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Chapter 469: Test It With Your Life!


Both Jun Hao and Si Yutang frowned in confusion.

Although that voice sounded rather familiar, the two of them were not certain.

Rather, that person should have been dead.

Could he have ventured into the depths of the ancient battlefield and yet returned alive?

“Who’s there?”

The white-robed cultivator’s slightly bulged eyes shifted and his expression turned grim with killing intent.

Right after, his eyes flashed with confusion as well.

That voice did not come from the cave abode. From the sound of it, it seemed like it came from five kilometers away.

That was the confusing portion.

If he was five kilometers away, how could he hear their conversation in the cave abode?

Was his hearing that powerful?

Could omnipresent hearing truly exist in the world?

All of a sudden!

The sound of clothes fluttering sounded, approaching from afar at an extremely fast speed – it was as though it arrived at the cave abode’s entrance in the blink of an eye!

“What a swift movement technique!”

The white-robed cultivator’s heart skipped a beat as he turned to glare at the tunnel.

It was the same for Jun Hao and Si Yutang – both of them wanted to know if it was that man who had arrived!

Before long, a green figure appeared in the tunnel, striding over with steady footsteps. Although he looked calm, there was an indescribable aura around him!

The intruder had elegant features, looking like a scholar – it was Su Zimo who had rushed over from Xuantian City.

Jun Hao’s eyes narrowed with cold killing intent as he declared hatefully, “It’s truly you!”

“You’re not dead?”

Si Yutang’s mouth was slightly agape as he uttered in disbelief.

Su Zimo’s expression was calm as he swept his gaze past the two of them without pausing.

Right after, he looked at the mighty corpse that was ramming against the stone chamber and his eyes flashed. Raising his brow, he seemed to have recalled something.

He paused for a brief moment before fixing his gaze on the white-robed cultivator.

After entering the cave abode, Su Zimo did not say anything and merely surveyed his surroundings.

However, for some unknown reason, that simple action of his caused the white-robed cultivator to feel an unprecedented sense of pressure!

Su Zimo’s eyes were bright and deep. His gaze was nonchalant and it seemed like he could control everything with a single look!

Even without saying anything, he was exuding a dominance that surpassed everything!

It was an aura that could not be faked.

This was something that was created through the corpses and blood of countless paragons and was revealed subconsciously!

The white-robed cultivator was expressionless but he felt uneasy. Suddenly, he retreated a couple of steps back and shouted softly, “Come back!”

The corpse came to a sudden halt and paused for a moment before taking huge strides towards the white-robed cultivator. It stood beside the latter and glared at Su Zimo murderously.

By now, the wounds inflicted by the killing formation had already formed scabs and were no longer bleeding.

“Senior Brother Li, this is Su Zimo!”

Jun Hao commented hurriedly, “He’s the one who injured your battle corpse! The killing formation outside the stone chamber was also set up by him!”

The white-robed cultivator did not say anything and merely glared at Su Zimo with a grim expression.

Indifferently, Su Zimo said, “One of the five heretical doctrines, Corpse Refinement Cult.”

After entering the depths of the ancient battlefield, he gained a good understanding of the various factions on Tianhuang Mainland thanks to Tang Yu and the others. As such, he recognized the white-robed cultivator’s background instantly.

Corpse Refinement Cult Cultivators were extremely recognizable as they would always bring along a battle corpse that they refined using their sect’s secret skills to fight for them.

Looking at the white-robed cultivator, Su Zimo asked with a fake smile, “Since you were bragging about how strong you were earlier on, why didn’t you go take on the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island beneath the Human Emperor’s Palace?”

The white-robed cultivator’s expression turned terrible.

Naturally, he wanted to fight for the Human Emperor’s inheritance when the Human Emperor’s Palace appeared as well.

His battle corpse was invincible against weapons and could not be damaged by water or fire. In terms of strength, it was no weaker than eight meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators.

However, Corpse Refinement Cult Cultivators had a fatal weakness.

