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Chapter 445: Three Great Paragons

The many paragons frowned.

Although it seemed like the clash between the saber and sword was even, in reality, Hang Qiuyu had lost slightly.

Hang Qiuyu’s Startling Sword was a perfect spirit weapon.

Furthermore, to begin with, Hang Qiuyu was at eight meridian Foundation Establishment while the successor of Divine Phoenix Island was only at seven.

It was clear who was better.

“You dare to step foot onto Tianhuang Mainland to stir up trouble with just those capabilities?”

Scoffing coldly, Hang Qiuyu glared at Su Zimo with a provocative gaze as the sword in his hand shimmered faintly in the void.

“This is all I need to suppress you!”

Roaring in laughter, Su Zimo’s bloodline churned and the sound of tsunami rumbled from his body. With a single stride, he appeared before Hang Qiuyu and made a slash!

There were no fancy tricks as he simplified everything with a single slash. Coupled with the terrifying power of his bloodline, his sword beam expanded in a frightening manner as it tore through the void.

Hang Qiuyu channeled his bloodline as well and his eight meridian spirit energy burst forth; he was like an unsheathed blade that fused with his Startling Sword as one.


Without retreating or dodging, Hang Qiuyu wanted to rely on his advantage in terms of cultivation realm to fight Su Zimo head-on.

In the cultivation world, sword cultivators were acknowledged to be the strongest in terms of offense.

The sword and saber collided in midair.

Sparks flew everywhere as the sword qi and saber beam devoured one another mutually.

The spirit qi between the two of them instantly entered a berserk state, torn into pieces by the sword qi and saber beam.

Hang Qiuyu’s sword was edged and extremely sharp.

On the other hand, Su Zimo’s saber was resolute and majestic!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sword and saber clashed relentlessly in midair.

The saber light was cold and the sword shadows fluttered everywhere in a dizzying manner.

This was a battle of strength without much technique involved!

Su Zimo’s eyes turned brighter as he fought fiercer while laughing into the skies. “Well done, well done! You’re quite capable to be able to withstand ten slashes of mine! Again!”

As though fatigue meant nothing to him, Su Zimo’s strength was increasing instead of decreasing despite that intense clash!

Ta! Ta! Ta!

With every single step he took, the ground would quake once and his aura would climb a step further, causing his sword force to turn stronger.

Every single slash felt like a towering wave that was crashing from above, covering the skies!

Hang Qiuyu was no longer taunting his opponent and looked grim.

His arms were feeling numb and his vision was blurring against the attacks.

Those were signs of fatigue!

This guy’s stamina is like a bottomless pit. Why doesn’t he have any limits?

Hang Qiuyu was secretly shocked.

If this continued, he would show signs of losing within the next ten slashes!

I’ve got to change tactics!

At that thought, a resolute look flickered through Hang Qiuyu’s eyes as he flicked his wrist. Instantly, his sword quivered and burst forth brightly with a sword light in midair.

Spots of lights shot over, shining in a bedazzling manner.

That was a move from the Sword Rain Manual which was used to affect the opponent’s vision using sword light. In fact, it could even blind them momentarily, causing them to reveal fatal openings.

However, it was a pity as a demonic glint flickered through Su Zimo’s eyes. Lightning up, they were like two bright stars in a dark night, completely unaffected as they shimmered deeply.

A single slash cut through, tearing through the light and colliding against the Startling Sword.


Hang Qiuyu shuddered and his Startling Sword nearly flew from his hands.

Upon seeing that, Monk Jue Chen who was at the sidelines frowned slightly. “Mad Blade’s vision and hearing are both extremely strong and his mental state is calm as a rock. I couldn’t even affect him despite using my Enraged Diamond Gaze and Lion Roar together.”

The paragons felt their hearts skip a beat!

Everyone thought about how difficult it would be for them if they had to be faced with the Enraged Diamond Gaze and Lion Roar together. Yet, the successor of Divine Phoenix Island was completely unaffected?

