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Chapter 457: Hand of a Divine Spirit

“Arr… arr… arr!”

Su Zimo hunched over with his eyes tightly shut. He was in immeasurable pain as his throat let out a hoarse cry.

The true fire burned furiously and his body convulsed. Even his flesh sizzled with crackling sounds as his flesh was burnt black in a terrifying sight.

In the fire, Su Zimo’s face was faintly visible and he was in such deep pain that his features were contorted to an unrecognizable degree.

Demoness Ji’s heart ached when she saw the state he was in and her eyes misted.


Her internal injuries acted up and she coughed out another two mouthfuls of black blood; there were even pieces of her ruptured organs and it looked terrifying.

“To think that I would still end up dying here,”

Demoness Ji’s eyes dimmed and she sounded wistful.

Her organs were severely damaged after receiving the full blow of a Sealer and her vitality was rapidly draining. Unless she was in possession of some supreme methods, she would be dead for sure.

However, in the ancient battlefield, Golden Cores were already the mightiest figures – how could anyone save her?

“How could that be?”

Suddenly, a soft exclamation filled with disbelief sounded not far away.

It was the voice of Illusion Fiend Cult’s Sealer.

Instinctively, Demoness Ji followed the Sealer’s gaze and looked towards Su Zimo once more.

At that moment, the true fire burning him had grown much smaller than before and was even showing signs of extinguishing!

Demoness Ji’s mouth was slightly agape and her eyes were filled with shock.

Although Su Zimo was almost charcoal black by now and was billowing with smoke, the flames surrounding him were indeed getting weaker.

Or rather, they were reversing!

The fiery flames trembled slightly, as if they were directed towards Su Zimo’s right hand by some mysterious force, entering his blood bone palm!

Apart from Su Zimo, no one else knew or could explain what was happening to him.

Initially, his injuries were way too severe that they had exceeded his regeneration capabilities. As such, he could not recover and was bleeding the entire time.

If not for the true fire, he would have died of blood lost.

However, the flames of the true fire had cauterized his wounds and stopped the bleeding temporarily, saving his life!

At the same time, a mysterious change was happening to the blood bone palm under the burn of the true fire.

It was as though a seal had been undone, summoning a hidden power within Su Zimo that was devouring the true fire on him without any care!

Before the true fire could threaten Su Zimo, the blood bone palm had already consumed a large portion of it!

It could be said that through some freak turn of events, the true fire had instead saved Su Zimo’s life.

A terrifying aura was growing, shrouding around the blood bone palm.

Ta! Ta! Ta!

The sound of footsteps filled with killing intent surged over in a suffocating manner!

Demoness Ji’s heart sank.

Formless Monastery’s Sealer was already devoured by the dimensional tear and Illusion Fiend Cult’s Sealer was the only one left.

The flames on Su Zimo’s body had yet to extinguish and he stood on the spot like a burnt charcoal; his eyes were shut and his aura was weak.

Demoness Ji grit her teeth and pushed herself up with her trembling arms. After multiple failures, she finally struggled to stand up before staggering in front of Su Zimo.

Although it was a simple motion, she had expended the final bit of her strength.

Her body swayed unsteadily, as if a single gust of wind could knock her over.

However, when she raised her head and looked towards Illusion Fiend Cult’s Sealer who was striding over murderously, her eyes were filled with unprecedented resolve!

She knew that her injuries were already beyond the point of no return, but it was not the case for Su Zimo.

The Human Emperor’s Palace!

That might be Su Zimo’s only chance!

Multiple signs had already indicated that Su Zimo was this generation’s successor for the Human Emperor’s Palace. As long as he entered it, he might be able to survive.

Of course, that was only a possibility.

Nobody knew what was inside the Human Emperor’s Palace.

The footsteps vanished.

Arriving in front of Demoness Ji, Illusion Fiend Cult’s Sealer paused with a cold expression.

“The way you’re protecting him… don’t tell me that this b*stard is your tripod?” Illusion Fiend Cult’s Sealer asked slowly; the way he looked at Demoness Ji was filled with mockery and ridicule.

“So what if he is?”

Her face turned darker and grimmer and the vitality exuding from her body was almost negligible.

If not for her thread of determination that was keeping her going, she would have collapsed long ago.


It was as tough the Sealer of Illusion Fiend Cult had just heard the greatest joke in the world.

Even the Sealers of Overlord Palace and Cloud Rain Sect frowned, looking at Demoness Ji in disbelief.

“Foolish, how foolish!”

After laughing, he shook his head regrettably. “To think that this generation’s Pure Maiden of the fiend sects would be a lovelorn fool, picking a cultivator as a tripod. How laughable.”

Demoness Ji pursed her lips and her eyelids were getting heavier.

She could no longer hear the Sealer clearly; it merely felt as though her ears were buzzing with noises close and far as her consciousness faded.

“The reason why you’re fighting with your life is to buy time for this little b*stard to enter the Human Emperor’s Palace.”

Illusion Fiend Cult’s Sealer sneered, “However, it’s a pity that both of you will have to die! Today, I’ll kill you so that you don’t bring about disgrace for Pure Maiden Sect as well as the fiend sects!”

The moment he said that, the Sealer’s eyes shone with killing intent and he whipped out a shimmering flexible sword from his waist.


With a fling, the sword turned straight!

Even against two helpless Foundation Establishment Cultivators who were on the brink of death, the Sealer had no intention of showing mercy as he burst forth with his power as a Golden Core and thrust forward.

That attack was enough to skewer the both of their heads together!

The sword qi was extremely cold and possessed wild might.

Demoness Ji could hold on no longer as she collapsed to the side.

Suddenly, an arm reached out and held up her body.

The next moment, Demoness Ji caught sight of a figure through her blurred vision.

Although he was burnt charcoal black and was disfigured, she could recognize him.

Those eyes burned with a bloodshot gleam as though they wanted to devour someone!

Suddenly, Su Zimo reached out with his right arm.

Illusion Fiend Cult’s Sealer’s eyes constricted in shock.

There was no flesh on his palm and it was just a scarlet bone that was burning with thin flames, emitting a terrifying aura that seemed as though it could incinerate the heavens and oceans, annihilating all living beings!

It was as though it was the hand of a divine spirit that let out a shuddering aura.

Even the Sealers who were watching from nearby as well as the cultivators watching from afar felt chills run down their spines, let alone Illusion Fiend Cult’s Sealer.

Some of the cultivators could not endure that might and fell to the ground on the spot, shivering in fear.

A feeling of inferiority grew in the hearts of many cultivators.

The blood bone palm reached out for the flexible sword.

Pitter-patter! Pitter-patter!

Before it could reach the blood bone palm, the sword was melted into liquid steel and dripped onto the ground.

A perfect-grade spirit weapon was destroyed just like that!

The Sealer had nowhere to run with the dimensional tear appearing in his back. In his eyes, he could only see a burning palm arriving with a flame that grew more and more intense…

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