Compared to their mighty battle corpses, they were not strong. If they lost the protection of their battle corpse, they would most definitely die against eight meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators!

Paragons from all over the place were gathered beneath the Human Emperor’s Palace.

Needless to think, it would definitely be an unprecedented battle royale.

There was no way his battle corpse would be able to protect him entirely in that sort of battle royale and it would be hard for him to survive!

After hesitating for a long time, the white-robed cultivator decided to give up on the Human Emperor’s Palace.

Later on, it was proven that his decision was the right one as well.

It was said that almost half the paragons who fought in that bloodied battle beneath the Human Emperor’s Palace were dead and most of them were crippled – it was extremely tragic!

The white-robed cultivator harrumphed coldly. “It was a battle royale beneath the Human Emperor’s Palace. If it was a one on one battle, the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island might not be my match!”


Su Zimo raised his brow.

“Who are you? What sect are you from?”

The white-robed cultivator asked instead.

Jun Hao explained hurriedly, “Don’t worry, Senior Brother Li, this is merely a disciple of a small sect in the Great Zhou Dynasty. He has no backing and he was merely at four meridian Foundation Establishment half a year ago.”

Compared to factions such as super sects and the five heretical doctrines, Ethereal Peak could truly only be considered as a small sect.

The white-robed cultivator frowned slightly when he heard Jun Hao’s words.

If this guy was at four meridian Foundation Establishment half a year ago, even if he had heavenly-defying cultivation speed and made use of the Meridian Unlocking Elixir, he would only be at seven meridian Foundation Establishment at best.

In the worst case scenario, even if he was at eight meridian Foundation Establishment, so what?

This was someone from a small sect without any backing.

The foundations of small sects were not strong and they had limited secret skills – how strong could this guy be?

Could he have judged wrongly?

Gradually, the white-robed cultivator’s expression turned cold as he waved his hand. “Go, check out the skills of this fellow Daoist!”

The corpse acknowledged by roaring with a torrential aura before charing over in huge strides.

Compared to the tall and mighty corpse, Su Zimo could be considered as a thin weakling – it seemed as though he wouldn’t even be able to withstand a single push of the corpse’s finger!

However, Su Zimo’s expression was unchanged and he merely smiled against the incoming corpse.


Unknowingly, a blood-colored saber had already appeared in his hands.

The saber trembled with a torrential blood qi!

“Test my skills?”

With a razor-sharp gaze, Su Zimo said coolly, “Test it with your life!”


Before his words were finished, Su Zimo had already made a huge stride!

The moment his stride landed, a series of dense cracks appeared on the ground beneath him.

In a split second, the entire place shook and the cave abode quaked violently. Dust filled the place continuously and it seemed like the cave could topple at any moment!

Everyone present felt their hearts skip a beat.

Su Zimo channeled his spirit energy and instantly, the spirit sea in his dantian surged and created terrifying waves!

One after another, spirit meridians shone brightly beneath his green robes as spirit energy surged rampantly.

“Eight meridian Foundation Establishment!”

Jun Hao and Si Yutang were astonished as they exclaimed.


Su Zimo slashed out and a blood beam expanded, landing on the head of the corpse like a blazing blood sun!

The corpse could not dodge in time and could only tilt its head slightly.


Blood Quencher sliced down along the corpse’s shoulder and cut downwards heavily!

Its blade let out a jarring sound as it sliced through the muscles and bones, as though it was cutting a metallic object.

Gooey, filthy blood gushed out.

That slash almost cut the corpse into two halves!

Blood Quencher only slowed down in its tracks after cutting into the corpse’s chest.

After it was blocked by Blood Quencher, the corpse could barely advance.

Although Su Zimo seemed frail and skinny, a casual slash from him was enough to send forth a shuddering power that even the corpse that was invulnerable against weapons, water and fire could not withstand!

The white-robed cultivator’s expression turned paler as his figure swayed for a moment.

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