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Chapter 480: Fighting Golden Cores

Perfected Being Cang Lang broke out in cold sweat.

He was at late-stage Golden Core and yet, even after releasing his Golden Core phenomenon, he merely matched a single secret skill released by Su Zimo!

This was the first time that Perfected Being Cang Lang realized that the inexperienced and arrogant scholar of the yesteryears had surpassed his control and expectations.

Back then at the sect competition, Su Zimo merely took advantage of the situation to suppress and shame him using his identity as the number one Weapon Refinement Master of Great Zhou.

But now, this scholar was standing toe to toe with him in a battle!

The difference between the two of them was almost an entire major realm!

In the past, Perfected Being Cang Lang cultivated to six meridian Foundation Establishment before forming his core. He managed to succeed while forming a Golden Core phenomenon of his own.

At that point, he felt that his potential was not inferior to others and at the very least, he was among one of the top few Golden Cores withint he territory of Great Zhou.

But right now, in front of Su Zimo, all his achievements dimmed in comparison.

Perfected Being Cang Lang could not help but admit he made a wrong judgment in that small town back then.

Time could not be reversed and there were no medicine for regrets in the world. Right now, the only way out for him was to use everything he had to try and kill Su Zimo!

“He must not be allowed to continue to grow!”

That was the only thought remaining in Perfected Being Cang Lang’s mind.

Suddenly, True Fire Sect’s Sima Zhi raised his voice, “This lad has just released his secret skill and it must have taken a toll on his spirit energy. He won’t be able to release it a second time.”

An Azure Frost Sect Golden Core yelled, “That’s right. Everyone, don’t panic. There’s nothing to fear about this lad!”

Before that person could complete his sentence, his vision turned dark, as though an enormous mountain was shrouding over his head, covering the skies. With a frightening aura, it suddenly collapsed!

More than ten Golden Cores stood beneath the mountain and they attacked one after another, wanting to destroy that mountain peak.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

One after another, the spirit weapons were repelled.

Countless spirit arts clashed against the mountain peak and let out ringing sounds. Yet, they were still unable to slow the speed of its crash!

The Golden Cores were frightfully pale as they tried to flee hurriedly. However, it was a pity that it was too late by then.


A deafening noise echoed.

The void shook endlessly.

On the spot, more than ten Golden Cores were crushed and turned into meat sludge, seeping into the mud beneath and could not be differentiated.

“That is…”

“A connate spirit weapon!”

“He actually has a connate spirit weapon!”

A series of exclamations sounded and everyone’s gazes landed on that shining golden seal.

That gigantic seal was squarish and golden with a divine dragon etched onto it in a life-like manner – that was the Coiling Dragon Seal that Su Zimo obtained in the Human Emperor’s Palace!

Su Zimo beckoned gently and the Coiling Dragon Seal shrank, returning to his palm.

Perfected Being Cang Lang, Sima Zhi and all the other Golden Cores were red with envy. They glared at the small golden seal in Sima Zhi’s palm and their breathings got heavier.

After entering Nascent Soul realm, cultivators would be able to make use of Dharmic weapons.

In other words, for Golden Cores, connate spirit weapons were the best weapons they could make use of!

Their combat strength would double at the very least if they had a connate spirit weapon and it would be extremely for them to kill enemies above their levels!

However, connate spirit weapons were way too rare and nobody ever sold those in the free market.

In the territory of Great Zhou, treasures such as connate spirit weapons had not appeared for hundreds of years!

“Seems like you’ve benefited plenty in the ancient battlefield!”

Perfected Being Cang Lang said coldly, “That’s good as well. I’ll wait to get my hands on your treasures and secret skills after killing you!”

“The treasures are right in my hands. We’ll just have to see if you’ve got the life to use them!”

Su Zimo sneered and propped up the Coiling Dragon Seal with his left hand. It shone with six spirit patterns in a dazzling manner, as though he was carrying a blazing sun!

He swiped his storage bag with his right hand and a gigantic blood-colored saber appeared in his palm.

Its blade quivered and five blood patterns shone. A blood beam expanded followed by the spreading of a nauseating stench of blood – it was the perfect spirit weapon, Blood Quencher!

“Cang Lang, prepare to die!”

Su Zimo’s gaze burned like a torch and he yelled. Propping the seal with his left hand while wielding his saber with his right, he strode widely towards Perfected Being Cang Lang with a murderous aura.

In the face of hundreds of Golden Cores, Su Zimo was advancing instead of retreating!

Xuan Yi and the others exchanged glances as they charged forward together with invigorated expressions, trying to relieve as much of Su Zimo’s burden as possible.

“You must have a death wish!”

A Southern Mountains Sect cultivator wielded a long rod and burst forth with his blood qi, aiming for Su Zimo’s head.


Su Zimo channeled his bloodline and the sound of a tsunami tide echoed.


He did not even look at the incoming rod and slashed in reverse, meeting the attack with another attack as he released his incomparable Countercurrent stance!

The pupils of the Southern Mountains Sect cultivator constricted and his heart skipped a beat in shock.

His motions slowed down for a moment due to the effect on his mental state by the saber force.


Flashes of blood appeared.

That man was cut into two from the middle and his organs and intestines spilled out, giving off a nauseating stench.


A streak of light burst through the void and arrived instantly.

Without turning to look, Su Zimo raised his gigantic seal and repelled the incoming flying sword.

At the same time, he shuddered and slowed down.

Although Xuan Yi and the others held back a portion of the Golden Cores, there were still more than a hundred Golden Cores who attacked Su Zimo at the same time, causing flying swords, spirit arts and talismans to fill the skies with resplendent lights!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Spinning the gigantic seal with his left hand, Su Zimo released the Sea Calming five stances right his right and took on the incoming flying swords and spirit arts.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

He retreated repeatedly and his organs were immensely shaken, almost shifted out of position even!


Su Zimo spat out a huge mouthful of blood.

Sima Zhi roared in laughter. “Su Zimo, you’re nothing without that secret skill from earlier!”


Perfected Being Cang Lang sneered, “Even if you can kill early or mid-stage Golden Cores with your connate spirit weapon, you are still a Foundation Establishment Cultivator after all. There’s no way you can withstand the might of late-stage or perfected Golden Cores!”

“You really think you can kill me with those skills of yours?”

Perfected Being Cang Lang continued laughing coldly.

Su Zimo was unmoved.

Perfected Being Cang Lang was not wrong.

Even if he was at Extreme Foundation Establishment and had the support of the Coiling Dragon Seal, in terms of strength, he could only match against mid-stage Golden Cores at best and he wouldn’t be able to deal with those at late-stage.

In that previous attack, a few perfected Golden Cores had attacked and Su Zimo was injured on the spot, unable to endure it.

However, he was someone who did both immortality and demonic cultivation.

Even without taking on his demon form, Su Zimo’s physique and bloodline was still enough to crush all other cultivators of the same realm!

Even perfected Golden Cores would not be able to escape death if Su Zimo closed in on them.

He was invincible in melee combat!

If anyone else had received the injuries he took, it would definitely affect their combat strength.

However, Su Zimo’s physique was way too strong and his regeneration capabilities were shocking.

After consuming the Blood Flesh Elixir made of dragon flesh in the Human Emperor’s Palace, he attained greater mastery of the Orifice Clearing section and was only a step away from condensing a demon Inner Core.

Within a couple of breaths, Su Zimo’s injuries were already mostly recovered.


Smiling, he stood up and his tendons and bones sounded at the same time. Not only did his aura not drop after getting injured, it was even getting stronger and the glint in his eyes intensified – he was like an ancient demon that wanted to devour people!

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