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Chapter 464: Two Utmost Treasures

“The conditions required to cultivate the Ancient Dragonification Manual are extremely stringent and obtaining the blood qi of the dragon race is merely the beginning. Among the seven people who entered the Human Emperor’s Palace before you, there were also some of them with potentials comparable to you. However, they were merely slightly inferior.”

The mysterious old man said with a trace of pity, “Tsk, tsk. That Lei kid was rather decent as well. However, it was a pity that he couldn’t unlock his ninth spirit meridian, causing him to miss this great opportunity to get the Ancient Dragonification Manual.”

At that point, Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat as he recalled Uncle Liang’s words.

Legend has it that the secret to the Extreme Foundation Establishment is hidden within the Human Emperor’s Palace!

He asked hurriedly, “Senior, may I ask, how does one unlock the ninth spirit meridian and cultivate to the point of Extreme Foundation Establishment?”

Foundation Establishment was an extremely important step in one’s path of cultivation and how stable their roots were would decide their future accomplishments!

The mysterious old man replied, “Nine represents the extreme and if one wants to unlock their ninth spirit meridian, their spirit energy would have to be extremely pure without the slightest bit of impurity! I’ve checked through your spirit energy. It’s very pure and that’s quite seldom.”

Pondering for a moment, Su Zimo remarked, “Senior, up to this point of my cultivation, I’ve rarely consumed any elixirs and even for those that I consume, they were at perfect-grade. I think it should have something to do with that.”

Apart from perfect-grade elixirs, every other grade of elixir possessed impurities.

Long term consumption would result in consolidation of those impurities. Although they would not have a significant impact on a cultivator’s combat strength, it would impede the possibility of them unlocking their ninth spirit meridian.

“Elixirs are only part of the equation,”

The mysterious old man shook his head. “In Tianhuang Mainland, there are many sects and factions with rich heritages and immense foundations. It’s not rare for them to provide perfect-grade elixirs for the paragons in their sects with the most potentials. However, even while cultivating and absorbing spirit qi, there’s no way to avoid the existence of impurities.”

“While cultivating?” Su Zimo frowned slightly.

The mysterious old man explained, “Mortals consume food which would turn into feces upon digestion, creating impure qi and filth. Therefore, at a certain point of cultivation, there’s a saying of inedia.”

Su Zimo nodded.

He had heard about inedia before.

It was said that after entering Nascent Soul realm and cultivating an Essence Spirit, cultivators could live without consuming food and merely take in dew and the essence of the universe to survive, soaring through the skies and riding the clouds.

In fact, they could even scour the world and explore the four oceans and eight desolates with a single thought.

The mysterious old man continued, “Similar to mortal food, spirit qi would inevitably contain impurities upon absorption to one’s dantian. That is… unless the person was in possession of an utmost treasure that could help them purify the spirit qi!”

At that point, he gave a meaningful look at Su Zimo’s right hand.

Suddenly, Su Zimo gave off a gradual look of realization as he recalled how qi entered his body while he was cultivating his Qi Condensation manual.

Back then, spirit qi entered his body through his right hand.

Before entering the Human Emperor’s Palace, the few Sealers said that his right hand was a divine phoenix bone.

If that was true, it would explain many things.

Entering his right hand, spirit qi would be purified by the divine phoenix bone, incinerating all impurities and allowing him to only take in the purest spirit qi.

Back then, he had just mastered Qi Condensation and was able to release a Level 3 Spirit Fire with his right hand immediately.

Now that he thought about it, that was not a true Level 3 Spirit Fire – he merely managed to possess the might and heat of a Level 3 Spirit Fire because of the divine phoenix bone!

Of course, from the beginning till now, Su Zimo had never released the true powers of the divine phoenix bone.

At the battle beneath the Human Emperor’s Palace, the terror of the divine phoenix bone had only revealed itself for a brief moment after absorbing the Golden Core’s true fire before returning to normal.

