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Chapter 444: Saber and Sword Showdown

Everyone could clearly tell that the voice came from within the ice sculpture!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Along with cracking sounds, a series of cracks appeared on the ice sculpture, extending and growing until they covered the entire body.

Snowdrift Valley’s Ling Han’s expression changed as disbelief filled her eyes.


There was a deafening sound.

Right in front of everyone, the ice sculpture exploded, revealing a tall and burly figure.

The sound of a tsunami could be heard from that person’s body as it echoed in a shuddering manner!

“Tsunami blood!”

Someone exclaimed softly.

This sudden change caused many paragons that were fighting to stop temporarily and turn their gazes over.

Zenith Sect’s Bai Yu’s gaze shimmered and his expression was grim.

The burly man before him had yet another similarity with the green-robed cultivator at the Saber Mountain Spirit Sea – both of them were at the tsunami blood realm!

Of course, it was quite an absurd guess and it was mostly due to Bai Yu’s intuition.

While it was possible for a cultivator to change his appearance by making use of some concealment technique or mask-type spirit weapon, it was impossible for them to change so drastically in terms of figure.

That was something that could not be explained.

Sensing Bai Yu’s gaze, Su Zimo was expressionless as killing intent rose in his heart!

Su Zimo was filled with boiling blood that cruised through his limbs and organs, purging away the frost qi within him.

The frost between his brows and hair was gone and steam rose from his head. Surrounded by the mist, Su Zimo was like a supreme immortal king that could not be ignored.


Casting an arrogant sidelong glance at Snowdrift Valley’s successor not far away, Su Zimo could not help but burst into laughter. “What bullsh*t Frost Seal is that? That’s all there is to it?”

Ling Han’s face was deathly pale and her arms were trembling in anger.

There had never been anyone who looked down on Snowdrift Valley’s secret skill like this.

In other words, if Divine Phoenix Island’s successor had not managed to cultivate to the realm of tsunami blood, there was no way he would have been able to break free from the power of Frost Seal!

Su Zimo retreated a couple of steps and glanced at Demoness Ji who was shivering from head to toe. Frowning slightly, he reached out and held her palm, circulating his spirit energy, causing it to surge into her body!

Although Su Zimo’s cultivation realm was a level lower than the paragons present, his spirit energy was much purer and richer, carrying a scorching heat like a blazing sun.

A warm energy surged within Demoness Ji’s body, purging the frost qi from her slowly.

Perhaps it was because she had recovered some blood qi, or perhaps it was some other reason, but Demoness Ji’s pale face blushed with a darker shade of red. She lowered her head slightly in a shy and charming manner, causing everyone’s hearts to flutter.

The paragons present had different expressions upon seeing this.

Everyone could tell that Divine Phoenix Island’s successor had a very different attitude towards the Pure Maiden of the fiend sects.

It didn’t seem like he was bewitched by her.

It was impossible that the both of them had a casual relationship – Divine Phoenix Island’s successor was clearly very worried about the Pure Maiden of the fiend sects, worried that she might get injured.


Flicking his wrist, Shangguan Yu of Cloud Rain Sect opened his folding fan and said in a salty tone, “Demoness Ji, don’t you have any ethics? You even hooked up with the successor of Divine Phoenix Island.”

Demoness Ji ignored everyone’s strange gazes.

She merely pursed her red lips and looked at Su Zimo unblinkingly, as though she was covered in a layer of mist. Softly, she said, “You still want to deny it?”

Her voice was extremely soft such that only the two of them could hear it.

Pulling her behind him, Su Zimo said softly, “Heal your injuries first.”

Demoness Ji smiled.

Warmth flowed through her heart.

Su Zimo’s statement was akin to a silent acknowledgement of her deduction.

Earlier on, when this person came forth and forced Monk Jue Chen back while exposing his back to her, Demoness Ji had already guessed it.

However, she did not dare confirm her guess at that time.

It was only until earlier on when this person appeared again to prevent her from taking lethal damage that Demoness Ji was certain that this was Su Zimo!

She knew in her heart that everything Su Zimo did was because of her sister, Yaoxue.

However, that did not matter to her.

At the very least, there was someone who would trust and protect her unconditionally in this world.

Even if that meant going against all the paragons.

Even if she was the Pure Maiden of the fiend sects.

“Divine Phoenix Island’s successor!”

Sword Sect’s Hang Qiuyu narrowed his eyes and the aura that he was emitting turned sharper and sharper. His entire figure resembled an unsheathed sword and he said slowly, “Good, good! Since you dare to enter the ancient battlefield, don’t dream about leaving it alive!”

Divine Phoenix Island and Sword Sect had a longstanding feud.

Each time a successor of Divine Phoenix Island stepped foot onto Tianhuang Mainland, they would naturally end up in a big fight with the successor of Sword Sect.

“This is a feud between us. Fellow Daoists of the fiend sects, there’s no need for you guys to get involved,”

Cupping his fists towards Pang Yue and the others, Hang Qiuyu said in a low voice.


Pang Yue retrieved his black iron spear and slung it over his shoulder, laughing. “Well said, well said!”

The fiend sects chose to sit this one out and reap the spoils later. Since there was nothing but benefits for them, this was completely aligned with the thoughts of the fiend heirs.

“Watch out, Hang Qiuyu’s sword is extremely fast. There’s a high possibility that he still has tricks up his sleeves,” Demoness Ji reminded Su Zimo softly.

Laughing, Su Zimo was completely unaffected. Raising his saber, he had no intention of wasting his breath on Hang Qiuyu as he strode over in huge steps. “Sword Sect’s successor? That’s great. I’ll sever your head as a tribute for my saber!”

Dressed in linen clothes with a bared chest and spouting crude statements made Su Zimo seem like an unruly and wild person.

Even Bai Yu lamented to himself that the aura of this person before him was much less dignified compared to that green-robed scholar from before.


Closing in, Su Zimo’s eyes lit up. The moment he struck, he started with Countercurrent and his saber beam expanded, engulfing Hang Qiuyu entirely.


Sneering coldly, Hang Qiuyu’s fingers slid down his sword before flicking the blade.


The sword quivered and let out a clear buzzing sound.

All of a sudden!

Hang Qiuyu attacked; his wrist trembled and the blade was already nowhere to be seen.

Instead, a cold flash arrived and spread out, causing the void to be filled with dense spots of sword lights like raindrops that shot out in all directions.

The place sounded like it was raining.

It was a heavy and intense sound!

“Sword force!”

The eyes of the paragons lit up.

“That’s the secret skill of Sword Sect’s Dao of the sword, Sword Rain Manual! Hang Qiuyu was indeed keeping aces up his sleeves,” Pang Yue nodded his head but was not surprised.

On the one hand, it was the Countercurrent force. On the other hand, it was the Sword Rain force.

Cling! Clang!

After a series of collisions, the saber and sword forces dissipated and both their figures resurfaced once more.

The two of them were in an even standoff!

Although the Countercurrent force was extremely tough, the raindrops produced by the Sword Rain force struck the saber repeatedly, causing the power that was produced to dissipate away.

By the time the saber cut through, almost all of its power was gone.

However, Su Zimo had always had a nagging feeling.

Although he managed to cultivate to the realm of ‘force’ for Countercurrent, he felt that something was lacking in it.

Notwithstanding the fact that Su Zimo was unable to produce the final stance of Sea Calming Manual, he had a feeling that something was lacking while he practiced his first four stances.

He felt that there was a sense of sluggishness when he tried connecting the first four stances.

If he could make up for that tiny flaw, even Hang Qiuyu’s Sword Rain force wouldn’t be able to deal with his Countercurrent!

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