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Chapter 458: Divine Phoenix Bone

Right in front of everyone, that burning blood bone palm penetrated the Illusion Fiend Cult’s Sealer’s body with ease.

It did not pause at all, similar to how a blazing steel sword would pierce a thin veil.

In the blink of an eye, Illusion Fiend Cult’s Sealer was devoured by the flames.

The next moment, he turned into ashes!

A Golden Core was incinerated to ashes by that terrifying flame in less than a second without any corpse left!

Complete silence ensued within a thousand meters from the Human Emperor’s Palace.

All the cultivators felt an inexplicable sense of repression as their chests stuffed up, making breathing difficult.


Someone from the crowd exclaimed.

Without the need for any reminders, everyone’s gazes landed on that blood bone palm.

At that moment, the void around the blood bone palm began to distort after being burned by the intense flames. A series of tears appeared, gusting with sinister winds!

The rules of the ancient battlefield had been violated, triggering a dimensional tear!


Everyone gasped.

This meant that the flames on that palm had already reached the level of a Golden Core’s power!

A sinister aura gushed out from the dimensional tear.

The flames on the blood bone palm flickered against the sinister wind, lasting for a moment before finally extinguishing.

Right after, all the cultivators watched with alarmed gazes.

The dimensional tears that appeared around the blood bone palm devoured it but spat it back out!

It was spat out intact!

The ripping power of the dimensional tear was incomparably strong to begin with and could tear the bodies of Golden Cores or even Nascent Souls apart.

The moment one was dragged away by the dimensional tear, they would endure an incredibly horrific wild current of the void. Even Nascent Souls or Void Reversions would have their Essence Spirits destroyed without any corpses remaining!

Legend has it that only mighty patriarchs could endure the wild currents of the void and travel through it freely.

Yet, the dimensional tear could not devour that blood bone palm!

After it was taken in and washed by the wild currents, it was still intact!

What exactly was that?

That was not the bone of a human being!

Divine Phoenix Island’s successor, blood bone palm flames… all the clues seemed to lead towards a certain truth.

“Could… the legend… be for real?”

Sword Sect’s Sealer shuddered uneasily, as though he had just recalled something frightening.

“What legend?!”

The other Sealers looked towards him one after another.

“Do you guys know of the origin of Divine Phoenix Island?”

Sword Sect’s Sealer asked instead.

Another Sealer replied with a frown, “Initially, Divine Phoenix Island was just a lone island overseas. Legend has it that in an unknown era long ago, the skies rained with fire and the firmaments collapsed. Among that, a pure-blooded divine phoenix’s corpse landed on that island.”

“Thereafter, the island was named as the Divine Phoenix Island.”

At that point, the Sealer suddenly paused. As though he recalled something as well, he was shocked and asked slowly, “You mean to say…”

“That legend was too long ago and has always been spread through the mortal world. It was created by storytellers, there’s no way it can be true, right?” Another Sealer refused to believe it.

Phoenixes were definitely divine spirits that were as strong as Perfected Immortals!

In the cultivation world, there had never been accurate records about the existence of divine phoenixes on Tianhuang Mainland.

Nobody had seen a pure-blooded phoenix and the only things left were figments of the legends.

Prior to this, if anyone said that there was a pure-blooded living being in the world that possessed a might comparable to a Perfected Immortal, nobody would believe it.

But now, the Sealers present went silent.

Suddenly, Overlord Palace’s Sealer said, “In the ancient manuals of the fiend sects, there’s a legend about the phoenix race. It’s said that the phoenix race is a mighty race that’s even comparable in strength to the dragons. They wield the strongest and most frightening flames in the universe and can incinerate all living beings!”

“Male phoenixes are called Fengs while female phoenixes are called Huangs[1]. Pure-blooded phoenixes, also known as Undying Divine Phoenixes, are reborn through nirvana each time they incinerate themselves and become even stronger!”

“Therefore, in Tianhuang Mainland, be it in the cultivation or mortal world, there’s always the saying of a ‘Phoenix undergoing nirvana for a rebirth through flames’.”

“That saying is an explanation of the capabilities of the divine phoenixes.”

Another Sealer asked, “What’s the difference between the two?”

Overlord Palace’s Sealer replied, “The ancient manuals recorded that phoenixes would always leave something behind during each rebirth. When the undying Feng is bathed in flames, he leaves behind a drop of divine phoenix essence blood. When the undying Huang is bathed in flames, she leaved behind a piece of divine phoenix bone!”

At that point, everyone felt their hearts skip a beat.

They made the connection between this person from the Divine Phoenix Island and his blood bone palm with the terrifying flame that was burning on it – they were close to the truth!

“You mean to say that his right hand is actually a piece of the divine phoenix’s bone?”

A Sealer exclaimed.

If that deduction was correct, that divine phoenix bone would be the greatest treasure throughout Tianhuang Mainland or even the cultivation world and was irreplaceable!

In that case, it would naturally explain why the dimensional tear was unable to devour that bone and why the wild currents in the void could not destroy it!

It would make sense for the divine phoenix bone to be an immortal object!

Even a mighty patriarch would be tempted to get his hands on it!

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

The Sealers had a tacit understanding and set their sights on Su Zimo’s right hand; they could not conceal the greed in their eyes.

All of them were Golden Cores reaching the end of their lifespans.

Now that they were sent into the ancient battlefield with the successors of their respective sects, it was partly due to the threat that they would be able to provide.

On the other hand, all of them harbored thoughts of seeking out opportunities or treasures to increase their lifespans so that they could continue cultivating and break through to the Nascent Soul realm!

Since the divine phoenix bone was an object left behind by the undying Huang’s rebirth through nirvana, it would definitely possess unimaginable divine power and if they could get their hands on it, they might be able to extend their lives!

Although Su Zimo was able to kill Illusion Fiend Cult’s Sealer with the blood bone palm, his internal injuries had yet to heal up and his vitality was still draining, almost completely depleted.

Demoness Ji was in a similar condition.

To everyone, Su Zimo and Demoness Ji were two dead people.

All they had to consider was how they were going to get their hands on the divine phoenix bone in the ensuing fight after severing Su Zimo’s hand!

Suddenly, a beam of light shot out from the Human Emperor’s Palace’s entrance, descending upon Su Zimo.

A massive power sucked Su Zimo, causing him to rise slowly.

“Go on. If you manage to survive, I hope… you can still remember me,”

Demoness Ji tilted her head and leaned in Su Zimo’s embrace like a weak girl. Although her eyes were filled with sadness and reluctance, she faked a smile nevertheless.

[1] The Chinese name of a phoenix is Feng Huang

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