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Chapter 450: Suppressing Everyone!

Bai Yu’s death caused the vicinity of the Human Emperor’s Palace to descend into a grim silence.

The cultivators who were watching afar were shocked as they looked at everything in disbelief.

He was way too savage!

That man did not even care about the threat of a Sealer.

Even though he had already offended the immortal and Buddhist sects, the successor of Divine Phoenix Island was still brazen and decisive in his kills, taking down two fiend heirs with utter dominance!

When he said that he was going to give them a reason to attack, it meant that he did not fear the combined attacks of all the paragons from the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects!

Emperors were the strongest existences in Tianhuang Mainland and had extraordinary bearings. Every single cultivator that was present right now, including the Sealers, did not have the chance to come across an emperor before.

However, at this moment, the same thought flashed through everyone’s minds.

Back when the emperors were at Foundation Establishment realm, this… should be how they were like.

It’s over!

Her heart sank.

With Bai Yu’s death, there was now no way back and Su Zimo was about to face an enraged Sealer!

Although he was close to the end of his life, he was still a Golden Core after all!

The many paragons of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects looked at Su Zimo as though they were looking at a dead man. Their gazes were filled with mockery and pity.

There was no longer a need for them to make a move. Zenith Sect’s Sealer who had just entered the battlefield was more than enough to kill Su Zimo!

Su Zimo’s expression was unchanged as he looked at the incoming blood-robed old man. The scarlet demonic qi that was surrounding him did not diminish and his eyes shone fiercely.

“I don’t care what you are,”

The blood-robed old man glared at Su Zimo with a heavy killing intent as his aura climbed. “I’m going to kill you right now!”

Before he was finished with his statement, a saber appeared in the blood-robed old man’s hand.


Although it was only a supreme-grade spirit weapon, coupled with the strength of a Golden Core, a torrential saber beam filled with blood qi arrived before Su Zimo instantly.


The sounds of ghosts wailing could be heard.

It was as though a chilling mountain of corpses and a sea of blood had appeared right in front of Su Zimo!

The next moment, to everyone’s shock, Su Zimo actually took a step forward! Gripping his right fist, he punched fiercely towards the incoming saber!

“He truly doesn’t know his limits.”

“There’s no choice. There’s no time for him to retreat anyways. He might as well meet the attack and die a slightly more dignified death.”

The paragons sneered.

Demoness Ji turned her head away, as though she could not bear to continue watching.


The fist and saber collided, letting out a resounding bang.

Everyone was rooted on the spot as they looked at what happened in absolute disbelief.

The bloody scene that everyone imagined did not play out.

Su Zimo’s right fist was not cut into two after meeting with the slash!

After a short pause, Su Zimo let out a dull grunt and spat out a mouthful of blood. He was sent flying and landed on the ground far away, standing motionlessly as the scarlet demonic qi around his dissipated gradually.

At the same time, a few ghastly cracks appeared behind the blood-robed old man. It was as though the void was being ripped apart as a chilling wind gusted!

The dimensional tear!

The blood-robed old man’s eyes dimmed.

That was the fate of a Sealer.

Since they broke the rules of the ancient battlefield, they had to be punished.

However, he had no regrets since he was able to kill Su Zimo.

Although Su Zimo managed to defend against the sharpness of the spirit saber, the blood-robed old man believed that there was no way a seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator could withstand the strength of a Golden Core!

A powerful suction power arrived.

The blood-robed old man was pulled into the dimensional tear uncontrollably and blood scars appeared on his face – he was about to be shredded by the dimension.

All of a sudden!

Su Zimo who was initially sprawled on the ground moved, coughed and rose!


He was not dead?

The blood-robed old man was agitated and his eyes were filled with indignance. His mouth was open, as though he wanted to say something.

The next moment, with a bang, he vanished entirely, turning into a mist of blood with no corpse left!

A moment later, the tears in the void closed gradually.

“Divine Phoenix Island’s Mad Blade is truly frightening! Even the full attack of a Sealer couldn’t kill him!”

“I think he’s not far from death anyways. I reckon that his organs should be ruptured and he shouldn’t have long to live.”

“How did he manage to defend against that attack barehanded?”

“I’m not sure.”

If Su Zimo was using any defensive spirit weapon, his palm would have shone with the light of its spirit patterns.

However, when both parties clashed, everyone saw that Su Zimo was barehanded.

The reason why he could defend against the Golden Core’s saber was due to his blood bone palm.

If he had received the attack with his left hand, Su Zimo’s left arm would be crippled after the slash!

However, although the blood bone palm could defend against the sharpness of the spirit weapon, it could not block out the power of a Golden Core completely.

That sort of power was annihilating for a Foundation Establishment Cultivator.

However, Su Zimo’s physique was way too strong and his regeneration capabilities were shocking!

He had a body that was even more terrifying than pure-blooded ferocious beasts!

Although his organs were shaken and he spat out a mouthful of blood, Su Zimo’s injuries were already mostly recovered within a couple of breaths.

A mere Sealer was not enough to injure Sealer’s foundation!

The sound of footsteps rustled as multiple figures grouped up around Su Zimo once more.

This time round, other than the eight paragons of the immortal and Buddhist sects, even the remaining three fiend heirs of the fiend sects had closed in. All of them glared at Su Zimo coldly, whipping out their weapons with killing intents on their faces.

Apart from Demoness Ji, all the paragons were prepared to join forces to kill Su Zimo!

They wanted to take his life while he was at his weakest!

However, all the paragons were wrong about one thing.

Su Zimo was not as severely injured as they had imagined.

That minor injury was almost negligible for him.

Furthermore, the attack of the Sealer coupled with the alliance of the paragons of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects had thoroughly invoked Su Zimo’s feral instinct!

There was no such thing as fairness in the cultivation world.

The paragons of the major sects had formed an alliance and many of them had Sealers of their sects backing them. However, Su Zimo was alone without any help or Sealer to protect him.

Yet, the more that was the case, the more he wanted to fight!

He believed that what Die Yue imparted him was not inferior to the secret skills of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects!

He believed that even if the paragons joined forces, they wouldn’t be able to take him down!

He believed that even without the backing of a major sect, he could break through everything and reach the peak!


Su Zimo laughed and surveyed his surroundings with a torrential battle intent. His eyes were filled with a demonic glint as he said slowly, “Well, well, well! Since you guys want to join forces, I’ll have to suppress all of you!”


Sword Sect’s Hang Qiuyu sneered, “Mad Blade, there’s no need for you to put on a front! I don’t believe you still have the strength to fight after receiving the full attack of a Sealer!”

Cloud Rain Sect’s Shangguan Yu opened his folding fan and said sinisterly, “Mad Blade, you’re a demon! Even if the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects join hands, we’re working together to take down a variant race and exact justice for the heavens!”

“That’s right!”

Ao Yuxiao said grimly, “Since we’re not of the same race, you definitely harbor evil intents. A beast like you is something that’s ought to be killed!”

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