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Chapter 429: A Heavenly Shocking Appearance Through Stone, Arrival of the Human Emperor’s Palace!

With the end of the battle of the ruins, the biggest winner was Elixir Yang Sect.

Entering the ancient battlefield with more than a thousand disciples, they had more than four hundred remaining!

If nothing went wrong, these four hundred-odd people would be able to return to Elixir Yang Sect safely.

Xiaoning received the inheritance successfully and opened up the Elixir Refinement Hall, obtaining countless ancient elixir manuals.

Elixir Yang Sect’s reputation and status was bound to soar after the ancient elixir manuals were brought back to the sect.

The next day, Elixir Yang Sect, Thousand Crane Sect, Puppet Sect, Tomb Sect and the other sects and factions left the place and returned to Xuantian City.

Most of the cultivators had already achieved their goals for the ancient battlefield expedition.

In the following period of time, they would choose to cultivate peacefully in Xuantian City before leaving once the year was up.

Su Zimo began to cultivate in seclusion as well, preparing to unlock his seventh spirit meridian.

Time passed by slowly and in the blink of an eye, Su Zimo had been in the ancient battlefield for half a year.

He had just unlocked his seventh spirit meridian a couple of days ago, increasing his strength once more.

As long as he continued cultivating, Su Zimo might be able to reach the peak of seven meridian Foundation Establishment before leaving the ancient battlefield.

After returning to the Great Zhou Dynasty and consuming the perfect Meridian Unlocking Elixir, he would have a chance of unlocking his eighth spirit meridian, turning into a Foundation Establishment Cultivator with all meridians unlocked!

By unlocking all eight meridians, he would be at perfected Foundation Establishment cultivation realm and would definitely form a Golden Core!

Furthermore, he would definitely have a Golden Core phenomenon accompanying his core formation.

Of course, that was under the premise that everything went smoothly.

The path of cultivation was unpredictable and no one could guarantee that it would be smooth without any changes happening in this period of time.

This day, the skies suddenly flashed with lightning and rumbled with thunder. A terrifying pressure instantly descended upon the ancient battlefield!

Everything went silent!

Time seemed to have frozen.

All the living beings in the ancient battlefield, be it ancient remnant beasts or pure-blooded ferocious beasts, sprawled onto the ground obediently and their eyes revealed endless fear.

This was a fear that stemmed from the ancient era, something deep-rooted and indestructible.

In every corner of the ancient battlefield, the successors of the various super sects of Tianhuang Mainland came forward and looked up in the air in shock.

Countless cultivators woke up from their seclusion cultivation and came out one after another.

It didn’t matter if it was Elixir Yang Sect, Thousand Crane Sect. Puppet Sect or Tomb Sect that was in Xuantian City.

At this moment, every single cultivator sensed something and arrived on the long street, roofs and midair, gazing into the distance.

The cultivators were dumbfounded in shock.

Even Uncle Liang, who was a Sealer, opened his mouth with a look of disbelief.

The clouds were shifting rapidly in the center of the sky!

Dark clouds covered the place and they churned, rotating slowly to form a gigantic black vortex that was extremely shocking.

In that sea of clouds, numerous lightning snakes were packed densely together, forming a dazzling sea of lightning within the sea of clouds.

The closer it was to the core of the vortex, the more concentrated the lightning became!

Thunder rumbled and lightning crackled.

It was as though a giant creature was about to descend from the vortex!

“This is…”

Standing in midair, Su Zimo gazed at the horizon with a bright light in his eyes.

The aura that was emanated from the center of the cloud vortex was way too terrifying!

Against its suppression, Su Zimo felt extremely insignificant and almost wanted to kneel down in worship!

Some of the cultivators couldn’t handle it and were already kneeling on the ground in fright.

Gradually, a huge square-shaped stone slab appeared in the middle of the vortex, covering the entire place. As it descended, it seemed as if it could crush everything in the ancient battlefield into emptiness!

