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Chapter 478: Extreme Foundation Establishment, the Second Human Emperor!

The ten dark lights arrived instantly and shot into the crowd viciously.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Flashes of blood appeared.

The ten dark lights were so strong that their momentums were still ferocious even after penetrating the bodies of more than ten cultivators – they were unstoppable!

The terrifying power of the dark lights even surged through some of the cultivators after passing through them, causing them to explode with their limbs flying everywhere!

All the Ethereal Peak cultivators witnessed the massive torrent formed by more than 20,000 Foundation Establishment Cultivators stop just because of ten dark lights that were streaking through!

Within the torrent, there were ten lines filled with countless corpses and endless blood!

The cultivators of Blood Crow Palace, the other four major sects and multiple small sects had swarmed over. Coupled with itinerant cultivators from all over the place, they were way too densely packed.

The ten dark lights were extremely lethal.

There were at least a few hundred Foundation Establishment Cultivators who died on the spot!

With more than 20,000 cultivators on the Blood Crow Palace’s faction, the few hundred dead Foundation Establishment Cultivators could not be considered as a great amount of damage.

However, it created a trauma within everyone’s hearts.

“Su Zimo!”

Someone with a keen eye exclaimed upon recognizing the identity of the green-robed cultivator.

“No wonder the dark lights were so terrifyingly lethal. Hurry, look! The bow in his hand is a perfect spirit weapon!”


Many Foundation Establishment Cultivators were jealous and were raring to give it a shot.

They had heard long ago that Su Zimo was the number one Weapon Refinement Master of Great Zhou and the lousiest weapons in his storage bag were supreme-grade spirit weapons. In fact, he even possessed perfect spirit weapons.

The rumors were true!


Many Golden Cores turned to look from the Golden Core battlefield.

On the sect competition, Su Zimo had made a name for himself and how could anyone not know or have not heard of the title of the number one Weapon Refinement Master of Great Zhou?

True Fire Sect’s Sima Zhi’s eyes lit up as he roared in laughter. “Good, good! Su Zimo, you’ve got guts to appear! I’ll have you pay for my disciple’s death!”

Perfected Being Cang Lang’s long, narrow eyes were locked on Su Zimo. Looking down from above, he sneered, “Su Zimo, so what if you managed to join Ethereal Peak? You still can’t escape death!”

“A few years ago, back in Ping Yang Town, I should have killed you together with that beast. No matter how you struggle, you can’t fight against the cycle of your fate!”

Su Zimo’s gaze was indifferent as he stood on midair and surveyed the surroundings. His gaze seemed to contain an enormous might that could overwhelm and overpower everything!

The Foundation Establishment Cultivators on the side of Blood Crow Palace felt their hearts clench when they met with Su Zimo’s eyes.

That person gave off a frightening aura.

That was an aura that was built from endless bloodshed and countless corpses!

In the ancient battlefield, even many paragons of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend cultivation sects died in his hands. Since the strongest cultivators here were only at six meridian Foundation Establishment at best, none of them could withstand Su Zimo’s aura!

When he saw the corpses of Ethereal Peak disciples on the ground, Su Zimo’s killing intent spewed out of his eyes.


Putting away his Moon Concealment Bow, Su Zimo’s sleeves waved and 18 supreme-grade flying swords appeared.

However, all 18 of them disappeared in the blink of an eye, forming ripples in the void, as though fishes were gliding through water.

“Not good!”

“That’s Ethereal Peak’s secret skill!”

“Everyone, watch out! Argh!”

Someone screamed tragically.

Sword light flashed and a few five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators died on the spot without any chance to fight back at all!


A six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator crushed multiple protection talismans and released hi sect’s secret skill. Right after, he took out a supreme-grade defensive shield used it to block in front of him.


The flying sword did not pause at all upon colliding with his supreme-grade shield, causing the latter to explode immediately!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Against Su Zimo’s flying sword, his secret skills and protection talismans were akin to paper and were disintegrated instantly.

