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Chapter 481: Frightening

The battle on the Foundation Establishment battlefield had already stopped.

The Foundation Establishment Cultivators of Blood Crow Palace and the other four major sects were scared out of their wits by Su Zimo’s methods and did not dare to advance.

Clang! Clang!

Su Zimo beckoned gently and the 18 flying swords that were streaking around the Foundation Establishment battlefield returned to him, hovering above his head and buzzing loudly.

“Candlelight Sword Formation, condense!”

Right after, the 18 flying swords gathered together with their tips pointing outwards in unison, forming a gigantic sword-shaped circular disk. 18 rays of sword qi were released like a blazing sun and was extremely dazzling!


Propping the seal with his left hand, Su Zimo held his saber with his right and flapped his spirit wings, charging forward with the Candlelight Sword Formation above him.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Flying swords tore through the air one after another, sharp and dense as raindrops.

Spirit arts exploded, covering the skies as they arrived.

Su Zimo was calm and seemed composed.

With his spirit wings coupled with Divine Steed Fleeting alongside his spirit perception that was gained from cultivating the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, his movements were unpredictable.

At times, he would be light as a feather and at others, he would be swift at lightning – no one could read him at all.

Shifting nimbly in the air, his tendons and bones constricted and expanded, allowing him to shock everyone by producing motions that were far from ordinary!

Like anacondas, snakes, apes and horses, Su Zimo keep closing in on the distance between him and the Golden Cores.

“You… ”

A late-stage Golden Core looked at Su Zimo who was charging at him and his eyes were widened in disbelief.

Was that even a human?

He could not imagine how a human could contort their bodies to that extent and dodge such an intense flurry of attacks while rushing over without any injury!

He no longer had the chance to think about it anymore.


Su Zimo raised his saber instantly!

Countercurrent surged forth.

After entering Extreme Foundation Establishment, Su Zimo’s spirit energy grew much richer and he could not release saber forces in succession.

That Golden Core was shocked and found himself having difficulty breathing, as though a surging wave was rushing at him. Thunder sounded inside his ears and the tide arrived almost instantly.


This man was a late-stage Golden Core after all and composed himself swiftly. Maneuvering his flying sword above his head, he circulated his Golden Core and spirit energy gushed out!

No matter what, the strength of a late-stage Golden Core was not something a Foundation Establishment Cultivator could handle!

As long as he could withstand a move or two till the attacks of the others arrived, his enemy would naturally be trapped.

Su Zimo smiled faintly with a hint of ridicule in his eyes.

To him, the way the Golden Core changed tactics was full of flaws.

Su Zimo’s seemingly unstoppable saber suddenly stopped and was only an inch away from the man’s flying sword.


Swinging his wrist, the angle of his slash changed.

Suddenly, the massive blade of Blood Quencher turned extremely flexible, like ripples on the surface of water. It wrapped around the flying sword and sliced the person’s throat gently.

Right after that insane toughness, it turned extremely flexible.

There was no sluggishness at all and the process was smooth as water!

That person’s eyes dimmed and a gash appeared on his throat.

The next moment, his head was lopped into the air as blood gushed out in a terrifying manner like a fountain!

Melee combat was the most dangerous and one would be dead with a single misstep!

Su Zimo had been through countless battles in his cultivation journey and he was extremely experienced.

While the strength of late-stage and perfected Golden Cores was strong and could even injure or threaten his life, even the physique of a perfected Golden Core could not match up to him!

That was an advantage he had that could make up for his inferior strength.

As long as he closed the distance between them, even perfected Golden Cores could not escape death!

Die Yue had once told Su Zimo that demonic cultivators are the best at killing people above their levels.

That was the logic in that statement.

After killing someone, Su Zimo did not have to pause at all as he used the Candlelight Sword Formation and Coiling Dragon Seal to smash against some incoming flying swords and spirit arts from early and mid-stage Golden Cores.

