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Chapter 454: Joining Forces to Kill

A resolute intent flickered through Hang Qiuyu’s eyes as he turned to flee!


Su Zimo harrumphed coldly and caught up to Hang Qiuyu with a few huge strides. He extended his right hand and punched heavily towards the latter’s back!


A gigantic fist that resembled a large seal descended from the skies. Instantly, spirit qi exploded with a resounding bang in a terrifying manner!

Hang Qiuyu caught sight of it from the side of his eyes and was terrified.

If he was struck by that, he wouldn’t survive even if he had ten lives!

“Sword Escape!”

Keeping his cool in the situation, Hang Qiuyu shouted softly and the sword qi within him surged out rampantly.

Like an unsheathed sword, he flashed and turned into a streak of light, fleeing into the distance – his speed had already crossed the limits!

This was a secret skill of Sword Sect that was similar to Blood Escape but lasted for a shorter time.

Naturally, the side effects were much less as well.

The gigantic seal above was about to descend. However, Hang Qiuyu’s sudden speed burst made it such that the seal was about to miss!

Hang Qiuyu was delighted.

He could already see the Sealers charging over. As long as he could withstand another few breaths, the situation would change entirely!

At that moment, the sound of a bowstring being pulled sounded in Hang Qiuyu’s ears.

Pang! Pang! Pang!

He turned slightly and looked towards his back.

However, the sight of what was coming scared him out of his wits!

Su Zimo was right behind him, shifting like a shadow as his eyes shone with a demonic glint. With a surging killing intent, the former’s bones and tendons sounded and his arm expanded multiple inches under the intense stretching!

How was that the arm of a human?

It was clearly the trunk of a primordial divine elephant! Tearing through the firmament, it seemed like it could smash the stars and destroy the void as it caught up to Hang Qiuyu and slammed down heavily!

There was nowhere to escape!

In the blink of an eye, Hang Qiuyu dug out another shiny silver circlet from his storage bag and twisted his body, pushing it fiercely towards the incoming fist.


A deafening bang that shook the heavens and earth sounded!

As though he was struck by lightning, the sounds of bones cracking could be heard coming from Hang Qiuyu’s entire arm.


He spat out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying, his entire face palely yellow.

Although he managed to hang onto his life with the use of a connate spirit weapon, he fainted on the spot and laid motionlessly on the ground in a bad condition.

By now, the paragons of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects were dead, injured or have escaped. Demoness Ji was the only one standing not far away watching everything in astonishment.

She finally understood why Su Zimo had to alter his appearance and even transform his body so as to hide his identity.

After this battle, there was a high chance that he would offend the entire cultivation world.

Disregarding those that were severely injured and crippled, there were seven paragons who died in his hands!

At that moment, Demoness Ji did not know that with Malevolent Earth Sect’s Xue Yang who died in the Fog Valley outside Xuantian City, there were a total of eight paragons who died in Su Zimo’s hands!

Once his identity was exposed, there was a high chance he would be hunted by the experts of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects!

Although the world was huge, there wasn’t a place where he was absolutely safe.

Of course, right now, the most important thing for Su Zimo to consider was how he was going to survive!

The Sealers had already arrived beneath the Human Emperor’s Palace.

Among them, Sword Sect and Snowdrift Sect’s Sealers took their respective successors and left the battlefield first to try and heal them.

However, five Sealers filled with killing intents and exuded terrifying auras had already surrounded Su Zimo!

They were from Purple Firmament Sect, Clear Wind Temple, Illusion Fiend Cult, Chaos Essence Sect and Formless Monastery.

Since their paragons were already dead, they had no other choice but to make a move and kill Su Zimo!

“Your embarrassment has turned into anger?”

Su Zimo laughed and surveyed his surroundings with mocking eyes. “Since they were no match for me one on one, they came at me together. After they were defeated, even their Sealers are joining forces. Fufufu… that’s all there is to the three great factions!”

“B*stard of Divine Phoenix Island, your provocations mean nothing to us. You are still going to die.”

Purple Firmament Sect’s Sealer had a calm tone and he was unmoved.


Su Zimo sneered, “Old a*shole, you think too highly of yourself! I merely wanted to see how shameless cultivators of Purple Firmament Sect were!”

“B*stard, since you’re not from our race, you are our common enemy,”

Clear Wind Temple’s Sealer waved the horsetail whip in his hands and hollered.


Formless Monastery’s Sealer said grimly, “Patron, you have no one but your stubbornness to blame for your plight today. A tall tree attracts strong winds, that has always been the case throughout history.”


Illusion Fiend Cult’s Sealer laughed sinisterly. “You guys from the immortal and Buddhist sects are truly hypocritical, always finding all sorts of excuses for your actions. I’ll let you understand today that the reason why we’re joining hands is to murder you because you are talented!”

“Murder me?”

Su Zimo took a deep breath of air and his blood qi exploded. Despite the fact that he was facing five Sealers, his aura climbed once more as he yelled, “Let’s see if you guys have what it takes!”

He was looking down on five Golden Cores as a Foundation Establishment Cultivator!

Regardless of the outcome of the battle, his words alone were enough to set the cultivators watching from afar in shock with racing hearts!

At that moment, all the paragons seemed absolutely inferior!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

Right then, a sudden sound came from within the Human Emperor’s Palace that caused everyone’s hearts to skip a beat.

Everyone subconsciously looked up.

A gigantic cave appeared at the center of the Human Emperor’s Palace. It was pitch-black, mysteriously dark and let out waves of terrifying might!

The entrance to the Human Emperor’s Palace had appeared!

This meant that the Human Emperor’s Palace has already silently acknowledged someone as a successor!


The five Sealers shouted and attacked together with a tacit understanding.

None of them could sit by and watch Su Zimo enter the Human Emperor’s Palace to receive the inheritance.

They had to kill him right here!

If Su Zimo were to die, the Human Emperor’s Palace would either disappear or pick a new successor.

There was no way the Human Emperor’s Palace would leave its inheritance to a corpse.


Purple Firmament Sect’s Sealer roared and waved his sleeves, causing the endless purple qi that surrounded him to condense into a gigantic sword that shot towards Su Zimo.

The purple sword tore through the air and created a gigantic ravine on the ground, causing the earth to toss over and dust to fly everywhere!

Su Zimo had already attained lesser mastery of the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness’s Orifice Clearing section.

He was also at seven meridian Foundation Establishment realm.

Be it his immortal or demonic cultivation, he had not reached their limits and even in his demon form, his strength was not enough to take on Golden Cores.

If he was faced with a single old Sealer, he might have a shot at victory.

However, there was no way he could win if all five of them attacked at the same time!

He had to endure through it.

At this life and death moment, Su Zimo’s powers were already channeled to their limits and his bloodline surged while his tendons and bones rang together.

Demonic qi rumbled around him, forming menacing demon beasts that were life-like and filled with killing intent.

There was a wild bovine with raised horns, a bear demon that was roaring while standing upright, a coiling anaconda, a demon ape with large arms…


Taking a deep breath of air, Su Zimo puffed his chest and paused for a moment before letting out an earthshaking roar in the direction of Purple Firmament Sect’s Sealer!

The ancient demons surrounding him roared at the same time.

The voids shook, contorting the entire space itself!

Su Zimo was like the king of all demons!

In the blink of an eye, the world changed!

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