“Something is amiss,”

Ao Yuxiao of Purple Firmament Sect had extremely strong vision and he could see the situation clearly. With a grim expression, he remarked suddenly, “Hang Qiuyu’s going to lose.”

On the battlefield.

Hang Qiuyu’s expression was dark as he retreated endlessly – he could retaliate no longer.

On the contrary, Su Zimo’s saber beam was intensifying as he advanced, shrouding Hang Qiuyu within it.

In less than ten moves, a victor would be decided if the battle continued as such!


Suddenly, a shuddering sound tore through the void.

A purple qi flew over.

Seven purple qis tore through the air and combined in the void, forming a gigantic purple long sword with a might so brazen that it was stifling!

Ao Yuxiao of Purple Firmament Sect had struck!

After all, Divine Phoenix Island was alone overseas and rarely appeared on Tianhuang Mainland – their impact on the cultivation world was far inferior compared to Sword Sect.

Furthermore, Sword Sect was one of the nine immortal sects at the end of the day and enjoyed a good relationship with many other sects.

Purple Firmament Sect was one of them.

The purple sword advanced with a torrential power, as though an emperor had descended with a sharp aura. Su Zimo had no choice but to pause in his tracks.

If he continued hunting down Hang Qiuyu, he would definitely be struck by the purple sword and he would be severely injured even if he managed to survive!

Su Zimo’s expression was indifferent, as though he had already predicted this.

Retracting his saber, the direction of his blade steered and released the Vortex stance of the Sea Calming Manual.

A contorting force burst forth from the saber and collided heavily against the purple sword.

Quivering, the purple sword was almost sent flying. Su Zimo’s figure trembled but he maneuvered himself gently with his movement technique and descended on the ground.

With the breathing room, Hang Qiuyu managed to escape and he was drenched in sweat as he panted slightly. Standing beside Ao Yuxiao, they formed a triangular arc to stand-off against Su Zimo.

“This fight is between Divine Phoenix Island and Sword Sect. As one of the nine immortal sects, Purple Firmament Sect isn’t going to respect the laws of the pugilistic world and intends to bully with numbers?”

Demoness Ji was originally recovering from her injuries at the sidelines. However, she could not help but frown when she saw this and questioned loudly.

“Right now, we’re fighting for the Human Emperor’s Palace. There’s no laws of the pugilistic world to speak of,”

Ao Yuxiao was expressionless as he beckoned to retrieve the purple sword in midair. “Since the successor of Divine Phoenix Island dares to step foot onto Tianhuang Mainland, he should be prepared to receive a challenge from the successors of all the major sects!”

“Cut the crap. Since you want to fight, I’ll include you as well!”

Laughing loudly, Su Zimo raised his saber and strode forward. Instantly, his saber beam expanded and engulfed Ao Yuxiao and Hang Qiuyu completely!

He was taking the initiative even in a one against two situation!

The paragons felt their hearts skip a beat!

“Such guts!”

Overlord Palace’s Pang Yue’s eyes shone brightly as he said in a slow manner.

“He has the guts, but we don’t know whether he can survive this,” Shangguan Yu of Cloud Rain Sect sneered.

Zenith Sect’s Bai Yu had a grim expression as he kept his gaze on Su Zimo the entire time in deep thought.

On the battlefield, the sound of tsunami coming forth from Su Zimo’s body rumbled louder and louder, as though thunder was crackling from within. His power of bloodline was shocking and his stamina was enduring.

Even after battling for more than ten rounds, Su Zimo was able to get an advantage in a one versus two situation, suppressing Ao Yuxiao and Hang Qiuyu completely!

The two of them were looking grimmer by the moment.

“Fellow Daoists, do not worry! Here I come!”

Monk Jue Chen who was initially standing by the sidelines watching saw that the situation was not going too well. Wielding his Golden Bell in his left hand and his Diamond Staff in his right, he hollered and joined the battlefield fiercely!

The three of them could practically be considered as the three strongest paragons among the immortal and Buddhist sects!

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