At the same time, he dodged the attacks of late-stage and perfected Golden Cores, fleeing away to kill at the other side.

A Golden Core could not react in time and was closed in by Su Zimo who raised his Coiling Dragon Seal to smash down on the former’s head violently!


The person’s head was smashed and his entire body ripped into pieces with fresh blood flowing everywhere – he died on the spot.

Swerving within the crowd, Su Zimo did not bother to fight against late-stage and perfected Golden Cores forcibly at all. The moment he missed an attack, he would flee instantly without lingering.

Even when dozens of Golden Cores attacked at the same time, they could not keep Su Zimo to a single spot.

A moment later, Su Zimo was only filled with a couple more superficial wounds that healed within the blink of an eye.

However, more than ten Golden Cores on the side of Blood Crow Palace had already died!

Everyone was getting more fearful.

This man was way too frightening!

He already possessed the capability to kill Golden Cores without even forming a core of his own.

Furthermore, he was battling dozens of Golden Cores and yet, instead of being disadvantaged, he was slowly controlling the situation!

This man looked to be in his twenties – how did he possess such terrifying combat talent?


Seizing an opportunity, Su Zimo took a few strides forward and arrived before Sima Zhi. Lifting his Coiling Dragon Seal, he smashed it down at the latter’s head!

The Coiling Dragon Seal shone with a bright golden light and let out a thunderous bang as it landed.


The seal landed with a frightening aura!

Suddenly, a vicious glint shone in Sima Zhi’s eyes as he said icily, “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”


Sima Zhi circulated his Golden Core to its limits and a phenomenon suddenly appeared behind him.

Searing flames burned more than a hundred feet tall, letting out a scorching heat. Swiftly, he engulfed Su Zimo with a blazing momentum!

It was a Golden Core phenomenon!

The reason why Sima Zhi endured till this point was because he wanted to kill Su Zimo thoroughly with his Golden Core phenomenon!

However, Su Zimo did not avoid nor dodge as his bloodline raced. He pushed down his blinding Coiling Dragon Seal violently like it was a blazing sun!

“You must have a death wish!”

Sima Zhi roared and his Golden Core phenomenon intensified.


The Coiling Dragon Seal collided against the power of the Golden Core phenomenon and a deafening bang was produced as their powers ran rampant!

The instant of the collision, the momentum of the flames was actually repressed by the Coiling Dragon Seal!

Since he was extremely close to the sea of flames, Su Zimo could only grit his teeth and endure the incoming blaze. He channeled his bloodline and spirit energy to fight against it repeatedly.

Both sides exerted their strength!

The Coiling Dragon Seal was less than an inch away from Sima Zhi’s head but it could not go down further due to the obstruction of the Golden Core phenomenon.

A moment later, a gigantic flame burned over, engulfing Su Zimo’s arm completely.

The fire sizzled.

In an instant, Su Zimo’s arm was charred and his flesh ripped apart in a terrifying manner!

Sighing internally, Su Zimo withdrew himself and retreated.

It was no wonder why Golden Core phenomenons were the strongest techniques available to Golden Cores.

Even with his connate spirit weapon and tsunami bloodline, he could not manage to break through the defenses of the Golden Core phenomenon.

Swiftly, Su Zimo avoided the attacks of many Golden Cores and escaped.

His arm was still burning with fire and his flesh was already in a bloodied mess!

There was no way to purge Golden Core phenomenons except for extreme means!


Sima Zhi laughed loudly. “Sima Zhi, your arm is already crippled!”

“Not necessarily,”

Su Zimo harrumphed coldly and took a deep breath of air. The spirit sea in his dantian roared and his bloodline surged, cruising through his limbs towards his injured arm.


The flames extinguished and smoke billowed.


The cultivators watched with widened eyes.

The next moment, something even more frightening happened!

The charred black flesh on Su Zimo’s arm fell off gradually and fresh, tender meat started growing with a shiny luster!

It was an uproar!

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