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Chapter 535: Departure

Many cultivators retreated one after another at the back and had already created a distance with Su Zimo in the blink of an eye.

Everyone watched from afar, not daring to advance.

Even so, none of them left.

The entrance of the underground palace that was buried for 10,000 years was exposed and everyone wanted to explore it.

Sneering internally, Su Zimo put away the Moon Concealment Bow and entered the underground palace once more in a flash.

Sprinting the entire time, he arrived at the medicinal field before long.

“Zimo, are you alright?”

Xuan Yi and the other two hurried over when they saw Su Zimo return.

All of them were severely injured and did not have the chance to do anything for the previous battle.

Now that they had rested for a while and consumed a few elixirs, Xuan Yi and the others recovered some stamina and their injuries were stable for the moment too.

Seeing that they were in acceptable conditions, Su Zimo said darkly, “We can’t stay here for too long. Let’s take away the spirit herbs in this medicinal field and leave the Great Qian Ruins as soon as possible!”

Wang Yan had already escaped.

There were many more cultivators surrounding outside and even more were gathering towards them.

This underground palace could not remain hidden!

There was another month to go before the 10,000 Year Vermilion Fruit ripened.

A storm was bound to break out in the North Region within this month and many more Golden Cores would be attracted towards the Great Qian Ruins, making the situation even more complicated!

Any single misstep could cause them to die here.

Even Su Zimo could not dare to guarantee that he could escape unscathed, let alone Xuan Yi and the other two.

Xuan Yi and the other two agreed.

The four of them split up and took away the spirit herbs in the medicinal field, keeping as much as possible in their storage bags.

During this period of time, Su Zimo consumed a stalk of Blood Ginseng and a Scarlet Flame Fruit directly, leaving Xuan Yi and the other two dumbfounded.

There were many spirit herbs that could not be consumed directly.

That was because their medicinal powers and energies were too intense and often required other spirit herbs to moderate their effects. It was the first time that the three of them were witnessing someone consume the Blood Ginseng and Scarlet Flame Fruit directly.

“Zimo, i-is your body going to be fine consuming them as such?”

Xuan Yi could not help but ask.

“Ugh… ”

Burping, Su Zimo released a heatwave with a blood stench from his mouth.

“It’s fine, they taste rather alright.”

He sucked his lips with a relaxed expression.

Ordinary Golden Cores would truly not be able to withstand the Blood Ginseng and Scarlet Flame Fruit.

However, Su Zimo cultivated both as an immortal and demon and had formed a core for both Daos. His blood qi and physique was terrifyingly strong and could absorb the energy of both spirit herbs completely!

Right now, he was severely injured and his spirit energy was depleted while his blood qi was weak – the most direct method for him would be to consume the spirit herbs directly.

After devouring the Blood Ginseng and Scarlet Flame Fruit, Su Zimo’s bloodline circulated violently and absorbed the energies of the two different spirit herbs continuously.

Coupled with his body’s strong regeneration capabilities, his condition was getting increasingly better!

When he saw that it was working, Su Zimo continued consuming spirit herbs as he collected them.

It did not matter how they tasted, how tough they were or whether they had shells – he munched on them and ate everything.

Li Ziyue broke out in sweat looking at Su Zimo.

He had a hallucination.

Su Zimo did not seem like he was human. Instead, he was like an ancient demon that was extremely hungry, grabbing food greedily!

Although he sensed the strange gazes of Xuan Yi and the other two, Su Zimo did not stop.

They were surrounded by strong foes outside – this was the only way for him to recover in the fastest possible time!

Before long, Su Zimo and the other three collected most of the spirit herbs in the medicinal field other than those that were nearby the Vermilion Fruit.

Prior to this, Su Zimo had instructed Xuan Yi and the other two to not get close to the Vermilion Fruit no matter what.

At that moment, Li Ziyue was a little reluctant to let those spirit herbs go to waste and could not help but inch forward, wanting to collect them. However, he was held back by Su Zimo.

“Don’t go!”

Su Zimo had a grim expression and frowned slightly, saying with a soft voice, “The Vermilion Fruit has already started absorbing!”

Instead of a great tonic, an unripened Vermilion Fruit possessed immense poison.

Before it was ripe, the Vermilion Fruit would absorb all the life essence of nearby living beings, whether they were humans or demons!

A surging heatwave started spreading.

The first to be implicated were the many spirit herbs in the vicinity of the Vermilion Fruit.

Under the shroud of that aura, the spirit herbs withered at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In less than ten breaths, many spirit herbs turned into ashes!

When he saw that, Li Ziyue gulped and felt a sense of trepidation.

If Su Zimo had not held him back earlier on, he would be engulfed by that heatwave when he charged forward and would most likely be doomed!

“Let’s leave this place first,”

After consuming many spirit herbs, Su Zimo was clearly in a much better condition, looking refreshed with rosy cheeks.

After leaving the underground palace, Su Zimo ignored all the other cultivators and headed in the direction to exit the ruins along with Xuan Yi and the other two.

Xuan Yi and the other two were still carrying injuries that had yet to heal and it was not convenient for them to battle.

Su Zimo did not barge through the palace. Instead, he made use of his powerful vision, hearing and spirit perception to avoid the patrol of the otherworldly soldiers, leading the other three to leave the palace stealthily.

Outside the palace, countless malevolent ghosts swarmed over when they sensed the stench of blood from Xuan Yi and the other two.

A sinister wind gusted and specters surrounded them.

However, before long, the malevolent ghosts were scared out of their wits and dispersed when they caught sight of the green-robed cultivator at the front, never appearing again.

Su Zimo only stopped when he led Xuan Yi and the other two outside the Great Qian Ruins.

At that moment, daybreak was slowly arriving on the horizons.

A resplendent ray of light spilled onto the ruins, making it seem desolate and mysterious.

Su Zimo turned back and surveyed the ruins for a short moment before nodding. “No one’s following us anymore. Peak Master Xuan Yi, the three of you can leave from here. Head straight back to the sect and don’t stop!”

Along the way, Su Zimo made use of his Moon Concealment Bow and killed many cultivators that were following them.

Gradually, the cultivators realized that they could not hide their tracks from Su Zimo’s senses and wisely chose to give up.

“Zimo, you’re not coming back with us?”

Xuan Yi frowned tightly with a worried expression.

He had lived for hundreds of years and could naturally sense that a blood storm would breakout at the Great Qian Ruins a month later when the 10,000 Year Vermilion Fruit ripens!

Once news of the 10,000 Year Vermilion Fruit was spread, all the Golden Core paragons of the North Region would definitely gather here!

In fact, there might even be people from the immortal and fiend sects coming forth!

At that time, there would definitely not be any one-on-one bouts.

Although Su Zimo was strong in combat, he had only just formed his core – how could he deal with so many peerless foes from powerful factions?

“Zimo, we’ve benefited immensely from this trip. It’s time for us to stop.”

Liu Hui said meaningfully, “In the cultivation world, most cultivators die because of their greeds.”

“You have an Extreme Foundation Establishment and have cultivated such a powerful Golden Core phenomenon. There’s a long way ahead for you. There’s no need for you to risk your life over a Vermilion Fruit.”

Those words came from the bottom of her heart and was also the most logical and safe decision.

Xuan Yi added, “There are many factions that are stronger than us in the North Region. Furthermore, we are too far from the sect. Even if you meet with danger, the sect won’t be able to come to your rescue. Zimo, you must be careful!”

Su Zimo smiled and nodded. “Don’t worry, peak masters. If the situation doesn’t seem right, I’ll give up on the Vermilion Fruit.”

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