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Chapter 433: Hanging on a Thread

When she heard that voice, the girl in pink frowned and turned towards it.

Not far away, a huge demon beast a few dozen feet tall strode over slowly. It had a tiger’s body, a human face, sharp claws and fangs as well as nine tails. Possessing a violent gaze, it exuded a feral aura!


The girl in pink’s expression changed slightly beneath her veil as she pursed her cherry lips and remarked, “Lu Wu!”

The Lu Wu was a pure-blooded ferocious beast that resembled a tiger in shape. With a violent nature and immense strength, it was extremely powerful.

Corpses soaked in blood dangled on the Lu Wu’s nine tails in a terrifying manner as the stench of blood filled the place.

Although some of them had died a long time ago and were dried up, they still exuded a pungent smell.

Those that were not dried up flowed with fresh blood that dripped on the ground.

There were around a thousand corpses on the nine tails – it was clear that they were from different factions judging from their varied attire.

The Lu Wu swayed its nine tails and the thousand corpses swayed in midair, giving off a nauseating stench of rotting corpses!

The girl in pink’s eyes were filled with a momentary flash of disgust.

Even though there were many pure-blooded ferocious beasts in the ancient battlefield, none of them could form Inner Cores and as such, they naturally could not speak in human tongue.

There was someone else who spoke earlier!

A bald figure that was barefooted sat on the Lu Wu’s head. Draped in golden monk robes, the person’s eyes were bright and his face shone brilliantly.

The thousand corpses behind him formed a sea of blood and corpses as the cultivator seemed like a mighty Vajra with divine strength, untainted in the midst of everything!

This was someone with the power to tame pure-blooded ferocious beasts!

“Oh, it’s a monk from Diamond Monastery.”

The girl in pink gazed at the sect badge on the monk’s waist and recognized his background. Blinking her beautiful eyes, she had already stealthily released her flirtatious bewitchment secret skill of Pure Maiden Sect.

The girl in pink was none other than Demoness Ji of Pure Maiden Sect.

Smiling brightly, she asked, “Hehe, how should I address you, reverend?”

“I’m Jue Chen,”

The Diamond Monastery monk was expressionless and unmoved – Demoness Ji’s bewitchment had no effect on him at all!

“Reverend Jue Chen.”

Pitifully, Demoness Ji asked, “As someone of the Buddhist monasteries, why do you not have any compassion at all? How could you spout such venomous words of cursing me to enter the 18 levels of Hell?”

Demoness Ji’s eyes had a trace of bewitchment that could stir one’s heart.

That was the result of pushing Pure Maiden Sect’s secret skill to its limits!

The Bewitching Eye!

Earlier on, Demoness Ji did not even use this secret skill to bewitch the few cultivators. The magic of her movements and smiles were enough to mesmerize everyone else.


The expression of Monk Jue Chen changed slightly as his thick brows were suddenly raised. Widening his eyes, his eyeballs bulged gently in a mighty and terrifying manner!

Two rays of golden light burst from Monk Jue Chen’s eyes and clashed with Demoness Ji’s Bewitching Eye!

In the cultivation world, there were extremely few secret skills that required cultivation of the eye. Of the secret skills, those that were extremely strong were even rarer.

The reason was simple – the eyes were simply way too fragile.

If one cultivated them wrongly, it would be easy for them to injure their own eyes.

The Enraged Diamond Gaze of the Buddhist monasteries and the Bewitching Eye of Pure Maiden Sect were considered top-tier eye secret skills.

Ordinary cultivators would lose their guts instantly upon meeting with the Enraged Diamond Gaze. In fact, some of them might even be scared out of their wits right away!

As for the Bewitching Eye, it could affect a cultivator’s mind, causing him to lose himself and his rationality.

A person’s heart is connected to their eyes.

That was the reason why top-tier eye secret skills could affect a cultivator’s mind!


Opening his mouth, Monk Jue Chen roared. His voice was like a bell, rumbling like thunder and filled with a righteous and holy aura.

