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Chapter 534: Green-robed Fiendcelestial

“Who is this man? How is he so domineering?”

“I don’t know, but I think I saw him shoot the paragon of Stellar Luna Sect, Qian Xinyu, to death earlier on!”


Many cultivators were shocked.

Qian Xinyu had cultivated Solar Luna Stellar Lumen, the 92nd rank of the previous Phenomenon Ranking and was a famous paragon of the Tianhuang North Region – to think that he would be slain in the Great Qian Ruins.

“He’s only at early-stage Golden Core realm with a bow. Even if the bow is a quasi-connate spirit weapon, can he defend against so many of us?” Someone hollered with a cold expression.

The meaning of that Golden Core was clear.

He wanted to turn Su Zimo into everyone’s target!


Smirking, Su Zimo turned towards that person and said coldly, “Of course, I can’t defend against everyone with a single bow. But… it’s more than enough to kill you!”

Raising his Moon Concealment Bow, Su Zimo drew the bowstring.


His bloodline surged with a torrential might, akin to raging tsunamis.

Many cultivators were shocked.

“Tsunami blood!”

Some cultivators exclaimed.

“Squeak, squeak!”

The bowstring quivered and was gradually drawn, letting out a squeaking sound.

The Moon Concealment Bow was not heavy by itself, but one would not be able to draw its bowstring unless they possessed shocking divine might!

That was also the reason why the killing power of the Moon Concealment Bow was so terrifying.

A single arrow that was shot out did not only possess the might of the quasi-connate Moon Concealment Bow itself, but also the burst of the bloodline that was used to draw the bowstring!

An arrow tore through the air with a tremendous might at lightning speed.

The moon shone brightly up in the night skies.

As though it was sucked in by some mysterious power, moonlight streamed into Su Zimo’s embrace continuously, letting out a shuddering energy shockwave.

Su Zimo looked like he was hugging a full moon!

The cultivator that spoke and was now targeted by the Moon Concealment Bow felt his hairs stand on end and gasped.

In fact, he saw a hallucination from the depths of his heart.

There was no way for him to avoid that arrow at all!

Instantly, cold sweat poured down from his forehead.

The sweat trickled into that man’s eyes but he did not dare to blink at all.

He was afraid that he would never open his eyes again after blinking!

His line of sight was turning blurry after being covered by sweat.

Su Zimo’s figure seemed like it had already vanished, leaving only a full moon in midair with a chilling killing intent!


Su Zimo released his fingertip and the bowstring quivered violently.

A divine light burst forth and delved into the voids.

The pupils of that Golden Core constricted fiercely. Just as he withdrew a defensive spirit weapon from his storage bag, his chest was pierced by an arrow with blood gushing out!

That person fell from midair and died on the spot.

Fast. It was too fast!

Although he was mentally prepared, he could not dodge it at all!

“This man is so ruthless and evil in his ways. He’s definitely someone of the fiend sects. Cultivators, let’s work together and kill an evildoer like him!”

Another cultivator yelled.

There was no distinction of right or wrong and immortals or fiends in the Great Qian Ruins.

The reason why the cultivators harbored killing intents towards Su Zimo was because of the medicinal field, the 10,000 Year Vermilion Fruit and the Moon Concealment Bow in his hands!

“You just want to kill me for my treasures, why do you have to look for some self-righteous excuse?”

Su Zimo was clear about the situation and did not waste time exchanging nonsense with the cultivators. With a sneer, he drew his bowstring once more.

Another divine light flashed.


The Golden Core that yelled exploded in midair, turning into a mist of blood after being penetrated by that arrow. He did not have time to react and was dead without a corpse!


The fifth arrow!

A Golden Core that was charging over held an intricate mountain peak in his palm and he summoned it instantly.


The mountain peak expanded rapidly and shone with a bright light, blocking in front of that person with a majestic aura!


A deafening noise echoed!

That mountain peak was pierced by the Moon Concealment Bow’s arrow and exploded on the spot.

The Golden Core that was hiding behind it was struck by countless debris and his tendons and bones were broken. Coughing huge mouthfuls of blood, his gaze dimmed and he fell from midair.

That superior-grade defensive spirit weapon was destroyed by a single arrow from the Moon Concealment Bow!


The sixth arrow!

It tore through the air and emitted an endless killing intent!

“Golden Core phenomenon, Sand Pagoda!”

A Golden Core hollered with a sharp gaze.

The power of phenomenon surged and an endless sandstorm raged before that person, transforming into a towering pagoda in the blink of an eye.


The arrow was extremely sharp and pierced the Sand Pagoda with an unparalleled power.

A bowl-sized hole appeared on the pagoda with cracks spreading out like a turtle’s shell!

Even so, the arrow used up all its power and fell weakly, buried in the sandstorm.

The Golden Core was so scared that he broke out in cold sweat. Finally, he took a deep breath of relief and could not help but rear his head in laughter.

As long as his towering Sand Pagoda could defend against Su Zimo’s Moon Concealment Bow, it meant that Su Zimo would not be able to break his Golden Core phenomenon!

After all, the Sand Pagoda possessed regeneration capabilities.

As long as his spirit energy was not depleted, the endless sandstorm would surge in and repair the damage on the Sand Pagoda, closing that massive arrow hole on its body.


There was another sound of a gentle bowstring flick.

That person’s laugh came to an end.

The seventh arrow was shot.

It pierced through the bowl-sized arrow hole that had yet to close fully, turning into a dark streak of light and entering that person’s mouth.

The person’s head was penetrated and he fell stiffly, causing the entire Sand Pagoda to collapse!

Seven consecutive arrows.

Six Golden Cores died one after another as blood stained the skies!

Among them, there was even a cultivator with a Golden Core phenomenon that was killed with two arrows!

A group of cultivators that were initially charging over were stunned.

Although they were swarming forward together and could kill that scholarly green-robed cultivator, who could defend against his arrows in that period of time?

None of them wanted to be the next dead person against the Moon Concealment Bow.


The eighth arrow flew.

A stream of blood spurted and the Golden Core right at the front was dead!

The massacre was continuing!

Su Zimo did not hesitate at all and was decisive to kill. With a resolute gaze and a cold expression, he repeated the same actions continuously.

Arching the bow, loading an arrow and aiming to kill!

In reality, he was in an extremely bad condition.

He did not have time to rest at all after being severely injured by the Scarlet Armored Gigantic Crocodile in the underground cave and fought the cultivators of the three sects immediately after.

After that intense battle, Su Zimo’s spirit energy was already dried up.

Even if his spirit energy was full right now, he had just released the divine turtle and soaring serpent phenomenons earlier on and could not release another Golden Core phenomenon in a short interval.

Therefore, Su Zimo had to maintain an aggressive stance to suppress and kill everything so that he could shock everyone!

The shimmer of the Moon Concealment Bow shone repeatedly and the bow quivered, letting off a haunting sound.

With every single sound, there was bound to be a dead Golden Core!

Su Zimo stood in midair with his black hair dancing and a sharp gaze. Emitting a cold killing intent, he was like a murderous fiendcelestial that gave off a shuddering aura!

In the blink of an eye, there were already more than 20 corpses on the ground.

Gradually, cultivators at the back started dispersing.

An atmosphere of fear infected the crowd rapidly.

More and more cultivators at the back retreated.

Nobody was willing to rush in front and be murdered by that merciless green-robed fiendcelestial!

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