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Chapter 504: Life Payment

The entire battle lasted for less than a hundred breaths.

Standing where she was, Shen Mengqi looked at everything in a daze and her mouth was slightly agape, unable to close for the longest time.

This was eight years in the making.

The young man who Perfected Being Cang Lang regarded as an ant back in this town, the person whose life’s honors were removed, had now grown to such a point.

Eight years ago, that young man’s dignity was trampled by Perfected Being Cang Lang and he was bullied, even nearly killed by the latter.

Eight years later, Perfected Being Cang Lang was now being dragged by the young man of the past across the ground, defenseless like a dead dog.

Eight years ago, when Perfected Being Cang Lang descended, all the mortals of Ping Yang Town knelt down except for a single person who stood upright and proudly.

Shen Mengqi could clearly remember chasing after the young man that day, questioning him loudly, “Why aren’t you keeling? What does it matter if you kneel down for a while?”

The young man replied, “It doesn’t matter, but I am not willing to.”

Eight years later, that same unyielding young man yanked Perfected Being Cang Lang down from the clouds and trampled the latter into the mud of the mortal world!

Arriving before Shen Mengqi, Su Zimo relented his grip and tossed Perfected Being Cang Lang onto the ground. The was yet another yell as the latter convulsed with a pale expression.

“Su Zimo, w-what are you trying to do?”

Perfected Being Cang Lang’s eyes were filled with fright.

With a calm expression, Su Zimo looked at Shen Mengqi and said, “Since he destroyed your core formation, I’ll help you cripple his cultivation!”


When he heard that, Perfected Being Cang Lang’s hairs stood on end and he shrieked.


Su Zimo stomped down fiercely on Perfected Being Cang Lang’s abdomen.

How terrifying was Su Zimo’s physique?

He had the strength to snap a supreme-grade spirit weapon directly!

That single stomp was something that Perfected Being Cang Lang’s body could not endure.

His abdomen was torn right through as grisly fresh blood gushed forth from that mess of flesh.

However, that was only the wound on his physical body. Perfected Being Cang Lang’s Golden Core was also smashed and more than two hundred years of cultivation was lost in a single moment!

Perfected Being Cang Lang coughed huge mouthfuls of blood with an ashen expression.

With his Golden Core smashed, his cultivation was crippled and that was a feeling even more terrible than death!

His appearance was turning old rapidly.

Right now, Perfected Being Cang Lang was more than two hundred years ago. The reason why he looked like a middle-aged man was because he had formed his Golden Core and his lifespan was extended.

However, with the destruction of his Golden Core, his powers were gone as well and he could no longer withstand the power of time.

Perfected Being Cang Lang’s hair started turning white and his skin lost its luster.

This was the same for demons.

After demons form cores, their lifetime’s cultivations would be stored within their Inner Cores.

With the Inner Cores, demons could take on human form and even speak in human tongues.

However, if their Inner Cores were removed, they would lose their demonic powers and those that took on human form would revert to their original state while losing the ability to speak in human tongues.

Su Zimo was no longer looking at the groaning and dying Perfected Being Cang Lang on the ground. He walked straight to the edge of the courtyard and squatted down to observe.

Not long later, he stood up and continued walking around the perimeter of the formation.

From time to time, he would stop and step down gently.

When he left, there would be a footprint at where he stood, surrounded by web-like cracks.

At the center of the footprints, there was a spirit stone that was dim without light, crushed by Su Zimo.

Shen Mengqi understood what was happening.

Su Zimo was dispelling the formation.

With every single footstep, he was crushing a formation eye!

The light surrounding the formation began to dim gradually.

The formation that Tan Hao claimed to be able to trap Golden Cores for up to five days was destroyed in less than 15 minutes by Su Zimo!

This was the second Extreme Foundation Establishment Cultivator in history.

The number one Weapon Refinement Master of Great Zhou.

Formation Master…

Was there anything he couldn’t achieve?

Suddenly, Shen Mengqi came to a realization – Su Zimo had not changed the entire time. He was still that Brother Zimo from her childhood who could do everything, the pride of Ping Yang Town.

The one who changed was herself.

The reason why life was cruel wasn’t because it was short, but because there was no way of redoing things.

For certain people and things, losing them would be for a lifetime.

Gazing quietly at that figure not far away, Shen Mengqi’s eyes were fixed the entire time.

She did not have much time left.

Before long, the formation lights dissipated into the night and the formation was dispelled, revealing the skies to them once more.

The night was hazy and the moon was bright with few stars.

Although a massive battle had just broken out at the Shen family, it was quiet in the town.

Most of the mortals in the town were already awake due to the shock.

However, how would any of them dare to show their faces in a fight between immortals!

Everyone hid under their beds and clutched their blankets tightly, praying that they wouldn’t be implicated.

Turning around, Su Zimo whisked up the groveling Perfected Being Cang Lang and turned to leave the Su Zimo, heading for his own residence.

Shen Mengqi’s body swayed as she looked at Su Zimo’s leaving back view, almost stumbling.

The door at the side opened with a creak and a middle-aged man ran over frightfully with a look of trepidation. Supporting Shen Mengqi, he asked dearly, “Mengqi, are you alright?”

The man was Shen Nan – he was hiding in the room and did not dare reveal himself.

“If I hadn’t followed master and left back then, perhaps things might not be this way right now,”

Shen Mengqi’s condition was getting worse and her consciousness was fluttering as she murmured to herself.

“I was the one who caused myself to be in this state today. There’s no one else to blame,”

“Immortal fate? That’s nothing but a dream…”

Alarmed and afraid, Shen Nan hugged Shen Mengqi’s swaying body and asked, “Mengqi, what’s happening to you? Don’t scare me! Everything is in the past and it isn’t your fault…”

Before he could finish, Shen Mengqi turned and looked at him with a dazed expression, tears pouring down her face.

“Shen Nan, I regret everything.”

After eight years, Su Zimo’s residence hasn’t undergone much changes.

Dragging Perfected Being Cang Lang, he leaped and landed in the courtyard.

The cherry flowers were blooming in the center of the courtyard.

In this short period of time, Perfected Being Cang Lang’s hair had already turned completely white and his breathing was weak.

Blood flowed continuously from that massive wound on his abdomen. Coupled with the fact that his Golden Core and cultivation was destroyed, Perfected Being Cang Lang was aging at an extremely fast rate!

One after another, wrinkles appeared as though they were etched on his face as his sockets sunk. His eyeballs were cloudy and were almost at the end of their lives.

Throwing Perfected Being Cang Lang to the side of the peach blossom tree, Su Zimo asked, “Do you know why I brought you here?”

Perfected Being Cang Lang no longer had the strength to talk. By now, he knew that he was going to die for sure today and could only glare at Su Zimo venomously.

“Eight years ago, you burned Zhui Feng in front of me. Even though it was a spirit beast, I viewed it as a kin,”

Gripping his fists, Su Zimo said coldly, “Zhui Feng’s ashes are buried beneath this peach blossom tree. The moment I buried them, I said that one fine day, I will use your blood and rinse it here!”

Suddenly, Perfected Being Cang Lang’s gaze turned incomparably conflicted.

There was hatred, regret, fear and reluctance…

“Eight years ago, if it wasn’t for Zhui Feng, I would have died under your True Fire,”

Su Zimo grabbed Perfected Being Cang Lang’s head and snarled word after word with a cold intent, “Cang Lang, pay with your life!”


Extending his fingernails, Su Zimo sliced across Perfected Being Cang Lang’s throat viciously!

Fresh blood splashed out and sprayed at the foot of the peach blossom tree.

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