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Chapter 505: Burying the Past

The Shen family’s courtyard was in a mess.

Standing where she was, Shen Mengqi’s expression turned increasingly terrible. There was a dark aura of death shrouding her as her consciousness faded in and out – she could collapse at any moment.

Shen Nan was supporting her carefully by the side, watching everything unfold helplessly.

Initially, he hoped that he and his family clan would be able to flourish instantly by relying on the fact that his younger sister had joined an immortal sect.

However, all of his hopes were dashed right now.

Yet, there was no disappointment in Shen Nan’s heart.

At this very moment, the only thing he wished was for his sister to survive. Even if they had to return to their ordinary lives in the past, it would be better than him being left all alone.

Shen Nan asked softly, “Do you want to lie down and rest?”

Shen Mengqi shook her head gently and stood where she was obstinately. She struggled to open her eyes and watch the entrance, as though she was waiting for something.

She knew that if she were to lie down now, there was a chance she wouldn’t get up again.

The night darkened gradually.

Finally, a familiar figure appeared at the entrance.

Green robes, black hair and a set of elegant features.

That person had once accompanied her through countless warm and happy times.

Now, he had returned to send her off for her final journey.

Shen Mengqi said softly, “Take me there.”

After a long silence, Su Zimo replied, “Alright.”

Waving his robes, he brought along Shen Mengqi who was not far away and soared into the skies, disappearing into the night above the skies of Ping Yang Town.

Before long, the two of them descended in a small valley.

Spring was blossoming right now and all life was flourishing. Against the hazy night skies, sprouts and leaves could be seen swaying gently.

There was even the sound of spring water trickling peacefully in the valley.

Such a scenery was nothing much in the cultivation world.

Major sects would typically look for places with rich spirit qi to set up their bases, such as places flourishing with flora, places with vast clouds and skies, places with towering waterfalls, places with billowing smoke or places with rainbows…

Those were places that mortals could not reach.

There was naturally no way this valley could compare to the beauty of those. However, it had an advantage in how realistic it was with gentle breezes, the chirps of birds and insects as well as the trickling sounds of water…

In the clamor of the mortal world filled with strife, this was considered as a rare paradise that was serene and beautiful.

The two of them discovered this place by accident when they were young and regarded is a paradise hidden from the world; this was a place that belonged to the two of them and they never discussed it with anyone else.

Apart from the time when Su Zimo went to study, this was the place where both of them visited the most.

They spent countless nights lying side by side on a small peak in the valley, gazing at the skies and the endless stars, dreaming about their future.

Shen Mengqi had once said, “If we turn old and die one day, I want to be buried here.”

Right now, she was here.

Su Zimo placed Shen Mengqi on the grass fields in silence with an indifferent expression. However, a hint of a conflicted emotion flickered through his eyes.

He no longer had any attachments towards Shen Mengqi.

The moment she decided to leave eight years ago, that was the end of their relationship.

However, witnessing her meet with such an end, Su Zimo could not help but feel a surge of sympathy and pity in his heart.

Shen Mengqi was not bad by nature.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have helped Su Zimo beg for mercy eight years ago or remind him to be wary of Zhou Dingyun.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have gone against Perfected Being Cang Lang eight years after, resulting in her death.

She was not suited by nature to survive in the cruel cultivation world.

Even if Perfected Being Cang Lang did not harm her, she would have met with her demise sooner or later.

She was ruined by that immortal fate.

“Zimo, actually I haven’t been living a happy life in the past eight years of cultivation. I’ve had enough of the conniving cultivation world and its cruelty and coldness.”

Shen Mengqi laid beside Su Zimo’s legs and gazed at the stars above, murmuring softly with a dazed expression.

“I’ve often thought about how great the past was, carefree without worries.”

“Even if I was merely accompanying you and watching you study in silence.”

“We were together everyday and made so many, so many wishes…”

As she talked about the wishes, Shen Mengqi smiled unknowingly and her eyes flickered with light.

However, those lights dimmed before long.

“But, later on…”

Shen Mengqi’s voice got softer as she continued.

Su Zimo listened silently the entire time.

As daybreak approached, the stars in the skies disappeared bit by bit.

“Those stars… are so beautiful. Unfortunately, I won’t… be able to see them again.”

Slowly, Shen Mengqi closed her eyes.

They never opened again.

The power of the Spirit Lock Flower was gone by now.

Channeling spirit energy, he swept his sleeves.

A human-shaped grave appeared on the ground and although mud and dust flew everywhere, none of it touched Shen Mengqi.

Su Zimo placed Shen Mengqi into the grave. Just as he was about to fill the grave back with mud, he paused.

His face was slightly lowered and his gaze was calm. He did not move at all, remaining silent.

He stood there quietly.

A long time later, a ray of sunlight purged away the remnant darkness of the night.

Within the grave, Shen Mengqi was like a young girl in a peaceful deep sleep. She seemed like she was one with the valley.

Under the ray of sunlight, two streams of tears flowed down from the corners of the girl’s eyes.

The tears were clear and transparent, reflecting a figure in green robes.

The tears fell along with the figure they reflected, buried together with this young girl in this valley for all eternity.

Finally, Su Zimo took a deep breath and waved his sleeves, burying the grave.

He turned around.

Not far away, Shen Nan stood with tears streaming down his face bearing a look of misery.

From this day forth, he no longer had any kin in this world.

Initially, Shen Nan’s heart was filled with fear towards Su Zimo.

At that moment, he had lost all sense of reasoning as he yelled at Su Zimo, “What did she do wrongly? What reason was there for her to reject the opportunity of an immortal ascension presented to her? Who could reject it?”

“Why did things end up as such? Why…”

Shen Nan bawled and screamed from the depths of his heart in a frenzied manner.

At that moment, he even wished that Su Zimo could kill him so that he wouldn’t have to endure such misery anymore.

Walking towards the outside of the valley, Su Zimo paused for a brief moment when he passed by Shen Nan and said softly, “She wasn’t wrong. It was fate that was wrong.”

Shen Nan froze for a moment before stumbling to sit down weakly.

Su Zimo left and disappeared before long.

Upon returning to Ping Yang Town, Su Zimo walked along the long street and looked at his familiar surroundings. Suddenly, a surge of emotions gushed through his heart.

Everything began here.

Because of an immortal fate, Su Zimo, Shen Mengqi and Perfected Being Cang Lang’s fates were changed.

Eight years later, everything ended here.

It was as though everything was predestined.

It was until now that Su Zimo was certain that he had truly let go of Shen Mengqi and the past.

He had no resentment, hatred, sadness or joy.

The past between the both of them was buried within that valley.

All the grievances of the past had been stuck in Su Zimo’s mind like a rock and settled down for eight years. Now, everything was finally gone completely, crushed into dust.

In a single night, he severed his fate from the past and ended his karma, attaining clarity in his mind!

The spirit sea within his dantian surged and formed massive waves.

Su Zimo could sense that the opportunity for him to enter the Golden Core realm had arrived.

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