

Su Zimo did not sense any heat when he carried the bronze square tripod.

The body of the tripod was cold as always – the heat of the golden lava was trapped within completely!

Leaving the mouth of the volcano, Su Zimo placed the bronze square tripod carefully into a separate storage bag and hung it on the side of his waist.

Not long after he left, the golden lava in the mouth of the volcano began rumbling and spewing once more.

There was something that floated on the surface of the lava.

Faintly visible, it seemed like it was a coffin!

The coffin was transparent and was made of some unknown material such that there were no signs of burns even as it was immersed in the golden lava.

Floating on the surface of the lava, it could be vaguely seen that a woman laid within the coffin!

Her palms were closed together and rested before her chest, revealing two smooth, jade-like arms that resembled the texture of an elephant’s tusks.

The woman had an exquisite figure and exuded a lazy, charming aura as she laid there, seemingly asleep.

As the coffin swirled slowly along with the lava, a peerless face appeared and was frighteningly seductive!

The peerless woman’s eyes were initially closed.

All of a sudden!

Her long lashes twitched slightly and her beautiful eyes showed signs of opening!

A shuddering aura began to emanate.

The peerless woman could awaken at any moment!

There was a slight pause.

Going silent again, the peerless woman seemed like she returned to sleep once more.

The transparent coffin sank gradually, entering the golden lava and disappearing within.

Silence returned to the mouth of the volcano, as though nothing had happened.

Su Zimo knew nothing about the changes in the deepest part of the cave within the mouth of the volcano.

Initially, he did not feel comfortable with the temperature inside the cave.

But now that he was returning from the volcano along his original path, he felt cool and could not help but lament internally, “The mouth of that volcano is truly purgatory hell. This place is paradise compared to that!”

The little fox waited at its original position and heaved a slight breath of relief upon seeing Su Zimo return safely.

After all, he was her benefactor.

Even though she was guarded against him, the little fox did not wish for him to meet with misfortunes.

Furthermore, she had witnessed the scene of Su Zimo in his demon form.

In her heart, he was also someone of the demon race.

Su Zimo only paused in his tracks upon returning to the vicinity of the cave’s entrance. Assuming a lotus position, he began to heal up and recuperate his stamina.

He did not have the chance to rest at all the entire night.

From the fight against the otherworldly soldiers up till daybreak, he had not rested for the entire night and even nearly lost his life in between fighting against a fiend demon.

Be it in physically or mentally, Su Zimo was at his limits.

Prior to this, he consumed many spirit herbs directly in the underground palace.

Not much of the tremendous amount of energy contained within those spirit herbs were absorbed by Su Zimo and they were accumulated within his body.

Now that he was healing his injuries, all of those energies surged forth and entered every single fiber of his.

Su Zimo’s injuries and stamina were rapidly recovering!

In the blink of an eye, an entire day had passed.

With a bright gaze and rosy cheeks, Su Zimo rose with vigor and roared into the skies!


The roar was loud, clear and robust and no injuries or signs of fatigue could be seen on his body anymore.

Feeling the condition of his body, Su Zimo could not help but break out into a faint smile.

Those spirit herbs carried fire attribute spirit energy and coupled with the environment of this place, he discovered that his cultivation had advanced by quite a bit!

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