The mysterious old man said with a hint of lament, “This divine phoenix bone is one of the rare few utmost treasures in Tianhuang Mainland. The person who changed your fate by attaching your wrist with this divine phoenix bone must have exerted a lot of effort.”

At this point, Su Zimo was finally certain that his blood bone palm was the legendary divine phoenix bone!

Previously, he was severely injured after killing the Joyful Sect cultivators in Cang Lang Mountain Range and his right hand was battered.

By the time he woke up, his right hand was already perfectly fine.

In other words, during the few days he fainted, Die Yue had not only helped him to plant a spirit root, she had even reattached his wrist with the divine phoenix bone!

“If you are smart, you should have realized that you must not reveal that divine phoenix bone again after leaving this place. Otherwise, you are definitely bound to die!”

The mysterious old man said with a stern expression, “Even the mighty figures and patriarchs of the human race would be tempted to make a move for the divine phoenix bone!”

Su Zimo nodded.

Thankfully, he changed his appearance and hid his identity beneath the Human Emperor’s Palace.

Otherwise, he would definitely be hunted upon reentering Tianhuang Mainland!

A man’s talent would often arouse the greed of others.

“There is also an extremely strict requirement for one’s spirit root if they want to reach the Extreme Foundation Establishment realm. Regarding that, you have no issue as well,”

After a brief pause, the mysterious old man looked at Su Zimo deeply once more, “There are only that few types of utmost treasures in Tianhuang Mainland. Someone has really spared no expenses in trying to pave your path forward by leaving you with two of them!”


Su Zimo was shocked.

Before Die Yue left, she had left him three gifts. One of them was his spirit root and now, he knew that the divine phoenix bone was another.

There was still one more unknown gift.

Through the mysterious old man’s words, it seemed like the second utmost treasure had something to do with his spirit root.

Su Zimo could not help but ask, “What’s the second utmost treasure?”

“Even if I explain it to you, it’s no use for you because your cultivation realm isn’t there yet. Perhaps one day in the future, you might be able to see it for yourself,” The mysterious old man shook his head.

Su Zimo did not press on, feeling slightly disappointed.

The mysterious old man continued, “The Ancient Dragonification Manual expends a lot of one’s spirit energy and it can only be released with an Extreme Foundation Establishment. Not only that, the Ancient Dragonification Manual requires a lot from the physique of a cultivator!”

“Although you’re only conjuring the phantom of a divine dragon, it still possesses the true might of a dragon. Extremely terrifying, it overrides over all living beings. An ordinary body wouldn’t be able to withstand the might of the dragon and even ancient remnant beasts would explode into a blood mist!”

“Since you’re someone who does immortality and demonic cultivation together, your physique is alarming and is enough to withstand the Ancient Dragonification Manual!”

Su Zimo was not surprised that the mysterious old man could read his background like a book.

However, what surprised Su Zimo was the mysterious old man’s attitude towards the matter.

If the various major sects of Tianhuang Mainland were to know that he was doing immortality and demonic cultivation at the same time, they would definitely regard him as a despicable outcast and kill him.

However, the mysterious old man was indifferent towards the issue.

Waving it off with his hand, the mysterious old man said, “There’s less than half a year left. Stay here and cultivate for now. You don’t have to force yourself even if you don’t succeed.”


Su Zimo nodded and strode to the lakeside without hesitation, sitting down to glance through the page of sutra.

Every single word on the sutra possessed a mysterious might. Even with Su Zimo’s powerful eyes, he had to take a rest every now and then.

He could only continue reading after closing his eyes for a short break.

When he was thirsty, Su Zimo would drink from the lake. When he was hungry, he would catch a Henggong Fish for food. Other than that, the rest of his time was spent on cultivating the Ancient Dragonification Manual.

Just like that, five months passed in the blink of an eye.

This day, as it was close to the end of the year in the ancient battlefield, the mysterious old man appeared and was about to inform Su Zimo who was at the lakeside.

All of a sudden!

A change happened to Su Zimo’s aura!

A terrifying might descended at the lakeside, shocking the masses!

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