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Chapter 492: Divine Powers!

Yan Beichen said, “I’m sure I don’t need to elaborate more about the benefits of the ancient battlefield. Both you and I are beneficiaries of them.”

Su Zimo nodded.

If he hadn’t entered the ancient battlefield, there was no way he would have cultivated to his current cultivation realm within a short period of time.

Be it the path of immortals or demons, Su Zimo was already half a step through to creating a core!

Furthermore, he wouldn’t have been able to unlock nine spirit meridians and reach the legendary Extreme Foundation Establishment realm!

He wouldn’t have had a chance to obtain the secret skill, Ancient Dragonification Manual, and the connate spirit weapon, the Coiling Dragon Seal either.

Su Zimo had truly benefited way too much from the elementary ancient battlefield.

“The intermediate ancient battlefield only opens up once every 100 years and the Unusual Phenomenon Ranking refreshes once per 100 years as well.”

Yan Beichen continued, “Apart from fame throughout the cultivation world, the higher one’s name was on the ranking list, the more benefits they would obtain. There’s a very high chance for one to obtain a massive opportunity and skyrocket from that point!”

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat and he suddenly asked, “Senior, what was your ranking on the Unusual Phenomenon Ranking in the past?”

“Number one,”

Yan Beichen replied calmly, as though he was recounting something that couldn’t be any more normal.

All of a sudden!

Both Su Zimo and Yan Beichen sensed something and turned around, gazing into the distance.

On a mountain peak, the old immortal crane stood with bedazzling green feathers that burned with fiery flames; its body seemed to have gotten much larger than before.

The red crown on its head seemed like it was a massive fireball!

It had broken through!

The old immortal crane was already a Void Reversion pure-blooded ferocious bird to begin with. Now that it advanced a step further, it was akin to a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord of the human race and had broken through the restraints of heaven and earth, breaking free from its imminent crisis of an expiring lifespan!

Demons had an extremely different cultivation method from humans and they did not have early, mid and late-stages to their major cultivation realms.

Therefore, demons would usually be stuck in a major realm for a long time and could not break through for hundreds or thousands of years.

The good thing was that demons were innately strong from birth and they had a much longer than humans on the same cultivation realm.

For example, the old immortal crane had been stuck in the Void Reversion realm for more than a thousand years!

However, once a demon achieves a breakthrough and breaks free of the shackles of heaven and earth, it would mean that they have advanced a major cultivation realm and their increase in strength would be utterly frightening!

Prior to this, the old immortal crane had no chance of winning against Blood Crow Palace’s Lord.

But now that the old immortal crane had advanced and was equivalent to a human Dharma Characteristic, she could kill the Palace Lord with ease!


The old immortal crane opened its eyes and reared its head into the skies, crying.

It was a piercing screech that reverberated through the world!

An extremely terrifying aura burst forth from the peak of Ethereal Peak and started spreading out!

All five peaks were shaken!

The ancient forest shook and all the living beings within the radius of 500 kilometers sprawled on the ground, silent with fear!

Instantly, the entire world went silent.

Even the air around Ethereal Peak went still and the clouds stopped floating.

Yan Beichen’s pupils constricted slightly.

Even he was feeling some slight palpitations through that power!

“Innate divine powers!”

Yan Beichen took a deep breath of air and murmured, “Is that what divine powers are like? It’s truly strong!”

“What are divine powers?”

Su Zimo could not help but ask.

Up till this point of his cultivation, he had only heart of spirit arts and Dharmic arts that were above the former. However, he had never heard of divine powers.

“Divine powers are even more terrifying than spirit and Dharmic arts!”

“Simply put, divine powers goes beyond one’s imagination and are the type of methods you only hear of in legends!”

Su Zimo was shocked to hear this.

It was even more terrifying than spirit and Dharmic arts!

Yan Beichen said slowly, “Lifting mountains and chasing the moon, that’s a divine power. Plucking the stars from the heavens, that’s a divine power. Incinerating the heavens and burning the seas, that’s a divine power. Summoning wind and rain, scattering beans to form troops… those are all divine powers!”

Su Zimo’s mouth opened slightly and he could not contain the shock in his eyes.

