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Chapter 485: Killing Indiscriminately!

“Asura, you should know of my background. Let’s each take a step back,”

The Palace Lord said with a dark gaze, “All I want to do is take away that Foundation Establishment lad. That has nothing to do with you. If you continue pushing your luck…”

Before the Palace Lord could finish, the black-robed man let out an impatient expression and interrupted, “I want to push my luck. What can you do about it?”

Everyone was in an uproar!

He was way too savage!

He did not leave the other party a single way out at all!

“His reputation truly precedes him. It’s no wonder why he was invincible across the Foundation Establishment and Golden Core realms on Tianhuang Mainland back then. He’s truly way too savage,” Xuan Yi lamented.

The disheveled old man sighed. “He is fearless even when the Great Zhou royalty does not dare to interfere. He’s truly incredible.”

“It’s just a pity that he has turned into a fiend, otherwise…” Liu Hui did not continue but her meaning was clear.

At this point of his cultivation, Su Zimo was no longer as resistant and negative towards the fiend sects.

Iridescent Clouds Palace, Southern Mountains Sect, True Fire Sect and Azure Frost Sect could be considered to be part of the immortal sects as well. They were self-proclaimed to be righteous and viewed slaying demons and fiends as their responsibilities.

But now that Ethereal Peak was in trouble, those sects chose to take advantage of the opportunity and kick it while it was down and out. How were their actions different from the ‘fiends’?

The black-robed man was someone of Asura Sect, a fiend sect. Yet, upon knowing that Ethereal Peak was in danger, he rushed over here from thousands of miles away across the Middle Continent and North Region!

Who were the true immortals and who were the true fiends?

Su Zimo found himself agreeing more and more with Demoness Ji’s words.

The Dao of fiends was not the Dao of evil, but one of obsession and extremity!

At that moment, the disheveled old man asked, “The sect has severed connections with that man a long time ago. Who was the one who informed him?”

“That’s right,”

Xuan Yi exclaimed softly, “I heard that Asura Sect is situated in the Middle Continent of Tianhuang Mainland and is most likely millions of miles away from Ethereal Peak. Even for a Void Reversion at full speed, they would need close to a year to arrive. How did he manage to get here in time?”

Sect Master Ling Yun’s heart was filled with the same doubt.

Didn’t that mean that someone had managed to locate the black-robed man a year ago and told him the news of the possible calamity that was about to befall Ethereal Peak?

Ling Yun was certain that nobody in Ethereal Peak, including the old immortal crane, had contacted the black-robed man.

Who was it then that managed to spread the news over to him?

Su Zimo was curious as well when he heard the discussions of the peak masters.

At that moment, a gaze lingered on him for a brief moment.

Sensing it, Su Zimo looked up into the air.

In midair, a woman in a gauze top had appeared unknowingly. She was not a cultivator of Ethereal Peak and had extremely ordinary looks. However, her figure was voluptuous and curvy; a single look was enough to seduce anyone.

Su Zimo had never seen that woman before.

However, for some reason, he felt a sense of familiarity.

He went deep in thought.

Above the clouds, the black-robed man was overbearing and instantly, the Palace Lord’s expression turned extremely terrible.

Right now, he was in a difficult position.

The Palace Lord declared coldly, “Asura, although you’re the titular successor of the fiend sects, all of us are at Void Reversion realm and I’m even someone of the witch race. We’re not going to be afraid of you!”

“That’s right!”

True Fire Sect’s Dao Being Liao Yuan said deeply, “There’s four of us Void Reversions here, don’t go overboard, fellow Daoist!”

Southern Mountains Sect’s Dao Being Lao Yang and Azure Frost Sect’s Dao Being Han Ming looked at the black-robed man with cold gazes; they were tense and ready to strike at any moment.

“You’re still not leaving?”

The black-robed man’s eyes were initially closed. However, they suddenly opened up and he spoke.

That sentence was uncalled for and sounded ridiculous. Yet, the Palace Lord and the other three of them felt chills run down their spines as their pupils constricted.

Raising his head, the black-robed man had an indifferent gaze. “Very well, don’t leave then. All of you can stay here!”

Before he finished his sentence, his glabella shone and he sent forth another killing move!

Asuras don’t open their eyes but if they do, they kill!

Instantly, the world changed.

The black-robed man did not do anything and his glabella merely shone with a blood-colored light, but a sea of blood instantly appeared in the void, emitting a nauseating stench as it surged towards the Palace Lord and everyone else!

Those methods had already surpassed the knowledge of Su Zimo and the other Golden Cores.

This was a fight between the Essence Spirits!

A faint green light shone from the Palace Lord’s glabella and a gigantic, menacing skull was formed in midair.

It opened its bloodied mouth and swallowed the sea of blood in huge mouthfuls, the same way a whale swallowed water as though it wanted to devour the entire sea!

At the same time.

The glabellas of Dao Being Han Ming, Dao Being Lao Yang and Dao Being Liao Yuan shone brightly as their spirit consciousnesses were released, conjuring multiple phenomenons.


A massive fireball that was like a blazing sun surged towards the blood sea.


A mountain materialized and descended, attempting to suppress the raging tides of the blood sea.


Snow filled the entire place and froze everything!

Layers of frost appeared on the surface of the blood sea.

It was an attack of the spirit consciousnesses!

These were killing moves that could only be used after entering the Void Reversion realm!

By conjuring phenomenons with their spirit consciousnesses, these were corporeal illusions that attacked the other party’s Essence Spirit directly!

The defending cultivator could only block them with their own spirit consciousnesses.

A fight between Essence Spirits was extremely dangerous and a single misstep would lead to death!

Previously, Dao Being Jing Ming of Iridescent Clouds Palace was attacked by the black-robed man’s spirit consciousness and instantly, his head exploded and his Essence Spirit was destroyed, resulting in his death!


Right now, the black-robed man was fearless despite facing four opponents. Shouting, his eyes shone ferociously and he exuded a shuddering killing intent!

In midair, the gigantic skull was swallowing the blood sea at a much slower speed and was shivering.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

A series of cracks appeared on the surface of the skull.

The Palace Lord’s expression changed.

At the same time, a sinister roar echoed from the depths of the blood sea!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The ice on the surface of the sea suddenly cracked as one after another, corpses with terrifying auras whirled their fists and destroyed the frost. Leaping out of the sea, they roared from the depths of their throats and floated in the blood sea.

It was a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood!

No matter which faction they were from, all the cultivators in the vicinity of Ethereal Peak felt chills upon seeing that.

Those methods were truly shocking and struck fear through everyone!

The blood sea surged and created massive waves, threatening to devour the entire world as it howled!

Dao Being Han Ming gasped.


The fireball in midair was drowned by the blood sea and its flames were extinguished.

Dao Being Liao Yuan shuddered and blood drained from his face.

In the spirit consciousness of Dao Being Liao Yuan’s glabella, an Essence Spirit with his exact appearance burned with dense flames. Gradually, it dimmed and the flames on its body were extinguished.

Dao Being Liao Yuan’s lifeforce was severed as he fell from midair.

He was dead!

Even though he was fighting against four people, the black-robed man managed to kill a Void Reversion in reverse!


A thunderous bang sounded from the unyielding mountain in the middle of the blood sea as it was attacked by the corpses repeatedly.

Before long, the mountain crumbled and was devoured by the blood sea.

At the same time, Dao Being Lao Yang’s Essence Spirit exploded in his spirit consciousness!

He was devoured by the blood sea and turned into one of its corpses.

Another Void Reversion had fallen!

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