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Chapter 479: Ancient Dragonification Manual


Many Foundation Establishment Cultivators and Golden Cores unleashed their attacks towards Su Zimo who was standing in midair.

Instantly, hundreds and thousands of spirit weapons and arts swarmed forward; the void quaked and the entire world dimmed instantly!

The Golden Cores of Ethereal Peak were disadvantaged in numbers after all.

By this point of the battle, Xuan Yi and the others were thoroughly exhausted and he could not even conjure a sword formation.

Embroiled in battle with hundreds of Golden Cores, Xuan Yi and the others could not pull themselves out to assist Su Zimo at all.

Furthermore, even if they could, all of them would most likely die against such intense and terrifying attacks!

All of a sudden!

Su Zimo’s black hair swayed without any wind and his eyes shone with a deep glint. Suddenly, a shuddering aura burst forth from within his body!

It was an ancient and vicissitude aura that was awakened.

When the spirit weapons and arts arrived in Su Zimo’s vicinity, they slowed down as though they had entered a swamp until finally, they could not advance at all!


The flurry of spirit weapons that shone resplendently as well as the shimmering spirit arts hovered in midair motionlessly.


Many cultivators were shocked.

How could that be?

The next moment, an even more shocking scene appeared that caused chills to run down everyone’s hearts!

An extremely long illusory figure of a living being appeared around Su Zimo, hovering in midair. Gradually, it materialized as flesh started forming!

The living being was filled with green scales that shimmered coldly. One after another, sharp spikes protruded from its back and its fangs and claws were extremely sharp while its horns stood proudly.

Its eyes were extremely cold and domineering!

“W-W-What’s going on?”

“I-Is that a T-True Dragon?!”

Against the gaze of the Azure Dragon, everyone felt like they were as insignificant as ants!

The Foundation Establishment Cultivators on the ground broke out in sweat and suffocated. Unable to withstand that sort of might, they shuddered and almost knelt on the ground to kowtow.

Even the Golden Cores in midair were stricken and frightfully pale.

“What is that?!”

The six Void Reversions above the clouds were shocked.

The Ancient Dragonification Manual was a secret skill unique to the Human Emperor.

Ever since the ancient era, Su Zimo was the second person to cultivate it successfully and by now, almost no one recognized that secret skill.

Even the gaze of Blood Crow Palace’s Lord was a little lost.

That Azure Dragon looked familiar but it was much smaller, like a young dragon.

Even so, the Palace Lord felt a sense of trepidation as he recalled that terrifying encounter back in the primordial ruins and a hint of fear flashed past his eyes.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

A series of ear-piercing shrieks rang.

Against the immense pressure, cracks started appearing on the countless spirit weapons that were initially hovering in midair. Suddenly, they shattered, scattering onto the ground like scrap metal!

Only superior and supreme-grade flying swords were able to remain intact!

Countless spirit arts dissipated as well.

The crowd was in an uproar.

How terrifying did his power have to be such that spirit weapons couldn’t endure it and shattered on the spot?!

The Azure Dragon was life-like with intact flesh and coiled around Su Zimo’s body, spiraling upwards like a variant beast that was guarding him.

As Su Zimo surveyed his surroundings, the gaze of the Azure Dragon above him shifted as well; the man and dragon moved in tandem!

Nobody dared to meet with their gazes at all!

Su Zimo’s eyes were like lightning and he suddenly took a deep breath, puffing his chest.

The Azure Dragon coiling around him took a deep breath as well and its body expanded extensively. Raising its chest, a tremendous air current surged and formed a series of cyclone in midair.

There was a slight pause.

Both of them opened their mouths and let out a deafening roar that could break metal and rocks!


Su Zimo was also letting off a dragon roar!

In that instant, the entire world shook and the weather changed!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

The Foundation Establishment Cultivators closest to Su Zimo were unable to defend and their bodies ruptured, turning into blood mists without corpses!

He was roared to death!

The Foundation Establishment Cultivators that were slightly further also bled from all seven orifices. Their gazes dimmed and they collapsed to the ground, dead.

Right away, thousands of Foundation Establishment Cultivators died!

Right now, Su Zimo was at Extreme Foundation Establishment and he had already attained greater mastery of the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness’s Orifice Clearing section; his organs and orifices possessed shocking strength.

After releasing the Ancient Dragonification Manual together with Thunderclap Kill, he instantly created an incomparably lethal impact!

There was no way Foundation Establishment Cultivators could endure it as they were shocked to death on the spot!

After the dragon roar, silence ensued.

Corpses were strewn all over the Foundation Establishment battlefield as their blood formed rivers; it was like a scene from Hell.

That single dragon roar crushed the hearts of many Foundation Establishment Cultivators present!

The cultivators that wanted to take advantage of the situation initially fled far away, not daring to turn back.

Although there were still more than 10,000 Foundation Establishment Cultivators from Blood Crow Palace and the other four major sects, none of them dared to advance and retreated instinctively.

Everyone was trying their best to keep their distance from Su Zimo and they shivered with fear in their eyes!

He killed thousands of Foundation Establishment Cultivators with a single roar!

Even the Golden Cores and Nascent Souls present had never witnessed such methods, let alone the Foundation Establishment Cultivators present.

The dragon roar even caused some of the Golden Cores that were facing Su Zimo directly to clutch their ears in pain – their bodies swayed and they nearly fell from midair!

With a murderous intent, Su Zimo glared at Perfected Being Cang Lang and said coldly, “You guys actually think you can kill me with your standards?”


Su Zimo pointed forward.

The Azure Dragon coiling around him soared into the air and let out a torrential aura. Baring its fangs and claws, it rammed three Golden Cores that stood at the front instantly, crushing their bodies entirely!

Golden Cores were dead!

Furthermore, they died in the hands of a Foundation Establishment Cultivator!

In the cultivation world, it was still rather common for cultivators to kill enemies that were minor realms above their levels. However, it was almost impossible for them to do that to enemies who were major realms above their levels.

But right now, everyone witnessed it with their very eyes.

At Extreme Foundation Establishment together with the Ancient Dragonification Manual, Su Zimo now possessed the capabilities to kill Golden Cores!

Another few Golden Cores attacked and released powerful spirit arts, conjuring pairs of heavenly-encompassing palms that wanted to grab the young Azure Dragon.


The Azure Dragon’s body shone brightly and it roared. Charging before the few of them, it opened its gigantic mouth and devoured them. It took a couple of chomps and blood streamed down from the side of its mouth!

“Evil dragon, how dare you act so brazenly!”

Dozens of Golden Cores attacked at the same time. Their terrifying spirit energies created a series of chains that restricted the Azure Dragon.

The Azure Dragon struggled and its body let out shocking strength, crushing the spirit energy chains of the Golden Cores. When it soared into the skies once more, it charged in front of Perfected Being Cang Lang.


Perfected Being Cang Lang was expressionless and a sky spread out behind him. Filled with resplendent light, it was bedazzling and shot forth countless spirit lights with an alarming aura!

It was a Golden Core phenomenon!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Azure Dragon charged at Perfected Being Cang Lang’s Golden Core phenomenon repeatedly, letting out shuddering echoes.

A moment later, the Azure Dragon dissipated alongside Perfected Being Cang Lang’s Golden Core phenomenon!

The crowd was shocked.

A secret skill released by a Foundation Establishment Cultivator was able to go against a Golden Core phenomenon!

If Su Zimo was at Golden Core realm, that Azure Dragon would be even more terrifying and could very likely devour Perfected Being Cang Lang in a single mouthful!

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