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Chapter 455: About to Die?

Even the five Sealers felt a chill upon sensing the malefic aura let out by Su Zimo!

This lad must not survive!

He was already able to suppress the paragons of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects at seven meridian Foundation Establishment. If he were to obtain the Human Emperor’s inheritance…

It was hard to imagine and they did not dare to either!

The stronger the strength and potential displayed by Su Zimo, the more resolved the five Sealers were to kill him!

Scarlet demonic qi rumbled and the life-like ancient demons charged while howling, biting and slamming towards the incoming purple sword.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sword tore through the air with endless might and a terrifying sharp edge, defeating the ancient demons that were formed with demonic qi one after another.

The purple qi and demonic qi, two different powers, collided and corroded one another endlessly.

With the dissipation of each demon beast, the scarlet demonic qi surrounding Su Zimo would dim slightly.

The purple sword’s power was also clearly not as intense as it was initially as its light dimmed.


It was yet another deafening sound.

The purple sword collided against the last demon beast.

All the demon beasts and demonic qi had dispersed and the purple sword turned into streams of purple qi that returned to the world as well.

Su Zimo managed to defend against the full-powered attack of a Sealer!

Furthermore, he defended against it without taking any damage!

Su Zimo panted heavily.

This time round, he had expended almost all of his strength.

Ever since he arrived, he had been fighting.

If not for the fact that he possessed shocking stamina and ferocious blood qi due to his constant cultivation of the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, he would have been exhausted long ago.

Right now, after defending the sword of Purple Firmament Sect’s Sealer, Su Zimo felt weakness surge into his head and his arms and feet were powerless – he was thoroughly exhausted.

If not for the fact that he was constantly surrounded by strong foes, he would have collapsed long ago.

After invoking the power of a Golden Core, there was only a single outcome for a Sealer – they would be mercilessly devoured by a dimensional tear in the ancient battlefield!

A series of rips appeared behind Purple Firmament Sect’s Sealer as a sinister wind howled in a mysterious manner.

Looking over, Su Zimo sneered with mockery in his eyes.

Purple Firmament Sect’s Sealer grit his teeth in indignance. “B*stard, you don’t have to be smug. It won’t be long before you’ll be joining me! Hahaha… argh!”

It was a tragic cry.

His body was shredded into pieces by the dimension, turning into a blood mist as he was devoured cleanly without a corpse left.

A moment later, the dimension stabilized and the tear repaired itself.


A silver beam descended from the skies in a frightening manner.

Clear Wind Temple’s Sealer struck with his horsetail whip and three thousand silver threads extended countlessly, turning into a massive silver rod that slammed down at Su Zimo’s head violently!

Su Zimo took a deep breath of air and reached out with his right hand, grabbing the incoming silver rod.


There was a dull sound of defeat when the rod and hand collided.

Although he managed to grip the silver rod tightly, the flesh on his palm had already exploded and a frightening power surged into his body. His organs were ruptured upon receiving the impact and cracks appeared on the surface!


Su Zimo’s gaze dimmed and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Thankfully, I have this blood bone palm. Otherwise, my arm would have been destroyed with this Sealer’s attack!

He lamented internally in gratefulness.

“Ha… naive,”

Suddenly, Clear Wind Temple’s Sealer chuckled with a look of ridicule.


Su Zimo’s expression changed.

Suddenly, the silver rod spread open from his palm and the three thousand threads whipped him on the back viciously!


Flashes of blood appeared, accompanied by the sounds of bones cracking.

Su Zimo’s face turned pale as his knees buckled, almost kneeling on the ground.

The change was extremely sudden; the horsetail whip seemed like it was alive and sentient and shifted between flexibility and toughness instantly.

Su Zimo’s back was whipped into a mess of flesh and blood, as though countless knives were gliding across. The fabric of his torn clothes stuck onto the surface in a frightening manner.

His collarbone was broken and hung out in an exposed manner, looking extremely shocking!

At that moment, Su Zimo experienced another terrifying aspect of the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness.

Its vitality was shocking!

If it was any other cultivator or living being, they would have long died after their organs were ruptured and they suffered such severe impacts.

However, at this moment, Su Zimo could still stand upright!

He could sense his injuries healing slightly with every single breath, except that it was at an extremely slow speed due to his serious injuries.

“You’re still not dead?”

Clear Wind Temple’s Sealer’s eyes widened in disbelief as he looked at Su Zimo who stood upright slowly.

His attack was more than enough to split the body of any Foundation Establishment Cultivator!

However, he did not expect Su Zimo to stand up once more!

“What a pity, I just need a little more,”

The Sealer sighed indignantly.

However, he no longer had a chance.

A dimensional tear appeared and devoured him straight; even his horsetail whip was shred into pieces!


Almost at the same time, the sound of a sword buzzing rang out.


Chaos Essence Sect’s Sealer had attacked, pointing his flying sword towards Su Zimo.

A streak of light appeared instantly!

It was the simplest as well as the most effective killing move of cultivators.

The moment Chaos Essence Sect’s Sealer struck, Su Zimo sensed a warning in his mind.

Without hesitating, in a flash, Su Zimo grit his teeth and dodged to the side.


A stream of blood spurted out.

He was still a step too slow.

The sword pierced his left chest and shot out of his body.

Although it missed his heart, a penetration through his lung was enough to be fatal!

Instantly, Su Zimo had difficulty breathing. He coughed endlessly, as though there was a fire burning in his throat, and his body convulsed for a split moment.

This time round, the injury was way too severe.

This was the first time he had experienced such a serious injury throughout his cultivation journey!

Although his regeneration capabilities were strong, there was a limit to them – it was unknown if he could recover from an injury as such.

Furthermore, this was in the ancient battlefield and nobody would accord him the chance to do so!


In midair, the flying sword turned and retraced its path right after penetrating Su Zimo’s chest; it was a clear sign of how advanced the Sealer of Chaos Essence Sect was in his sword handling skills.

An unprecedented feeling of death arrived.

Even without his spirit perception, Su Zimo knew that he was extremely close to death and would definitely die if he could not dodge that sword!


Stomping on the ground, he exerted his final bit of strength and leaped forcefully to the side.


A flash of blood appeared and a throbbing pain that struck his marrow surged from his abdomen. The blood drained from Su Zimo’s face as his knees buckled, almost collapsing onto the ground.

By now, he was completely exhausted and was severely injured – it was extremely lucky that he was able to avoid fatal damage.

That sword sliced a bloody hole through his abdomen.

Su Zimo clutched it with his hands immediately to stop his intestines from spilling out. Fresh blood gushed out, seeping through his fingers and flowing down, slowly soaking his clothes with a heavy stench.

In the blink of an eye, he was already filled with blood. His head was spinning and he swayed while he felt his vitality leaving his body in an irreversible manner!

“Am I about to die?”

Su Zimo murmured softly. Suddenly, his vision blurred, as if a bloody figure appeared with an unparalleled might.

Even after many years, that figure remained etched in his memories. There was no way for him to erase that scene and it felt clear as though it was yesterday…

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