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Chapter 483: Black-Robed Man

“Leaving no one alive?”

Suddenly, another voice could be heard from above the clouds. It was deep and a little hoarse. Although it wasn’t loud, it reverberated through everyone’s ears!

Who would dare appear at a moment as such?

All the cultivators looked over instinctively.

From the horizons, a man in black robes strode over in an unhurried manner.

Initially, it was just a blurry figure. However, he arrived in the blink of an eye!

Everyone on the battlefield was surprised.

That person walked extremely slowly as though he was taking a leisure stroll. However, by arriving instantly, he created a strong visual impact!

Now that he was so close, everyone could finally see clearly.

He had long shoulder-length black hair that fell freely like a waterfall. His face was extremely sharp and angled and he possessed a frosty expression, emitting an aura that was equally cold.

For some reason, after the black-robed man appeared, everyone on the black-robed man, including the five Void Reversions above the clouds, felt a sense of trepidation!

There was no reason behind it.

They merely felt fear and trepidation upon seeing that man!

Be it the Golden Core, Nascent Soul or Void Reversion battlefield, all the cultivators stopped what they were doing and looked over instinctively.

“You’ve… come,”

The old immortal crane had a conflicted expression and sighed gently when she saw who it was.

It was clear from the old immortal crane’s tone that she knew the person.

Everyone from Ethereal Peak, Sect Master Ling Yun included, were in a daze.

“It’s him!”

Suddenly, among the dozens of Ethereal Peak Nascent Souls left, an old man who was clearly at the end of his life exclaimed, glaring at the black-robed man with his cloudy eyes.

“H-He’s back!”

The Nascent Soul old man shivered emotionally.

“Little Yi, you’ve still got three years to your lifespan,”

Shifting his gaze, the black-robed man looked at the Nascent Soul old man and said calmly.

Little Yi?

Su Zimo and the other cultivators of the younger generation were confused.

However, Sect Master Ling Yun, Xuan Yi and the others shuddered.

The name of that nascent soul was Ning Yi and apart from the old immortal crane, he was the oldest Grand Elder of Ethereal Peak with a lifespan of over 1,000 years!

Golden Cores had lifespans of 500 years.

Nascent Souls had lifespans of 1,000 years.

Void Reversions had lifespans of 5,000 years.

Almost all the cultivators in the generation of that Nascent Soul old man had died of old age, leaving him.

If the black-robed man before them addressed Grand Elder Ning Yi as Little Yi, didn’t that mean that he was even older than the latter?!

The black-robed man should have been someone from more than 1,000 years ago and that was why the generations from Ling Yun onwards did not recognize him.

Ling Yun’s heart skipped a beat when he saw the reaction of the old immortal crane and Grand Elder Ning Yi, as though he recalled something.

“Could it be him?”

Xuan Yi and the other Golden Cores gasped, exchanging glances – they had already guessed it.

Outside Ethereal Peak.

Ji Yaoxue looked at the newcomer with a confused expression and turned to ask, “Father, who is that? He seems to have some sort of a relationship with Ethereal Peak and is rather formidable.”

“I don’t recognize him,”

The emperor shook his head.

Suddenly, his heart skipped a beat as he thought of someone.

Someone that he had never seen before but have heard of from the legends!

The emperor murmured, “Perhaps he should be the only one who would care nothing about the witch race.”

On the other side.

Gu Xi and Demoness Ji heaved sighs of relief when they saw the black-robed man appear.

Clapping, Demoness Ji laughed. “Hehe, this senior still chose to appear!”

Gu Xi said, “With him, there’s nothing to worry about for the Void Reversion battlefield. If I step in to stabilize the Nascent Soul battlefield, they should be able to tide through this calamity.”

“I won’t be heading over since father’s watching from the other side,” Demoness Ji blinked.

Gu Xi nodded and took out a mask from her storage bag. Wearing it on her face, she turned into another person and headed to the battlefield.


Far in the depths of the capital of Great Zhou, an old man sensed something and suddenly opened his eyes. A bright light shone from his glabella and a small person the size of his palm flew out, glowing with a radiance.

It was his Essence Spirit!

A mysterious energy fluctuation spread forth from the radiant little man.

His spirit consciousness was spreading.

A moment later, the radiant little man returned to the old man’s glabella and vanished.

Letting out a long breath, the old man murmured softly, “To think that he would have returned. There’s no wonder why he’s the number one paragon of Great Zhou back then. After not seeing him for 1,000 years, he has already cultivated to that point.”

The skies above Ethereal Peak.

The black-robed man surveyed the surroundings. When he saw the corpses strewn all over, his expression did not change and he merely commented indifferently, “It’s truly been a long time since it was so crowded at Ethereal Peak.”

When they heard that, Xuan Yi and the others were even more certain about this man’s identity.

Su Zimo frowned.

No matter how he looked at it, the black-robed man seemed like he had a deep connection with Ethereal Peak, as though he was a cultivator from it in the past!

However, Su Zimo could not sense any bit of emotions coming from that man.

He had no reaction even after seeing Ethereal Peak cultivators dead all over the place with their corpses forming mountains.

Indifferent, cold-blooded and heartless.

That was the first impression the black-robed man gave Su Zimo.

1,000 years ago.

Suddenly, a thought flashed through his mind as he recalled a person.

The first time he heard about that person was through the disheveled old man.

Thereafter, he heard senior crane mention a little about him back in Thunderclap Valley.

This was the owner of the Mystic Gold Silk Armor!

Someone who was invincible across the Foundation Establishment and Golden Core realms in the North Region of Tianhuang Mainland in the past!

When this person joined Ethereal Peak, his method of dispelling the Eight Distresses Formation was by killing everyone!

Because he was cold, heartless and extreme in his ways, the moment he showed signs of turning into a fiend, he was locked in Thunderclap Valley to reflect in seclusion.

This was also the same person who found the Void Thunder Manual in the ancient battlefield and placed it inside the Mystic Gold Silk Armor to await someone with affinity!

Later on, this man descended into the Dao of the fiend and betrayed the sect!

He was the terrifying expert 1,000 years ago!

Now, he has returned!

The five Void Reversion experts above the clouds, Blood Crow Palace’s Lord included, had grim expressions and were sizing up the black-robed man the entire time.

Each of them felt danger exuding from that man.

A moment later, Dao Being Jing Ming of Iridescent Clouds Palace narrowed his gaze and asked with cupped fists, “Fellow Daoist, may I know what is your name and what sect you are from? Also, why are you interfering in this matter?”

The black-robed man shifted his gaze towards Dao Being Jing Ming before saying slowly, “Do you think someone like you is worthy to know my name?”

Before his words were finished, the black-robed man’s glabella shone brightly and a blood beam shot forward!

A terrifying aura burst forth.

Blood Crow Palace’s Lord and everyone else were shocked as they scurried to retreat.


Immediately after, right in front of everyone, Dao Being Jing Ming’s head exploded as though it was a watermelon – he died on the spot and his Essence Spirit didn’t even get the chance to escape!

He was dead!

A Void Reversion expert died just like that!

A dead silence crept through the air above and beneath Ethereal Peak.

This was a truly savage man who was decisive to kill!

The black-robed man was emotionless after killing a Void Reversion as he turned towards the other four expressionlessly with a gaze cold as ice.

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