A flash of blood appeared and a gigantic head fell down neatly.

A six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator was dead!

The Blood Crow Palace faction was in chaos and the expressions of many cultivators changed.

How could that be?

They were both supreme-grade spirit weapons but why did the other party’s flying sword destroy the shield immediately?


Many cultivators turned over instinctively.


In midair, underneath Su Zimo’s green robes, spirit meridians shone one after another in a bedazzling matter, wrapping around his body like metal chains.

One, two, three…

Nine spirit meridians!

Was it a hallucination?

Many cultivators rubbed their eyes and looked again before gasping.


There were a full nine spirit meridians!

Even eight meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators would be able to barbarically suppress the entire Foundation Establishment battlefield, let alone a nine meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator!

As Su Zimo stood on midair, his dantian’s spirit sea churned rapidly and rich spirit energy surged through his nine spirit meridians – he was like a god of the universe with a mighty aura!

Many cultivators were aghast.

The Foundation Establishment Cultivators were not the only ones; even the Golden Cores and Nascent Souls were shocked when they saw what waas going on.

In the territory of Great Zhou, it has been a thousand years since there was even an eight meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator.

As for nine meridian Foundation Establishment…

Ever since the ancient era, there had never been a second person to reach that realm apart from the Human Emperor!

“The legends are true! The ninth spirit meridian can truly be unlocked!”

“Extreme Foundation Establishment… the second Human Emperor!”

A wary look flashed through Perfected Being Cang Lang’s eyes followed by a feeling of trepidation.

It was lucky that Ethereal Peak was on the brink of annihilation and Su Zimo wouldn’t be able to escape death. Otherwise, if that lad were to grow further, who in the territory of Great Zhou would be able to stop him?

He is the number one Weapon Refinement Master of Great Zhou and now, he’s even at the Extreme Foundation Establishment realm.

Once he forms a core, he would definitely develop a phenomenon as well!

Sect Master Ling Yun sighed internally.

Such was the cruelty of fate.

They could only blame the sect for being unlucky. If they had not met with such a calamity, with talents such as Ji Chengtian, Leng Rou and the others, they would definitely rise to be the number one sect of the Great Zhou Dynasty!

As for Su Zimo, his accomplishments would even be more limitless.

In fact, he might even be able to lead Ethereal Peak to become one of the top factions of Tianhuang Mainland!


The Blood Crow Palace’s Lord narrowed his eyes and his killing intent deepened.

His personal feud with Su Zimo aside, the fact that this lad was at Extreme Foundation Establishment meant that he had to be killed!

A second Human Emperor must not be allowed to appear on Tianhuang Mainland!

The 18 supreme-grade flying swords streaked through the crowd and none of the Foundation Establishment Cultivators could defend at all.

It was a complete massacre!

The massive flood formed by more than 20,000 Foundation Establishment Cultivators was punctured and pushed back by Su Zimo singlehandedly!

Everyone from Ethereal Peak was reinvigorated.

At that moment, Su Zimo flapped his spirit wings and rose into the air – he was actually arriving at the Golden Core battlefield a hundred feet high!

“Zimo, hurry back down!”

The disheveled old man shouted hurriedly when he saw that.

The fight between Foundation Establishment Cultivators would only take place on the ground and no one would soar into the skies a hundred feet high.

Given the chaotic battlefield, the flying swords and spirit arts of Golden Cores carried an absolutely destructive power against Foundation Establishment Cultivators!

To everyone, Su Zimo’s move was complete suicide.


Composing himself, Sima Zhi roared into laughter. “Even if you’re at Extreme Foundation Establishment, you’re still just a Foundation Establishment Cultivator! Everything is futile before you form a core and you’ll never ever be able to experience the power of being at Golden Core realm!”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced the feeling of murdering a talent,”

Perfected Being Cang Lang smiled gently and said coldly, “Su Zimo, thank you for granting me that feeling today!”

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