One could pluck the stars in the skies, one could boil the oceans and even burn the heavens…

Everything was truly beyond Su Zimo’s imagination.

A brand new cultivation that was vast and incredible started forming in his mind; it was something that invigorated him and made him look forward to!

Suddenly, Su Zimo realized…

Although he had already started cultivating a long time ago, he had only just begun on the long path of cultivation.

“How do you cultivate divine powers?”

Su Zimo asked excitedly.

Shaking his head gently, Yan Beichen replied, “You are too far from divine powers and even I’m unable to cultivate them. Void Reversions are known as Dao Beings. Thereafter comes the Dharma Characteristic realm where they are known as Dao Lords. Even after that is the Conjoint Body realm where one will be known as a Mighty Figure. Lastly, they will reach the Mahayana realm and be known as Patriarchs!”

“One is only qualified to cultivate the art of divine powers when they are at the Mahayana realm.”

Su Zimo was a little disappointed.

He was only at Foundation Establishment realm right now and even the Void Reversion realm was far from his reaches, let alone the Mahayana realm.

However, on second thought, he exclaimed softly and asked with a frown, “However, senior crane has just broken through and is only equivalent to a Dharma Characteristic. How is she able to comprehend divine powers?”

“That’s because she’s a demon,”

Yan Beichen replied, “After Void Reversion realm, demons would comprehend a divine power with every step they advance thereafter. The purer their bloodline, the more frightening the divine powers they comprehend would be!”

Suddenly, Su Zimo’s eyes shimmered when he heard this as he was enlightened about something.

The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness had a total of nine sections. The seventh section, Core Formation, was equivalent to the human Golden Core realm. The eighth section, Yin Spirit, was equivalent to the Nascent Soul realm and the ninth section, Yang Spirit, was equivalent to the Void Reversion realm.

There was nothing to the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness beyond that.

Initially, Su Zimo could not understand why there were only nine sections to the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness.

But now, he understood that there was no need for any manuals and techniques after the Yang Spirit section.

As long as he made an advancement after that, he would be able to comprehend his own innate divine powers!

Su Zimo asked again, “Demons are already able to comprehend innate divine powers at Dharma Characteristic realm. Since divine powers are so strong, how do human cultivators deal with them?”

Yan Beichen replied, “Once a human enters Dharma Characteristic realm, they would naturally undergo transformations and be able to sense heaven and earth while summoning supreme Dharmic powers. At that point, the heaven and earth dharma characteristics that they conjure would be able to fight against the innate divine powers of the demon race!”

Su Zimo seemed to have an understanding.

It was the same as when demons formed their Inner Cores. At that point, the strength and speed would increase exponentially and their physiques would reach a terrifying level of toughness that weak humans couldn’t fight against.

However, after the elites of the human race formed their Golden Cores, they would be able to produce Golden Core phenomenons.

The immensely powerful phenomenons could enable them to fight against demons!

From the point where they were enslaved in the primordial era to their rise in the ancient era, the cultivation methods of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend Daos of the human race had matured for a long time.

The rise of the human race was definitely not due to luck!

“I’ve already severed my karma, it’s time for me to leave,”

Yan Beichen left a single remark and did not linger further, soaring into the skies before speeding into the distance.

“Little Chen!”

The old immortal crane called out hurriedly when she noticed that.

In the eyes of the younger generation, Yan Beichen was a cold and indifferent old monster.

However, more than a thousand years ago when he joined Ethereal Peak, he was still a child.

The old immortal crane had seen him grow up and advance step by step.

Yan Beichen’s figure staggered for a brief moment but did not turn back. He continued heading forward and disappeared into the horizons before long.

When he saw that, Su Zimo came to a sudden realization.

The reason why Ethereal Peak lingered so long in Ethereal Peak after the battle was not merely because of him.

Yan Beichen was worried about the old immortal crane’s safety and was actually defending her in silence here!

Given Yan Beichen’s character, he would definitely not admit to something like this.

The old immortal crane had a conflicted expression and sighed gently.

Su Zimo could vaguely sense that there was something more as to why Yan Beichen betrayed Ethereal Peak and joined the fiend sect, Asura Sect, more than a thousand years ago.

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