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Chapter 537: Underground Volcano

Underground cave.

The red lava was flowing slowly, giving off a scorching heatwave.

On a parcel of land in the middle of the lava ocean, the little fox stood on both hind legs and placed its tiny paws before its chest. Gazing at the corpse of the demon fox in front of it, a lost, hazy look could be seen in its big, bright eyes.

She had been living in fear for the past dozens of years.

The Fire Blocking Basket that looked like a black pot beside her was the final treasure left for her by her mother.

The little fox hid in the Fire Blocking Basket everyday, as if that little space was the only place that could make her feel safer.

However, in reality, the little fox also knew that it was extremely easy for that gigantic crocodile to kill her!

She had never thought about escaping from the claws of that crocodile one day, or even taking revenge for her mother.

Everything was all thanks to that demure scholar.

The first time she caught sight of the scholar, the little fox had a hunch that he wasn’t a bad person.

That was the reason why she reminded him to watch out previously.

When the demure scholar was devoured by the crocodile, the little fox was despaired, thinking that he was dead for sure and that she would be trapped here for all eternity.

However, she was completely shocked by what happened later on!

An extremely terrifying flame lit up within the gigantic crocodile and burned its body to complete ashes. As for that demure scholar, he escaped unscathed!

Left with no other choice, the crocodile escaped with its Essence Spirit that was nearly destroyed with a single howl from the scholar.

The little fox hurriedly covered the Fire Blocking Basket and burned the gigantic crocodile’s Essence Spirit to ashes!

But now that she had gotten her revenge, the little fox felt hollow within.

Just like that, she stood there in a daze for a long time. Suddenly, the furry ears of the little fox twitched and caught wind of some footsteps.

There were people coming over!

Extremely alert, the little fox locked the Fire Blocking Basket and hid within immediately, peering through the hole of the basket with its shiny, black eyes.

Before long, a green figure appeared from the corner – it was the demure scholar who had left in a rush earlier on!

Lifting the Fire Blocking Basket, the little fox tilted its head and blinked its eyes, looking at the demure scholar.

At the same time, the demure scholar caught sight of the little fox the moment he turned the corner.

Just like that, the man and beast exchanged looks without moving.

It was more like a test of trust.

After dozens of years of captivity, the little fox turned distrusting and wary towards strangers.

Even though the demure scholar helped her kill her enemy, she was also worried that this was the arrival of an even scarier and crueler being after the death of the crocodile!

The little fox had witnessed the capabilities of the demure scholar.

She was definitely not a match for him.

If he were to charge at her with evil intents, she truly did not know what she should do.

Right as the little fox was lost in her imagination, the demure scholar smiled and nodded towards her.

Instantly, the little fox was relieved and much less guarded upon seeing the demure scholar’s smile.

Looking at the terrified little fella not far away, Su Zimo’s eyes flashed with a look of pity and he sighed internally.

After being held in captivity here for dozens of years without freedom or daylight and having to live with its enemy everyday, the little fella must have suffered a tremendous trauma after such an experience.

To begin with, Su Zimo cultivated for both immortality and demon and had lived together with monkey, Night Spirit and other spirit beasts – he could vaguely sense the fear, uncertainty and worry in the little fox’s mind.

This was a little fella with a pitiful background.

Su Zimo did not try to console or approach her.

At that moment, any abnormal action from him could cause the little fox worry and hostility.

Meandering around the border of the cave, Su Zimo headed deeper inside.

Prior to this, he suffered a sneak attack from the Scarlet Armored Gigantic Crocodile and returned to the underground palace for an intense battle thereafter – he did not have the chance to explore this cave at all.

If he wanted to refine weapons here, he must not be disturbed.

The Vermilion Fruit outside was still emitting the scarlet mist and nobody would discover this place. What remained was for him to explore the cave and ensure that there was nothing dangerous within.

The cave was extremely deep with twists and turns leading to unknown places.

As he advanced, Su Zimo sent forth his spirit perception and did not sense any danger.

On the contrary, the little fox carried its Fire Blocking Basket that covered more than half of its body and tiptoed, following far behind Su Zimo like an iron pot that was moving on its own.

Su Zimo had a playful thought and suddenly stopped in his tracks, turning back to look at the little fella with a burning gaze.

The little fox was rattled and its eyes flashed with panic. Instinctively, it let go of its little paws.


The Fire Blocking Basket fell to the ground without moving and the little fox hid within with a terrified expression.

Su Zimo broke out into a chuckle and continued forward.

Inside the Fire Blocking Basket, the little fox gripped its tiny paws in indignance and waved it towards Su Zimo’s back view, harrumphing softly.

In the blink of an eye, when it saw that Su Zimo was going far away, the little fox lifted the Fire Blocking Basket hurriedly and chased after him in tiptoes.

Su Zimo had been curious the entire time as to how the lava ocean was formed within the cave.

He had been trying to look for the origin of the lava the entire time but noticed that the temperature in his surroundings was climbing to a point where he could not endure for much longer!

Not far away, the lava flowed slowly, emitting a scorching heatwave.


Suddenly, Su Zimo’s eyes lit up as he exclaimed softly.

There was a thin layer of flames burning on the surface of the lava.

However, those flames had a faint yellow color to them!

Su Zimo closed in slightly before retreating hurriedly.

The temperature of that yellow flame was even higher than the connate spirit fire!

How could this be?

Narrowing his gaze, he peered ahead of the lava stream.

He had a hunch that the origin of the lava was right ahead!


Suddenly, Su Zimo heard a hurried sound coming from behind him.

Turning back, he saw the little fox placing the Fire Blocking Basket at the side and panting heavily against the heat. Its fiery red fur was already drenched with sweat, looking like it had just climbed out of water.

The little fox who had been living in a world of lava could not withstand the temperature here anymore!

It shook its head repeatedly, gesturing for Su Zimo to not venture deeper.

Hesitating for a moment, Su Zimo spoke, “Your cultivation realm is too low, don’t follow me. I’ll go in and take a look. If I can’t withstand it, I’ll definitely retreat.”

It was only when he spoke that Su Zimo realized his voice had gone hoarse.

Taking a deep breath of air, he felt his throat prickling with heat. Wiping the sweat on his forehead, he crushed a few protection talismans before continuing forward.

After taking another turn, he stopped in his tracks instinctively and shuddered.

Before him was a massive volcano!

The lava was spewed from that volcano!

At the mouth of the volcano, the lava was golden!

Each time the golden magma was spurted, a few drops would flow down along the volcano and melt the rocks along the way. When it flowed down, it turned into the magnificent lava ocean that was seen in the cave!

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