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Chapter 527: Light of a Firefly

Xuan Yi and the other two exchanged glances and lamented internally.

The auras of the Golden Cores from those three sects were extremely strong – a single person from the other parties could easily go against the three of them.

The paragons leading them looked even more formidable!

Xuan Yi and the other two had explored outside before and naturally knew that they were in a dangerous situation. As such, they did not dare to act recklessly.

When everyone’s gazes turned towards them, Li Ziyue coughed gently and greeted the three sects with cupped fists, smiling gently with full politeness.

“Greetings, fellow Daoists, I’m a cultivator of Ethereal Peak, Li Ziyue.”

The Golden Cores of the three sects were expressionless after Li Ziyue’s greeting.

A look of mockery even flashed through the eyes of some of the cultivators, as though they were looking at an idiot, a dead man walking.


He was completely ignored!

Li Ziyue’s smile froze on his face.

Frowning slightly, Xuan Yi clenched his teeth and said with cupped fists, “Earlier on, this fellow Daoist mentioned about the order of things. Indeed, we were the ones who first discovered this medicinal field,”

“However, the three of us only need the Rain Frost Flower, Purple Cloud Lingzhi, Blood Ginseng and Qian Essence Grass to save a senior in our sect. We won’t take anything else. We’ll be immensely grateful if you guys can grant us our wish…”

“Are you even in a position to speak?”

Qian Xinyu interrupted Xuan Yi coldly, “Who are you guys? What rights do you have to talk to me about the order of things?”

Shadowless Sect’s Mo Xiaofeng had a frosty expression and his eyes were filled with killing intent. Word by word, he remarked, “None of you shall lay your hands on a single strand of spirit herb here!”

Wang Yan’s eyes were filled with mockery as he threw his head back in laughter. “Interesting! You still want the spirit herbs even at death’s door! Hahaha! The ignorant are truly fearless!”

To be fair, it would already be fortuitous for the three of them to escape such a situation unscathed.

If not for that fact that he wanted to save the disheveled old man, Xuan Yi would not have taken the risk to mention that he wanted the four spirit herbs.

What should he do?

Xuan Yi was extremely flustered.

Right now, even if the three of them wanted to leave empty-handed, the opposing cultivators did not seem like they would agree to it.

Furthermore, although they did not know where Su Zimo was, he was most likely still in the underground palace.

What would happen to him if the three of them left?

Given his character, he would definitely not bow down against such a situation!

However, Xuan Yi and the other two could tell that none of the dozens of cultivators present were easy to deal with!

The three paragon leaders were even more terrifying!

Zimo had just formed his core and nobody knew what Golden Core phenomenon he had cultivated – how could he be a match for those Golden Cores?

“Guys, no matter who this medicinal field will belong to, there’s no need for the three of our sects to get into a fight. Let’s settle the other stuff first,” Qian Xinyu remarked indifferently.


Shadowless Sect’s Mo Xiaofeng looked at Xuan Yi and the other two and sneered.

Wang Yan nodded in agreement as well. “No problem.”

Xuan Yi and the other two felt their hearts sink.

Qian Xinyu’s expression indifferent and a dark gold gleam shone from his eyes as he asked icily, “The three of you, hand over the connate spirit weapon. There are things that you guys shouldn’t take!”

“Connate spirit weapon?”

Xuan Yi and the other two froze momentarily with stunned expressions.


Mo Xiaofeng sneered, “Go on, continue feigning ignorance! Even at the brink of death, you guys refuse to be honest!”

When they heard that, Xuan Yi’s heart skipped a beat and a look of realization flashed through his eyes.

The connate spirit weapon that Qian Xinyu referred to must have been Su Zimo’s Coiling Dragon Seal!

Previously, Su Zimo made use of the Coiling Dragon Seal to test the toughness of the bronze square tripod. In the darkness of the night, the radiance illuminated was truly too blinding.

When Wang Yan noticed the change in Xuan Yi’s expression, he could not help but grin. “Why? You’ve finally remembered?”

