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Chapter 489: Saber Test

Everyone from Ethereal Peak exchanged glances speechlessly.

When they recalled how firm Yan Beichen was in rejecting the Blood Crow Palace’s Lord’s request in taking Su Zimo away, their minds starting reeling.

The attitude of the fiend sects’ Asura towards Su Zimo was rather strange.

It did not seem as though he merely cherished the fact that Su Zimo was at Extreme Foundation Establishment.

“Is he thinking of taking Su Zimo with him to Asura Sect?”

A Grand Elder frowned in deep worry.

After all, Su Zimo’s potential was way too great and there was a chance that Ethereal Peak would rise in glory if he remained in the sect!

“Let’s not think too much about it. Even if that’s what he wants, there’s nothing we can do and there’s no one who can stop him either.”

“That’s right.”

In the void not far away.

Everyone from the royal family of Great Zhou watched on with shocked expressions, taking a long time to recover.

Ethereal Peak suffered great losses for that battle.

However, the remaining cultivators, be it at Foundation Establishment, Golden Core or Nascent Soul realm, had gone through the baptism of blood and life and death and would definitely grow to be the strongest supports of Ethereal Peak in the future!

This calamity would only cause Ethereal Peak to turn even stronger!

Without any accidents, the old immortal crane would also advance a step further to become a Dharma Characteristic ferocious bird.

One could almost predict that Ethereal Peak’s reputation would grow after this battle and many cultivators in the territory of Great Zhou would head over due to their great name.

Ethereal Peak would rise swiftly!

As for the other four major sects, they would have to leave with defeated spirits.

Not withstanding the fact that their Void Reversions were dead, they had countless Nascent Souls, Golden Cores and Foundation Establishment Cultivators who were severely injured or dead as well – it was a great loss for their sects.

Be it their cultivators of the younger generations or their top experts, the four major sects won’t be able to challenge Ethereal Peak any longer.

“The fact that they were not annihilated despite the circumstances is proof of how much providence is shining on them. At the very least, for the next thousand years, Ethereal Peak’s position would most likely be unshakable!”

The Emperor of Great Zhou lamented.

Upon returning to the capital, he was prepared to send cultivators over to Ethereal Peak with a huge gift of plenty of elixirs.

“Let’s return,”

Waving his arm, the emperor led the crowd back.

Su Zimo followed Yan Beichen into Thunderclap Valley.

Waving his arm, Yan Beichen set up a barrier that isolated the sounds of rumbling thunder outside. Thereafter, he turned to look at Su Zimo quietly with a scrutinizing gaze.

“You were the one that obtained the secret skill inside the Mystic Gold Silk Armor?” Suddenly, Yan Beichen asked.

Su Zimo nodded. “Thank you, senior.”

Yan Beichen pouted his lips. “The Void Thunder Manual is a secret skill that’s said to be the Thunder Emperor’s compilation of his life’s work before his ascension back then. Unfortunately, I only managed to obtain a page of it in the ancient battlefield.”

The Thunder Emperor!

It was no wonder why the demonic qi in Su Zimo’s bloodline could be purged just through the mantra of a single page.

It was because the Void Thunder Manual had such a powerful origin!

A moment later, Yan Beichen asked, “You were the one who obtained the Saber Emperor’s inheritance in the ancient battlefield?”

“I was,”

Su Zimo admitted to it.

The Sea Calming Manual had been lost for many years and it was normal that the cultivators of the Great Zhou Dynasty could not recognize it.

However, Asura Sect was one of the super sects of Tianhuang Mainland and Yan Beichen who was before him was an expert at the Void Reversion realm. It was only natural that Su Zimo’s saber technique was recognized by the latter.

All of a sudden!

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat and he recalled the thought that he did not complete earlier on.

A thousand years ago, the Saber Mountain Spirit Sea, Asura Sect, paragon who used a saber…

All the clues that were laid out before him pointed out to an incident in the past clearly.

“Senior, you… were the Asura Sect paragon who obtained the Saber Emperor’s inheritance from the ancient battlefield a thousand years ago, the Tidal Manual?” Su Zimo blurted out.

