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Chapter 495: Terrifying Physique

Sensing the seven ancient demons that were revolving around him, Su Zimo gained a semblance of realization.

There were already seven demon kings up till this point of his cultivation.

In other words, five more had yet to appear.

The limits of his cultivation of the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness should be when all twelve demon kings appeared!

Su Zimo did not know who were the other five demon kings.

In the mystic classic that Die Yue left him, the Yin Spirit section was a mystery.

Given his current cultivation realm, he could not understand it at all.

A blood-red Inner Core swiveled slowly within his chest.

Su Zimo could barely contain the joy in his eyes and merely gripped his fists gently. With every single action he took, he could sense the massive power coming from each part of his body that seemed to be able to crush mountains!

It was a leap in quality!

Su Zimo withdrew a supreme-grade flying sword from his storage bag and injected spirit energy to it.

The sword shone brightly with a cold intent.

Su Zimo flicked the blade with his finger gently.


The blade quivered.

The clash of his flesh and a supreme-grade flying sword had actually caused the sound of metal clashing to be emitted!

Circulating his spirit energy fully, the spirit sea in Su Zimo’s dantian surged and nine spirit meridians appeared.

He took a deep breath of air and with a blazing gaze, struck the supreme-grade flying sword heavily against his arm!


The flying sword was repelled.

His arm was completely fine.

Although Su Zimo had not managed to cultivate a Golden Core in his immortality cultivation yet, he was at the legendary Extreme Foundation Establishment realm. At full power, his strength was comparable to an early-stage Golden Core.

Right now, the sword did not even leave a single mark on his arm!

Even the old immortal crane was shocked when she saw that.

The most resilient parts of a demon’s body were mostly their fangs and claws.

If a supreme-grade flying sword couldn’t even penetrate Su Zimo’s flesh, a perfect spirit weapon might not be able to hurt his bones as well!

If that was the case, it was even less likely that his organs could be injured.

The old immortal crane was certain that Su Zimo’s body was even stronger than pure-blooded ferocious beasts at Golden Core realm!

That was because she was a pure-blooded ferocious bird herself.

Su Zimo had just formed his Inner Core and yet, he was already in possession of such a terrifying physique. If he were to continue cultivating and arrive at the limits of core formation…

The old immortal crane did not dare to imagine.


Right then, a crisp sound rang out from Su Zimo’s cave abode!

The old immortal crane’s pupils constricted and her heart skipped a beat.

Su Zimo was holding onto the dim shards of a broken sword with both palms.

The supreme-grade flying sword from earlier on was snapped by his bare hands!


The old immortal crane was a little stunned and her eyes widened while her mouth opened.

She suddenly recalled the little mysterious pitch-black beast of unknown origins that Su Zimo had brought back four years ago.

As she thought about the terrifying fangs and claws of that little mysterious beast, she could not help but lament, “This lad’s physique is probably comparable to Night Spirit by now.”

Until now, she did not know of Night Spirit’s origins.

“Both of them are monsters!”

The old immortal crane could not help but add another remark mentally.

Compared to Su Zimo and Night Spirit, her bloodline as a pure-blooded ferocious bird was akin to the bloodline of a domestic fowl…

In the cave abode.

Looking at the broken sword in his palms, Su Zimo thought about that fateful night when Die Yue imparted to him the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness and could not help but go into a daze.

She once mentioned that he had to reach the seventh section, Core Formation, if he wanted to seek revenge from Perfected Being Cang Lang.

Right now, he was there.

Eight years have passed since that night.

His entire journey up till his point had been surreal.

As he recounted the times he spent in the cultivation field back in Ping Yang Town with Die Yue, Su Zimo went silent and gradually entered a trance-like manner.


Suddenly, the voice of the old immortal crane sounded within the cave abode.

“Don’t get distracted. You have just formed a core and you have to continue cultivating to stabilize your cultivation realm!”

Su Zimo jolted awake.

It was only at that moment that he realized how much of a mess his breakthrough had created. His cave abode had already collapsed and dust was rumbling everywhere as debris laid on the ground.

The reason why the other cultivators were not alarmed was due to the pitch-black light barrier in his surroundings.

Su Zimo bowed hurriedly. “Thank you, senior crane.”

He shocked himself with his comment.

His voice had changed completely!

It was loud as a bell and robust, enough to shake one’s mind!

The old immortal crane said gently, “You have to control the power of your Inner Core to a point where it’s natural. Otherwise, how are you going to be able to face other people? Even your voice will be enough to scare them.”

Su Zimo nodded and did not delay it any further. Shrugging his massive body, he assumed a lotus position and continued cultivating.

After forming a core, stabilizing his cultivation realm and controlling the power of his Inner Core was relatively simpler and did not carry any risk.

All he had to do was spend time to feel the Inner Core and familiarize himself with it while getting accustomed to the many changes to his body. At that time, his cultivation realm would stabilize gradually as well.

As time passed by, the phantoms of the seven demon kings surrounding Su Zimo gradually faded.

His body was shrinking as well.

The demonic qi surrounding him gushed into his chest continuously.

In the blink of an eye, three days had passed.

Morning, daybreak.

A ray of sunlight broke through the mist and landed on a clear and elegant face.

His black hair fell casually like a waterfall and swayed gently by itself.

The man’s eyes were closed and the sunlight moved slowly around his body until he was shining from head to toe.

Against the shroud of the sunlight, his body shone with sparkles and was as shiny and flawless as jade.

The man resembled a deity that had just entered the mortal realm and was in a pure silence.

That was a true transformation!

All of a sudden!

The man opened his eyes and two divine lights shone in a dazzling manner that was even more intense than the sunlight!

However, the divine lights faded swiftly as well.

Calmness returned to his eyes.

Lowering his head, the man looked at his body that had returned to normal and nodded in satisfaction. Retrieving a set of green robes from his storage bag, he wore them was more.

The man was Su Zimo who had just formed his core.

Right now, he was already able to master the power of his Inner Core completely!

As long as he did not make use of the power of his Inner Core, even if he channeled his bloodline, Su Zimo’s body would not change in an obvious manner.

Before he knew it, the isolating pitch-black light barrier set by the old immortal crane had already disappeared.

Su Zimo rose and took a deep breath of air, relishing the freshness of the mountains. His entire body was relaxed and every single one of his pores seemed to have opened up.

His cave abode had already turned into ruins and he couldn’t stay in it any longer.

Rising slowly, Su Zimo flew past the ruins and headed outside without a sound.


Suddenly, Su Zimo’s gaze shifted and he exclaimed softly, pausing in his tracks subconsciously.

Outside the ruins, a young girl sat on the ground hugging her knees. Her features were exquisite and she had golden hair, but it was messy and had many curls.

She had not rested for a long time and the girl looked extremely fatigued. Leaning on a cold slab of rock beside the entrance of the ruins, the girl was snoozing.

Su Zimo pondered and understood what happened.

He had created such a huge commotion with his core formation that it must have alarmed many people. Because Nian Qi was worried, she guarded at the entrance and was unwilling to leave.

She was dirty all over and her petite face was filled with specks of dust. However, they could not conceal her moving and peerless features.

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