Gulping, Li Ziyue forced a smile. “Fellow Daoists, I’m sure there must be some misunderstanding. The three of us are truly not in possession of any connate spirit weapons.”

Mo Xiaofeng said coldly with a furious killing intent, “That’s not decided with your words alone. Hand over your storage bags or die!”

Xuan Yi and the other two looked terrible.

The more they endured, the more they were taken advantage of.

If they handed over their storage bags, it would be equivalent to handing over half of their lives.

Notwithstanding the fact that they did not have any connate spirit weapons, even if they did, they wouldn’t let it up just like that!

Gripping his fist to repress the rage in his heart, Xuan Yi said with a dark voice, “Fellow Daoist, we’re all Golden Cores. Don’t go overboard with your bullying!”


“Oh my, he’s angry?”

“Hehe, interesting, interesting.”

Xuan Yi’s reaction attracted a series of laughter.

The cultivators of the three sects laughed mockingly with relaxed expressions.

Noticing that the situation did not seem right, Li Ziyue remarked hurriedly, “Fellow Daoists, the three of us can swear that we’re not in possession of any connate spirit weapons. If we are, we’ll be punished by the heavens!”

“Three dead men aren’t qualified to make terms with us!”

Mo Xiaofeng sneered again and remarked with a sinisterly cold expression, “Since you refuse to hand them over, I’ll take them personally!”


Xuan Yi and the other two felt their visions blur and Mo Xiaofeng had already vanished from where he was.

“So fast!”

Their hearts skipped a beat.

They were not in the best condition and it was less than 4 hours since they were previously injured – the wound on Liu Hui’s abdomen had not even healed completely.

Xuan Yi stood in front of Liu Hui to defend her and waved his sleeves, summoning 12 supreme-grade flying swords at the same time. He conjured two Hexagonal Sword Formations without holding back at all!

Gritting his teeth, Li Ziyue circulated his Golden Core wildly and hollered, “Ethereal Sword Rain!”

The both of them used their full strength the moment they attacked!

Pitter-patter! Pitter-patter!

A downpour rained down from the skies, sharp as swords and blades, emanating an endless edge.

When he saw that, Qian Xinyu curled his lips and remarked casually, “Interesting. To think that you’ve managed to cultivate a Golden Core phenomenon as well. It’s just that… your phenomenon is way too weak!”

Mo Xiaofeng reappeared by Xuan Yi and the other two’s side with a sinister gaze.

If Li Ziyue had released his Golden Core phenomenon slightly slower, Mo Xiaofeng would have definitely ambushed them silently.

The three of them might have already been corpses by now!

At this moment, they were protected by the Ethereal Sword Rain.

If Mo Xiaofeng wanted to attack them, he would have to go through the Golden Core phenomenon!

“How dare you embarrass yourself with such an inferior Golden Core phenomenon!”

Circulating his Golden Core, Mo Xiaofeng’s eyes illuminated two dark streaks of light as he hollered, “Golden Core phenomenon, Shadowless Twin Darts!”

Two dark gold darts appeared behind Mo Xiaofeng, resembling two shorts spears with a sharp aura.

“How dare the light of a firefly try to compete against the shine of the moon for glory! Break it!”

Mo Xiaofeng pointed forward.

Pshew! Pshew!

The long darts disappeared and two dark streaks of light appeared in midair, shooting forth with a terrifying shockwave that smashed against the screen of rain!

Bang! Bang!

There were two resounding bangs.

Li Ziyue grunted dully.

A series of cracks began to appear on the wavering rain screen.

Countless raindrops seemed to have stopped in midair.

The two streaks of dark light were about to penetrate the rain screen and break through the air!

Clang! Clang!

Two Hexagonal Sword Formations blocked the dark streaks of lights.

Clang! Clang!

There were two crisp sounds.

Suddenly, the dark lights began swiveling and released a tremendous cyclical force that struck the Hexagonal Sword Formations.

Pang! Pang! Pang!

The 12 supreme-grade flying swords were sent flying!

The sword formation fell apart in a split second!

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