This was only the tip of the iceberg for this unknown terrifying existence.

The stone slab continued descending and gradually revealed its full appearance.

It was an extremely old palace with a round top and a square base. Possessing an ancient and boundless aura, it seemed like it had arrived against the flow of time from the ancient era.

“A circular top and a square base, the Human Emperor’s Palace!”

Uncle Liang gasped and exclaimed.

At the same time, the successors of the various super sects in the ancient battlefield recognized the origin of this ancient palace one after another.

The Human Emperor’s Palace.

Those words seemed to possess a special power, causing Su Zimo’s blood to boil in secret!

Su Zimo had not heard of the Human Emperor’s Palace before.

However, judging from the looks of everyone else, he knew that the origin of this palace definitely surpassed the Saber Mountain Spirit Sea!.

Countless cultivators knelt on the ground and gazed at that ancient palace beneath the skies with endless awe and passion.

The Human Emperor’s Palace stood tall in the sky, floating in the sea of lightning like a supreme god, peering down at the world with immense might.

A heavenly shocking appearance through stone, arrival of the Human Emperor’s Palace!

Taking a deep breath of air, Uncle Liang muttered to himself, “The appearance of the Human Emperor’s Palace means that chaos is about to arise in Tianhuang Mainland, bringing forth a new golden age!”

“Seems like a supreme emperor will definitely be born in this era!”

“Perhaps we’re about to welcome a prosperous era with multiple emperors arising, restoring the glory of the ancient era!”

“To be fortunate enough to witness everything in my lifetime, I can now die without any regrets.”

South of the ancient battlefield.

A buzz cut cultivator stood with his upper body bare. Every single inch of his muscles shone with a bronze luster, giving off the feeling of explosive might.

Breaking out of seclusion, a gigantic spear rested on this person’s shoulder and he gave off an extremely savage aura. Raising his head to look at the ancient palace, he roared in laughter. “Hahaha! The arrival of the Human Emperor’s Palace! Seems like I, Pang Yue, am fated to be an emperor in this era!”

Before his laughter ended, Pang Yue strode towards the center of the ancient battlefield in huge strides.


A pair of resentful eyes could vaguely be seen through layers of vines that concealed the entrance of a hidden cave abode.

“Su Zimo, if not for you, I, Pei Chunyu, would definitely have a chance to obtain the Human Emperor’s Palace’s inheritance!”

Half a year had passed and Pei Chunyu had yet to break through to eight meridian Foundation Establishment – he did not have the strength to fight the others for the Human Emperor’s Palace’s inheritance at all.

In order to survive, he could only continue to hide here.


A monk who was originally sitting quietly in the middle of the desert suddenly stood up. Gazing at the ancient palace above him, he mumbled to himself, “The Human Emperor’s Palace does tempt me.”


A purple cloud soared into the sky before transforming into a figure and descending slowly.

The purple-robed cultivator had a stern expression and did not smile at all. Possessing a dignified expression, he was surrounded by endless purple qi and had an extraordinary aura.

After pondering for a moment, the purple-robed cultivator moved and disappeared from the spot.

The center of the ancient battlefield.

In front of a waterfall, a cultivator sat quietly on a rock. Although he was drenched from the splashing water, he was indifferent to it.

A sheathed long sword laid horizontally across his knees and his long, narrow eyes revealed a sharp glint in them.


With slender fingers as translucent as jade, he gripped the hilt of his sword slowly.


A sword light flashed for a moment.

The sword had already returned to its sheath, as if it had never appeared.

The waterfall that was originally pouring down suddenly paused with a blank gap in the middle, as if someone had cut it in half!

“The Human Emperor’s inheritance is meant for no one else but me!”

Rising, the tall cultivator mounted the sword on his waist casually and murmured, “This is a rare opportunity for my Startling Sword to test the methods of all the other successors of the various sects!”

Almost at the same time.

The successors of all the various major sects rose one another, heading towards the center of the ancient battlefield.

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