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Chapter 468: Wow… So Amazing?

That was no cultivator.

To be precise, that wasn’t a living being.

The monster reeked of a rotting stench and his skin was black. Muscles bulged from his body in distinct pieces, looking as though they were washed with steel liquid.

Long fingernails as sharp as knives shone with a ghastly green color – they were clearly carrying poison!

There were no pupils in his eyes and they were completely white, looking extremely frightening.

When the monster roared, green veins popped up on its necks and face, akin to small little snakes that were crawling on the surface of its skin. It bared a pair of bloodied fangs and its face was shuddering and menacing!

This was a living corpse!

None of them present had witnessed such methods before. Not only was the corpse resurrected, it was controlled by someone and let out such a terrifying aura!

Even though she was the princess of Great Zhou, Ji Yaoxue was also greatly shocked and her face was pale.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The corpse strode in huge steps towards the battlefield.

Sensing that the situation was bad, Jun Hao and Si Yutang had already withdrawn themselves from the battle long ago, afraid that they would be implicated.


One of the Great Zhou guards summoned his flying sword while the other conjured hand seals, producing blazing fireballs that shot at the corpse!

As though it did not see them, the corpse did not slow down at all.

The two Great Zhou guards were slightly relieved when they saw that, thinking to themselves, “At the end of the day, it’s just a walking corpse with no brains that doesn’t know how to dodge at all.”


Before they could finish their thoughts, the flying sword had already pierced the corpse’s chest. However, the sound of metal clashing echoed!

The flying sword was repelled!

The fireball landed on the corpse and lasted for two breaths before extinguishing.

In the billowing smoke, not only was the corpse fine, it turned even more violent!

The two of them were dumbfounded and their eyes widened.

At the same time.

Ji Yaoxue’s flying sword descended. Shining with four bedazzling spirit patterns, its sword qi was cold and it pierced the corpse’s head with its sharpness.


Another crisp sound rang out accompanied by a chain of sparks – the flying sword was repelled as well!

A faint white scar merely appeared on the corpse’s glabella – its skin was not even scratched!

Ji Yaoxue was gravely shocked.

She was at seven meridian Foundation Establishment and she possessed a supreme-grade flying sword. Yet, she could not even scratch the skin of the corpse with her full power!

How was she going to fight this corpse that weapons could not pierce and fire and water could not damage?

Before she could finish her thoughts, the corpse arrived in front of the two Great Zhou guards within a few strides. Reaching out, it crushed both of their heads instantly!

The two guards did not get a second chance to attack at all.


Ji Yaoxue summoned her flying sword once more and this time round, they were aimed for the corpse’s eyes!

She believed that everything had their weaknesses no matter how strong they were.

Suddenly, the corpse glared at the incoming sword and reached out. He grabbed it and placed it in front of his mouth before spitting a ball of oily green smoke at it.

The moment the smoke touched the blade, the spirit light of the supreme-grade flying sword dimmed!

Ji Yaoxue’s expression changed as she lost her connection to the supreme-grade flying sword!

Not good!

She thought to herself. Turning around to retreat back to the stone chamber, a black shadow had already arrived before her.


An evil gust of wind burst forth, suffocating her.

Ji Yaoxue merely felt her chest turn stuffy and her head spin.

The corpse was filled with poison from head to toe and gave off a rotting stench – any cultivator that breathed in that rotting stench without any precautions would definitely be affected!

The corpse reached out with its massive hands, aiming at Ji Yaoxue’s shoulders to capture her alive.

All of a sudden!

The pale yellow dress that she was wearing shone with four bright spirit patterns.

With the obstruction, the corpse failed to grab Ji Yaoxue’s shoulder right away.

She jolted to her senses and hurriedly retreated a couple of steps back, entering the stone chamber in a flash before shutting its stone doors.


The corpse was enraged and roared, slamming violently at the stone doors.


While the stone doors shook violently, they did not open.