“How dare you, demoness! Although you’re at death’s door, you’re so insolent to release such an evil skill to try and disrupt my mind? You deserve to die for your crimes!”

Demoness Ji’s heart palpitated as she grunted and her face turned paler.

Even though there were no swords and sabers involved in their exchange, it was even more dangerous than anything else!

While casting the Bewitching Eye, Demoness Ji was also attacking Monk Jue Chen’s mind verbally.

If Jue Chen’s mind stirred and revealed an opening, it would have been easy for Demoness Ji to control him!

However, it was a pity that Demoness Ji encountered a monk of Diamond Monastery.

The Buddhist monks lack desires in their heart, spending their days in Zen rituals and paying their respects to Buddha. Finding tranquility in their six senses, they were the most stable mentally.

Furthermore, Diamond Monastery possessed the eye secret skill, Enraged Diamond Gaze. In terms of power, it was the greatest nemesis of the Bewitching Eye.

Of all the Buddhist monasteries, Demoness Ji was truly unlucky to have encountered the successor of Diamond Monastery who was the most effective in countering her.

After a single exchange, Demoness Ji was disadvantaged.

“Damned monk!”

Realizing that her secret skill was useless and countered immediately, Demoness Ji could not help but feel enraged and hollered, “What are you shouting for! The reason why your name has a Chen in it is because your master wants you to get rid of your anger[1]! But now, you’ve already broken that vow of anger!”

“Demoness, today, I’m not only going to break my vow of anger, I’m even going to break my vow of killing!”

Monk Jue Chen’s expression was calm as he stood up slowly from the top of the Lu Wu’s head.

Gritting her teeth angrily, Demoness Ji remarked coldly, “Damned monk, you Buddhists are particular about karma. Where’s the logic in you attacking me for no reason?”

“Subduing evil and fiends, that’s the logic!”

“The reason why I attacked was clearly because those guys had lust and desire towards me!”

Demoness Ji clenched her teeth. “Damned monk, you’re not even asking me to find out the truth first!”

“Enough with your excuses, demoness. Die!”

Monk Jue Chen leaped down from the Lu Wu’s head and eight spirit meridians shone beneath his monk robes as spirit energy churned like a tsunami.


Extending his palm, Monk Jue Chen’s body shimmered brightly as though he was covered in a layer of gold foil. It gave off a holy aura and was unavoidably blinding.

A gigantic palm descended from above, covering the entire skies as it engulfed Demoness Ji within.

Most of Demoness Ji’s techniques were focused on bewitchment – there was no way she was a match for Monk Jue Chen in terms of combat strength.

Seeing how domineering the palm’s aura was, Demoness Ji tapped her feet on the ground and retreated, wanting to escape from Monk Jue Chen’s attack range.

“Demoness, there’s nowhere for you to run!”

Instantly, Monk Jue Chen realized Demoness Ji’s intentions and shouted, taking eight consecutive steps to arrive instantly!

In the blink of an eye, the both of them were less than ten feet apart!

In the Buddhist monasteries, Diamond Monastery was the strongest in body tempering and melee combat.

At that distance, even the fiend heirs of Malevolent Earth Sect, Cloud Rain Sect and Illusion Fiend Cult would be doomed, let alone Demoness Ji of Pure Maiden Sect.

In the fiend sects, only the fiend heir of Overlord Palace could compete against Diamond Monastery in melee combat!

Monk Jue Chen unleashed killing moves one after another and after three moves, Demoness Ji had nowhere to run; the veil covering her face had long disappeared.

Her life was hanging on a thread!


Monk Jue Chen released yet another roar that shocked one’s mind as a golden luster shone on the gigantic fist as it closed it to Demoness Ji.

The golden light was blinding and the wind from the fist was like a sharp knife, causing Demoness Ji’s cheeks to ache.

Her heart sank.

To think that as the Pure Maiden of Pure Maiden Sect, I would end up dying here…

Before she could finish her thoughts, the situation on the battlefield changed!

[1] Literal meaning of the word

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