Yan Beichen nodded.

Suddenly, Su Zimo was enlightened.

It was no wonder why Yan Beichen stared at him earlier on with such an odd expression as though he was looking at a successor of the younger generation.

It was not only because he was a disciple of Ethereal Peak and had obtained the Void Thunder Manual.

It was because one after another, they obtained the inheritance of the Saber Emperor as well!

“Go on, attack. Let me see how much of the Saber Emperor’s inheritance you managed to comprehend!”

Yan Beichen raised his palm lightly and endless spirit qi gathered towards his palm.

In the blink of an eye, it condensed into a sinister saber.

No longer speaking, Yan Beichen attacked immediately after.

Su Zimo’s reaction was extremely fast and he whipped out his Blood Quencher. Attacking upwards, he released the Sea Calming Manual’s Countercurrent right away.


The two sabers collided and let out a crisp sound, causing sparks to fly everywhere.

The power of the attack was not heavy.

Su Zimo could clearly feel that Yan Beichen had repressed his power countless times in order to test his saber!

Yan Beichen’s attack had already reached the level of force.

After that attack, Yan Beichen was expressionless and flicked his wrist; the next attack had already arrived stealthily.

His saber technique was blurry and unpredictable, yet, its killing aura was instantaneous and shuddering!

“Not good!”

Su Zimo’s heart almost exploded.

Against that killing intent, Su Zimo truly thought that Yan Beichen was about to kill him!

Instinctively, he unleashed his spirit wings and was about to retreat backwards.

However, the moment his spirit wings were summoned, they dissipated and turned into specks of light that scattered in the void.

Needless to think, that must have been done by Yan Beichen!

Su Zimo buckled his knees and channeled his bloodline, wanting to dodge backwards.

Immediately after, to his horror, he realized that there seemed to be three walls erected on his left, right and back – he could not move and could only stand motionlessly on the spot.

“Use your saber!”

Yan Beichen’s voice sounded coldly, “Or die!”

Nobody could question the killing intent of the fiend sects’ Asura.

He had said previously that there was nobody he couldn’t and wouldn’t dare to kill in the world!

An Asura did not require reason to kill.

Yan Beichen’s attack was one of the stances from Asura Saber.

Asura Sect’s fiend heir, Bai Yu, had used it before in the ancient battlefield as well and it was the exact same move.

However, although they were exact, the might that was produced from Yan Beichen was worlds apart!

That attack was ethereal and was imperceivable.

Although Su Zimo felt so terrible he wanted to throw up, he had nowhere to retreat!

Taking a deep breath, Su Zimo composed himself and closed his eyes instead, choosing to follow his heart. Suddenly, he slashed out at the void before him!

It was the Ripple stance of Sea Calming Manual.

The entire void seemed to drawn in by that slash and spirit qi swirled, as though it was creating a massive vortex.

Under Yan Beichen’s pressure, the Vortex stance had also reached the level of force!

Although the saber was only slashing at an empty spot, it possessed a centrifugal power of attraction that instantly broke through Yan Beichen’s Asura Saber’s intent state.

The initially imperceivable saber was now appearing.


The two sabers collided once more and retraced upon a single contact.

A subtle hint of admiration could be seen flickering through Yan Beichen’s eyes.

“Carry on!”

His voice was still cold as ever without any emotions.

The Sea Calming Manual was a saber technique comprehended by the Saber Emperor at the seaside. Be it in terms of toughness or flexibility, it was majestic and overbearing, unlike Asura Saber.

Asura Saber was a technique that was purely created for killing and every single move was sinister and lethal!

The two different techniques, one righteous and one evil, were supreme secret skills in the Dao of the saber.

Yan Beichen continued attacking in succession and the angles of his attacks were tricky; they withdrew, lifted or were hidden…

Every single attack was filled with boundless imagination that left one speechless!

Against such a saber technique, Su Zimo could only deal with them using the Ripple stance of the Sea Calming Manual, fighting gentleness with gentleness.

Su Zimo’s Ripple stance turned increasingly mature against that immense pressure and a saber force that was akin to ripples on the surface of water started to appear gradually…

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