At the same time, as though it sensed something, a series of formation lights appeared on the ground of the entrance of the stone chamber.

Another formation was activated at the entrance of the stone chamber, engulfing the corpse within!

Sword qi buzzed incessantly.

Sharp sword qi shot forth from within the formation and stabbed the corpse repeatedly from all directions in a resplendent dazzle.

Trapped in the formation, the corpse flung its arms and collided against the sword qi from all around, roaring in endless rage.

Not long after, the skin of the black corpse was already torn against the relentless attacks of the sword qi and it was injured all over, leaking with gooey, sticky blood that was extremely pungent!

“What a terrifying killing formation!”

Jun Hao felt a sense of fear and broke out in cold sweat upon seeing that.

That was clearly a trump card left behind by Su Zimo!

Apart from the defense formation, there was a killing formation around the stone chamber!

Previously, if Jun Hao had attacked forcibly, he would have been caught in the killing formation and would most likely have died after being pierced by the countless swords!

“Su Zimo, you’re savage!”

Jun Hao grit her teeth and endless hatred flooded his eyes.

Although the white-robed cultivator felt a little pained looking at the corpse’s skin getting damaged by the sword qi, he did not appear to be worried.

While the might of the killing formation was terrifying and might even be able to kill an eight meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator, it did not manage to hurt the corpse fundamentally and those were merely superficial wounds.

As the filthy blood of the corpse flowed onto the ground, the formation patterns were gradually tainted.

The might of the killing formation was diminishing!

The formation light was also dimming gradually…

Before long, the killing formation was dispelled entirely and the corpse broke free. By now, it had descended into a complete frenzy as it charged at the stone chamber!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The light of the defensive formation shone repeatedly, withstanding the attacks of the corpse one after another.

With nowhere else to retreat to within the stone chamber, Ji Yaoxue found herself calming down instead.

In her heart, she knew that the power produced by the corpse was not weaker than an eight meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator. Coupled with its corrosive aura, poison and blood, the formation would not be able to hold out for much longer.

If the formation was dispelled, she would commit suicide right here!

A princess of Great Zhou would definitely not allow herself to be humiliated by others!

As though it did not know the meaning of fatigue, the corpse fought for an entire day and night without stopping!

The light of the formation had dimmed considerably.

The defensive formation could be broken through at any moment!

The situation was determined and Ji Yaoxue was on the brink of calamity with nowhere to escape!

Si Yutang walked to Jun Hao’s side and let out a fawning smile. Sweeping his gaze past the white-robed cultivator, he asked, “Senior Brother Jun, what’s the name of that fellow Daoist?”

“You’re not qualified to know,”

Jun Hao replied, “All you have to know is that he hails from one of Tianhuang Mainland’s super sects and is the strongest paragon of the Foundation Establishment realm!”


Si Yutang nodded repeatedly with a fearful expression.

“Senior Brother Li’s combat strength is unparalleled and he’s practically invincible amongst all Foundation Establishment Cultivators! He can suppress all enemies in Tianhuang Mainland and even if the ancient emperors were at Foundation Establishment realm, they might not be a match for Senior Brother Li!”

Jun Hao spilled out songs of praises without any shame or embarrassment.

Although he could tell that Jun Hao was sucking up to him, the white-robed cultivator enjoyed it nevertheless.

After a momentary pause, the white-robed cultivator said, “That’s not for sure. The Human Emperor’s Palace appeared sometime back and the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island appeared. That man is not to be underestimated.”

Jun Hao hurriedly remarked, “You don’t have to be humble, Senior Brother Li. I still believe nobody in the Foundation Establishment realm is your match in a one on one battle.”


Nodding, the white-robed cultivator declared with pride, “I don’t even have to do it myself if it’s a one on one battle. This steel corpse that I cultivated is more than enough to kill that monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island!”

“Wow… so amazing?”

Suddenly, a voice sounded in everyone’s ears, carrying a hint of sarcasm and mockery.

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